Saturday, April 6, 2013

The Great Manosphere Invasion of Russia (Part III)

I had to take a bit of a break from covering the collective tragedy the Roosh V forum crew was getting into. The amount of bullcrap I can stomach is quite limited, and the first two posts of this series exceeded my quota. Anyway, where were we?

Right, after collectively enjoying fantasies of a pussy paradise somewhere in the hinterlands of Russia, and gathering all kinds of information, our heroes already see themselves swimming in pussy, thanks to their self-declared "white god factor". Any notion of precaution or rationality was quickly thrown in the wind. It seemed that nothing could stop those young adventurers, but a surprise event led to a major setback. BrownBear, who took it upon himself to meticulously research Russia's B- and C-cities, surprisingly called it quits:
I wish I could go with you guys...the heart has been broken (...) She is a 10 to me and I moved to a different city and it's over. But life goes on, I have no regrets I'm very young still.
So, all the while he was fantasizing not only about banging women by the dozen in Russia, he has also been ogling some random plain Jane in his home country, and now she's gone. The immaturity is staggering. With BrownBears withdrawal, some well-kept secrets where shared with the Roosh V forum, like how one would "pipeline" girls well before you arrive. This is how it works, according to BrownBear:

You can just make an account on and start talking to girls in cities that you want to go to. Pick who you like and use google translator to talk to them.
There is absolutely nothing that could go wrong with this genius idea.

It seemed that the Russian Roosh V members were concerned that this army of international playboys would actually get anywhere with the girls:

To my russian brothers who say that I'll "ruin our women" please tell me why does it matter who they have fun with? Maybe we will begin to value how wonderful they are and actually provide them with what they deserve.

LOL. I guess that's what you get when you take a collective frenzy seriously. This reminds me of those moronic threads you frequently see popping up on forums all over the internet that go along the lines of "what if...", with the if-part highