Monday, November 19, 2012

Criticizing RSD means you're a "fag" and deserve to be banned

TheSwede documented a case of RSD hypocrisy on the forum. It starts innocently enough with some guy questioning the validity of the concepts one of their coaches, Alex teaches. He seems quite upset that even "logistics" aren't covered, and goes off quite a rant when he denounces the "myth of the natural":

Now IM sure someone will say "lol naturals dont do anything special", well guess what, most naturals suck shit when taken out of their social circle where they have status. The "natural" is a big myth and 99.99% of guys suck shit at cold approaching.Its HARD and you wont have success which such simple stuff.

This is a valid statement. Most "naturals" go only great due to their social circle. This works fine if you're the cool guy in high school or college, but afterwards those people stand a good chance of learning first-hand about dry spells.

Jeffy tries to deescalate the situation with a lame attempt of guilt-tripping the OP. You know, everybody who questions RSD just has to be wrong.
You don't like Alex's shit OP ok whatever. Don't use it. However you have chosen to take valuable time out of your life to come here and write some lengthy essay about how it sucks and you don't use it. That's time you could have spent constructively. The stereotypical person who does something of this nature is a rather unpleasant loser who likely lives in squalor and has little to nothing going on in his life. This is what makes people call you a "fag"... as opposed to the fact that you love to get slammed in the butt hole and mouth with sweaty men's cocks.
Thank you, come again, don't let the door hit you in your (sore) ass on the way out. Fucking faggot
For some reason, though, I get the impression that there are a lot of losers on RSD Nation. I'm of course talking about guys who approach a thousand women and are happy if they get a sloppy handjob out of that, and that level of success is enough to be called an "inspiration" on that forum. You even find guys on there who approach 10,000 women, only to get laid exactly once.

The OP's reply is priceless:
"OP you have critisism so you shouldnt be here, we only like people who heil our products, if ANY person comes with critisism or a negative review, we WILL flame him, call him different immature names and in general act like 14 year old children with daddy issues. That you took 2minutes of your life to write ANY negative stuff about a PRODUCT we EARN MONEY ON is WRONG hence you should be placed in a corner of "basement dweller" or a "fag" (Even tho Im 38 years old, sure as hell live in my own house and make a pretty good earning)."
But ofcourse, this is what happends on RSDnation. Do it on another forum and u will probably get SOME fanboy idiot who cant handle himself, but 80% of the guys posting wont most likely act like they just shit their pants and an instructor whos an PROFESSIONAL and a GROWN UP will most likely NOT act like he have some deep mental issues.


  1. I don't know much about RSD but they may be an even bigger cult than the manosphere based on this exchange here.

  2. If you haven't heard RSD is now hiring slaves that will follow them around and film for them for 6 months, and guess what you have to pay for your own airfare to whatever cities they go.

    1. No, I haven't heard of it. Can you give me a link?

      I do know that they are hiring "interns" as well, with similar conditions.

  3. Owen "TD" Cook got cornholed in Strauss's book and never got over it. He created a cult of "positivity" to head off critical thinking and grounding in reality as "negative" and thus abhorrent. Owning his own extremely negative karma was just too much to bear.

  4. Der TE aus dem RSD thread kritisiert, dass Alexanders Methode zu simpel ist und Aaron postet das hier als RSD Kritik, obwohl er in seinen Veröffentlichungen kritisiert, dass selbst die simpelsten PU Konzepte noch zu kompliziert sind und man doch wie er sich darauf beschränken sollte, den eigenen lifestyle zu optimieren und simpelstes cavemanning ohne verbal game zu betreiben bei Frauen, die einem vorher eindeutig Interesse signalisiert haben.

    1. Hey man,

      please write in English instead of German.

      The "game" RSD's Alex promotes pretty much boils down to being a rude loudmouth. "Frat game" may be an appropriate description. Yet, it lacks even a basic framework and as such "logistics" are indeed a big issue that is apparently not covered, as the OP states.

      Further, I have yet to see from RSD or any other mainstream seduction site that they stress that guys have to optimize their lifestyle where it actually counts. In addition, proper screening isn't mentioned either. You know, it's their "game" that will turn the girls around, even if it takes over a thousand girls to get laid. The approach I recommend is much more sensible that that.

  5. I've had the fortune of meeting and befriending many "naturals", that is... guys who have partner counts in the hundreds, and I believe those numbers, because I personally witness them going home with a different chick about 2-4 times a month (that's 50-60 new chicks a year).

    I've yet to witness a SINGLE ONE OF THEM make a cold-approach, like ever, not once. It's almost always popularity/status/familiarity based, just knowing and being known by a ton of people... and most of their lays are the friend of the friend... (the one who tagged along with the friend's friend or whatever).

    When you're hyper-popular (meaning simply known by and liked by many people), women just offer you sex, there's no skill to it. I know coz I'd love to say I am getting laid because of doing something special, I'm not. I just get pussy thrown at me. It's like "hey, you want some pussy?". I'm like "sure".

    It's pretty simple. Chicks get horny, and when they do, they go for the safe option - the guy who seems to be liked and loved by everyone.


    Another thing... Concerning social circles and strangers and shit. I get to see how and when my female friends have one night stands.

    Take for example my best friend (a super hot 18 year old)... When she's horny (I can tell, it's right before her period, lol)... She'll be super slutty in her dress and behaviour, we'll go out clubbing and she'll sometimes go home with someone and get fucked.

    Guess how many strangers approach her when she's clubbing? At least 2-3 strangers a night easily, she gets approached a lot. Some of them dorky guys, some of them "alphas".

    Guess how many strangers she has gone home with? Zero.
    Guess how many strangers she has made out with? Zero.
    Guess how many strangers she has exchanged more than a few words with? None

    And she's the kindest, nicest chick I know, but she brushes strangers off, even if she's just out to get fucked. When she goes home with someone, it's always a friend of a friend, or the cousin of the friend, or the neighbour of the friend who tagged along. It's never a stranger.

    Cold-approaching is the biggest fraud ever hoisted upon men trying to get laid. It's like being hungry, and therefore trying to go and hunt animals with a spear and cooking them on a bonfire (VERSUS) simply heading over to the supermarket and buying your own food.

    Social circles are like the supermarket. Cold-approaching is like some weird naturalist who lives in the forest and hunts and grows all his own food. It's just an idiotic amount of unnecessarily wasted effort.


    This isn't to say that naturals can't learn anything. For example naturals never meet and talk to strangers, even if the chick is super-warm. I mean if a strange hot chick is staring at you and smiling from across the room, or keeps bumping into you, why not go talk to her even if she's a stranger?

    I think using the "natural method" of having a huge social circle and fucking all your friend's friends PLUS combining it with warm approaches to strangers (minimal game-aaron sleazy style) is the perfect combination for a super potent mix to easy pussy.

    1. You don't know anyone that gets laid from cold approaches? Really? You don't realize millions of people every weekend get laid by strangers in night clubs and bars? How could you honestly be oblivious to this?

      I realize the professional PUAs have to downplay looks/height/basic physical attraction to sell their product, but you seem to have leaped to the opposite end of wrong.

    2. Read this:

    3. this post from the forum that helped me to understand cold vs warm approuch:

      also there is this two post for warm signals:

    4. @Tilted the fucktard.

      You you fucking dumb fuck. Is lacking READING COMPREHENSION A REQUISITE FOR BEING A PUA SHILLL?

      "You don't know anyone that gets laid from cold approaches?"


      A) Strawmanning
      B) Lack basic reading comprehension
      C) A PUA shill sent here to distort on purpose?
      D) Fail a basic IQ test on the logic section?

      Which is it you dumb fuck?

      A clarification for anyone who's reading this and might have for a second bought the shill's distortion

      What I said was that OF THE GUYS whom I know to get laid the MOST, not one of them cold-approaches.

      I DID NOT SAY that I don't know people who get laid from cold approaches.

      I KNOW TONS OF PEOPLE who cold approach to get laid. FUCK I SPENT YEARS DOING IT MYSELF, it was my only source.


      The statement "All pencils are made from wood"

      IS NOT

      To the statement "Every wooden object is a pencil"

      Now, the fucktard above is either a shill or a fucking retard.

    5. @Tilted

      I know what AlekNovy is going to say to you before he has even said it - that you have reading comprehension problems. Am I right Alek? :D

    6. "Cold-approaching is the biggest fraud ever hoisted upon men trying to get laid."

      These are your words, Alek. I didn't misread them. You and Aaron aren't just saying "cold approaching isn't as effective as using your social circle" (which everyone on planet earth agrees with). You are saying cold approaching is "useless" and inefficient all together. First you guys claim the latter, then after someone gives you reasons why it's factually incorrect, you revert back to the former. In the process, you claim to be the only two people on the internet with reading comprehension. It's a sad, goofy shtick.

      Cold-approaching is not a fraud (your words), nor is it useless (Aaron's words). Nobody's misreading you, you're just making untrue statements.

      "It's like being hungry, and therefore trying to go and hunt animals with a spear and cooking them on a bonfire (VERSUS) simply heading over to the supermarket and buying your own food.

      Social circles are like the supermarket. Cold-approaching is like some weird naturalist who lives in the forest and hunts and grows all his own food. It's just an idiotic amount of unnecessarily wasted effort."

      If you're hungry, of course going to the supermarket is quicker than hunting. However, that isn't the same as saying "going fishing is useless. Trying to catch fish in a boat with bait is a fraud!" This is what you and Aaron are saying, and it is of course factually untrue. You seem oblivious to the fact that a) some people genuinely like fishing, and b) you can catch a shitload of fish that way. People go fishing every weekend and pull fish. It's quite common.

      Can you comprehend what I just wrote?

    7. Dude, it's tedious to just read your stuff. Yes, cold approaching (= indiscriminate approaching without any kind of signal and any sign of just the most basic commonality) is pretty much useless. Or how else do you explain stories of guys who approach 1,000 girls only to get laid once, if they are lucky? Do you honestly believe anybody sane (!) genuinely likes being shot down a f*cking thousand times before coming across one girl who for whatever reason liked him?

      Cold approaching is like fishing in your bathtub, while putting yourself into a conducive environment while not being a social retard is like fishing in Lake Tahoe. Do you get the difference?

    8. "Or how else do you explain stories of guys who approach 1,000 girls only to get laid once, if they are lucky?"

      How about the obvious explanation? They're extremely unattractive. For an average-looking guy, you would not need to cold-approach 50 women to get laid, let alone 1,000. Again, people do this every day with success, so it's not "pretty much useless."

      What type of weirdo has never chatted up a total stranger, exchanged contact information, and met up later? You and Alek are making a totally normal social interaction seem like mission impossible, which I find to be very telling.

    9. ...unattractive, weirdos, or in the wrong environments pursuing a Hail Mary strategy.

      Buddy, if you approach a woman in a hostile environment (like a busy street) who has not given you any indication at all that she's interested in you is not at all a "totally normal social interaction." If it was so normal, then why do so many women flake on you?

      Also, I find it amusing that after your "fishing metaphor" failed to convince anyone, you quickly launch into a different argumentation strategy according to which PUAs do what every normal person does anyway. The big difference, though, is that a normal person doesn't pester 50 women a day. Instead, the average guy approaches women who are in his environment, and who seem to give him the look. The result is a very low chance of getting turned down, and a high chance of taking her out to a date. As you may know, it's the exact opposite with you PUAs. But keep banging your head against the wall and buying products that tell you how to "minimize flakes" and whatnot.

      Have a nice day, buddy.

    10. I'm not a PUA or PUA consumer. I'm a normal looking guy who interacts with strangers (like most normal people), and cold approaching definitely works. I've pulled women in passing, in grocery stores, and department stores, without waiting for eye contact, as have millions of other men who have never even heard of PUA. This happens literally every day.

      I have no idea why this is so difficult for you to understand.

    11. Right, you are a regular guy who has never heard of PUA but for some reason ends up commenting on an anti-PUA website, and suddenly I am the one who doesn't understand things. Give me a break, man.

      Normal people don't pester strangers. Normal people only ever interact with people in their wider social circle. Further, normal people don't even know what PUA means.

      You are either:

      a) a liar
      b) a PUA shill
      c) oblivious that some women give you signals and count those as "cold approaches" when in fact they were "warm approaches"

      So, tell me about those "million of other men", buddy! Maybe just ask your female friends how many of their boyfriends they've met when they were out shopping for groceries, buying the newspaper, walking down a busy street, or sitting on the bus. The perception of PUA is just one thing, "weird." It is not normal to indiscriminately (!) approach strangers. I could now ask you why this is so difficult for you to understand.

    12. Of course I know what PUA is. I'm referring to millions of other guys who don't.

      As for examples, my best friend met his wife of 3 years by cold approaching her in a club. One of my other friends is dating a woman now for 4 months he met on the street. And as I've said, I've pulled women on the street, in the grocery, and department stores. This is not out of the ordinary, nor is it "useless." You are wrong, period.

    13. Oh, and just to say it once again, since you're conveniently ignoring this part: I'm not saying that cold approaching can't work but merely that it is highly inefficient. Do you get it?

    14. The best LOL is how this guy is spouting PUA beliefs word-for-word, beliefs that 99.9999% of the population finds odd and weird, while claiming to not be a PUA :D

      That's PUA for you. Not only does it get guys to pester random women on the street, but it also convinces them that it's normal.

      Seeing that most people defending PUA are hermit virgins who never leave their house, it's easy to lie to them, they have no experiental basis to compare what's being told to them against.

      It's easy to not notice that strangers NEVER approach unsuspecting women in public if you (the guy believing that shit) don't ever leave the house yourself, like TiltyTard boy here.

      Reminder: This fucking tard actually used the term "normal social interaction" to describe a guy hitting on random UNAPPROACHABLE women on the street. WOMEN WHO HAVE GIVEN NO SIGNAL OF WANTING TO BE APPROACHED (mind you)

      If that's not enough evidence right there to put the PUA movement on a cult-watch list, I don't know what is.

      You and Alek are making a totally normal social interaction seem like mission impossible

      Hey, fucking retard. Planet earth calling mister tard...

      I've fucked more women off the street than you'll ever approach in your tiny shit-scared brain. The point is this, even WHEN YOU DO pick up a woman off the street, in most cases she had given you a signal to approach her (ussually eye-glances or hovering).

      If you approach indiscriminately, you only get laid by pure chance (i.e. you accidentally stumble upon the one who DID want to be approached).

      Let me spell out to you what's a normal social dynamic and what's not

      - Approaching approachable, inviting women in a club - normal, but most guys don't have the balls to do it, but it is considered a normal social interaction, yes

      - Approaching unapproachable women in a club, not normal, but not weird either, done very rarely and ussually by super-desperate or super-drunk guys, or guys playing the numbers game. Socially it's viewed as being at the outer borders of normal.

      - Approaching approachable women in a gallery, mall, store, office building, elevator, park - considered normal, but most guys don't have the balls to do it, and it's very rarely done

      - Approaching approachable women on the street - considered normal (barely and only if the woman blatantly invited it), but most guys don't have the balls to do it, and it's very rarely done, I'd say 0,001% of the male population has ever done it

      - Approaching UNapproachable women on the street - considered fucking sociopathic, weird, odd and fucking crazy

      So let's analyze the tard's sentence here once again -> "Again, people do this every day with success, so it's not "pretty much useless."

      People perform suicide with success every day. People fuck corpses every day. People perform anal sex on goats every day.

      The statement "people do x everyday" doesn't make it normal. What makes it normal is how accepted and widespread something is, not whether someone has done it.


      Aaron, Alek: Cold Approaching strangers has a very low success ratio, but warm approaching strangers has a very decent success ratio

      TARD: WHAT! I know some guys who have fucked strangers!



      (either that or units of effort invested per fuck, pick whichever you want)


    15. You don't realize millions of people every weekend get laid by strangers in night clubs and bars?

      Number one: Mathematics

      You do realize that your claim is mathematically impossible you fucking moron? The average sex-partner count for males in highly-sexual societies is 5-6 partners over a LIFETIME.

      In most countries of the world it's like 2-3 partners in a LIFETIME.

      EVEN IF people got all their sex partners from an SNL.
      EVEN IF people got all their SNLs from clubs

      With a paltry 6 partners in a LIFETIME, it's still mathematically impossible to have millions of SNLs in clubs between strangers each weekend - you gullible little fuck being sold fantasies by fat virgin PUA marketers.

      Now go look up on the data on where people meet partners (hint, most meet at work/school).



      In studies of successful bar hookups they found that in 100% of the cases they studied the woman had initiated by throwing out mating signals (even though in a lot of the cases the man was not conciously aware and thought he had chosen her).

    16. "What type of weirdo has never chatted up a total stranger, exchanged contact information, and met up later"

      "millions of people every weekend get laid by strangers in night clubs and bars"

      Lets start with some basic geographical and cultural understanding of the world. India+China > 1/3 of the world's population. Both of these are highly conservative societies. Very few if anyone approaches random strangers in these countries. Night club culture is largely absent. People are taught to distrust strangers. So according to your definition, more than 1/3 of the world consists of weirdos.

      Most of Asia and large parts of South America are very similar in this nature. In fact, even in highly sexual western societies, randomly meeting people exists very very little outside the few big cities.

      Do you realize how small a number are you talking about when you say randomly meeting strangers is totally normal and one is a weirdo if you have never done it? Heck even in big cities the subset of people which club and bar hop a lot is very small.

      We haven't even got to the fact that largely speaking, people don't have sex randomly and that average partner count is usually very small for most people. Also that the number of people who have actually even had sex with a near stranger or even a one night stand is very low.

      Do you realize what you are saying is extremely stupid and seemingly lacks any real world reference?

  6. I'm a big fan of Novy's exposition. That is a truth that badly, badly, so badly needed to be told to you, me, every young man on the internet circa 2006-2010. I almost cant believe every game blogger in the world hasnt realized it. Then again someone told me it in 2008 and I basically told him to shove it, so there ya go. Circle of life.

    As far as people hooking up with strangers, as per Tilted's post, I'm not sure whether we can resolve the point. Shall I continue typing words into this box and see if something interesting comes out?

    My theory is: indiscriminant and/or semi-anonmyous mating is pack animal behavior. If a large amount of thought is going into your actions/beliefs/decisions, you have already successfully individuated. Your random hookups will tend to decrease simply as a function of that.

    Belonging to the pack establishes immediate trust, so of course people are able to hook up. Who is in the pack, who is not? Just hang out three times in a row, and it will become clear.

    I would imagine that most game lords (real or imagined) already chose a more individuated (anti-social ?) lifestyle and want to reverse engineer it precisely long enough to get banged and assuage the loneliness. If one chooses freely to hang out each weekend with a large group of people, then the problem solves itself. My difficulty was I could never stand the boredom of being around and talking to any large crowd of people for any extended period. I need to hand pick my friends after extensive vetting if there is going to be massive time spent with each other. Probably many people reading this are in a similar position.

    All I know is that getting drunk and talking about lame mainstream stuff is hardly a price worth paying to get stray lays. Especially when there are ever more non-mainstream chicks floating about, with their various eco/fashion/boho/poetry/art/novel/yoga/university persuasions. Most of these upon closer inspection were found not to travel in packs and thus, earnestly also subject to dry spells, such as I am, if the word of friends is to be believed. Just my crumb of remonstrance, hoping that we don't resurrect THUG LIFE Fratboy social Circle Game as the new Cold Approaching of this decade. Fuck everything about game, burn the edifice to the ground. Just kidding, god bless RSD! Whatever works, use it! Interestingly enough, I am relistening to the Blueprint Decoded for the 7th time just now, mostly for fun and with fond memories of 2008. sdkldskld

  7. As far as people hooking up with strangers

    And that's a further point. Even MOST stranger hookups are based on warm approaches. If I were to "guesstimate"...

    -> I'd say that 95% of hookups that have ever happened in this world have occured between friends/acquntances/friends-of-a friend
    -> Only 5% occur between complete strangers

    -> OF ALL THE hookups that HAVE happened between complete strangers, about 99,9%* were INITIATED BY THE CHICK... I.e. they involved "overexertions" on the part of the chick. I.E the WOMAN INITIATED IT by constantly bumping into the guy, staring into him, trying to find a way to be approached by the guy, hovering around him and dancing seductively while doing the over-the-shoulder glance etc etc etc...

    There are even studies about this which showed all succesful pairing between strangers in a bar involved the woman initiating through giving signals FIRST.

    *-> That isn't to say that if you go out and indiscriminately approach chicks that you'll need to approach a 1000 chicks to get one (unless you're really shooting out of your league or super akward, your ratio shouldn't be that bad).

    What I'm saying is that in the real world even most men have figured out to wait for signals. Most men in the world who do get laid with strangers wait for signals - and this is why it's so rare to see hookups that have occured from indiscriminate approaching.

    Very few freaks go through the torture of approaching 50 chicks a day for years on end to get a regular sex-life from indiscriminate approaching. Most men are intuitively sane enough to realize it's a dumb strategy.

  8. Talking and socializing with strangers is good thing.
    But only if you are extroverted, and you genuinely enjoy doing it.
    But your goal shouldn't be to get laid, and you shouldn't be only talking to hot chicks.
    I know couple of people like this, and you can call them naturals since they do get laid a lot.
    Its completely untrue that they dont socialize with strangers. Its completely opposite- they talk to everybody.
    They might not stop people on the street, but will talk to strangers in a bar, club, grocery store, library etc...

  9. Talking and socializing with strangers is good thing.


    However, the subject is INDISCRIMINATE approaching. THE SUBJECT IS NOT "talking to strangers". CAN YOU PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE have that in mind?

    But only if you are extroverted, and you genuinely enjoy doing it.

    You can become extroverted over time.

    But your goal shouldn't be to get laid, and you shouldn't be only talking to hot chicks.

    What you are basically describing is warm approaching.

    Would you run up to a random old guy across the street, stop him mid-walk and start a small-chat? THAT is cold-approaching.

    I'm guessing that what you are describing is talking to the person next to you in line at starbucks, the person looking at the same shelf in the supermarket, the person looking at the same painting at a gallery, the people standing next to you on the subway etc... (ALL promoted as great by Aaron).

    DID YOU EVEN READ AARON'S BOOK? He actually TELLS YOU TO CHAT UP AND SOCIALIZE WITH STRANGERS EVERYWHERE YOU GO (when it's natural and appropriate, i.e. warm)

    I know couple of people like this, and you can call them naturals since they do get laid a lot.

    ARE YOU CONFLATING ON PURPOSE or are you another more subtle shill?

    Your friends are not the subject here. I know guys who chat up strangers throughout the day (fuck, I AM ONE, AND I do get laid a lot)... THAT WAS NOT THE SUBJECT. The trick is that most (almost all) of my lays come from my social circle, because they are 1000 times easier, logistically, socially, etc...

    What I said was that guys who get pussy thrown at them, rarely bother with all the extra negotiation and resistance involved with convincing a stranger to come over to your place. (hint: women give only about 1000 times less resistance to you when you're the friend of a friend, even if you're the exact same guy in both contexts).

    Its completely untrue that they dont socialize with strangers.


    1) Whoever said anything about "not socializing with strangers" you fucking fuck?

    2) Whoever mentioned your friends? I was discussing a very particular group of people "THE GUYS I (alek) KNOW TO GET LAID THE MOST". The ones with the biggest lay-counts tend to not bother with strangers because they're flooded with pussy offers on a daily basis. Pussy is literally thrown at them due to fame or popularity.

    I DID NOT SAY that there are no guys who get laid a lot by doing stranger-approaching you lying fuck. WHAT I DID SAY (in the post above) is that if anything, warm-approaching strangers is very nice and a great strategy... I'm sad to see that more of the "hyper-popular guys" don't use it. They get so much pussy thrown at them that they never bothered to use even warm-approaches even though they'd probably do great at it.

  10. Dude, you need to chill, you seem overly excited about this for no reason.
    What's up with rude language, that's certanly uncalled-for.
    Are you even capable of discussing in respectful tone ?
    You seem very childish.

    I am talking about talking/socializing with strangers in general when you feel like, yes it is usually someone standing/sitting close to you.

    1. Alek Novy has covered the point you're trying to make several times by now.

    2. The reason for the "RUDENESS" is because you fucking shills keep fucking coming here and REPEATING the same STRAWMEN and lies over and over and over and over and over and over and over again.

      Not one Anti-PUA ever started out rude. But when you fucking have to meet the same fucking distortions over and over and over and over and over and over and OVER again from a bunch of BRAINWASHED ZOMBIES THAT ACTUALLY READ WORDS THAT DO NOT EVEN EXIST ON THEIR SCREENS, it's fucking infuriating.

      Sample conversation with the PUA shills flooding this place
      ---> Aaron: I like green apples
      ---> Tard: Why do you hate bananas?
      ---> Aaron: I never said anything about bananas?
      ---> Tard: Oh, so you hate the color yellow?
      ---> Aaron: what the fuck are you talking about?
      ---> Tard: Just because you're afraid of eating red-bananas is no reason to tell people to avoid vegetables
      ---> Aaron: WHAT THE FUCK!?
      ---> Tard: Why are you being rude for no reason?

    3. Its completely untrue that they dont socialize with strangers.

      This is the sentence specifically that flipped me off. No-one here has EVER said such a thing.

      You think you're being a clever little subtle shill, but you're not.

  11. What I've found after some 5,6 years of indiscriminate dead cold approaching is that, #1 I love it, #2 it works sometimes, #3 it expands my social circle very rapidly which increases my success from the social circle. Thus far about 20% of my chicks came from dead cold indiscriminate approaches, the rest, mostly from salsa social circle. What I've noticed with the indiscriminate cold approach is that it HUGELY depends on the guy. There is such a wide spectra of what a guy can do during an approach that I would dare to say that it does very much depend on what the guy does and how the guy carries himself and how he selects the chicks. From the players that game with me regularly it is so obvious that I consider that a fact. One caveat though, we mostly do direct day game which has almost nothing to do with club game.

    So my summary of the whole issue: beware of PUA marketing, any type of approach will work sometimes if you know what you're doing and choose wisely. Keep it real, improve all aspects of your life and you will notice a slow steady improvement (most people skip this sentence). Social circle is your main source, cold approach a thrilling and exciting addition to the menu that should be enjoyed like a cake after a good meal. All this applies if you're not fundamentally fucked up in the head. If you cannot talk normally even to your own friends or can't act normally in a party or a social gathering you need to realize you're socially retarded and need to work on it rather than sit on forums and discuss stuff you know nothing about.

  12. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA U GUYS ARE FUCKING FUNYY. BEST BLOG I'VE COME ACROSS TODAY. but yea cold approaching is so hard, i love mystery, they are nice to watch, gets my hopes high, but wen i go out i just freeze. I CANT DO SHIT, n in Toronto the girls WONT GIVE U SIGNAALS, cmon its too poetic for them,


    u gotta stop them in the street, then u gotta make them laugh, then u gotta impress them, then u gotta ask for their number, then u kiss their cheeks and say goodbye, WAIT FOR A day then WHEN U FINALLY TEXT OR CALL, NO REPLY, it really fucks up the vibe. i really hope i can get girls in streets or in clubs but honestly the thing is its just too much work sometimes


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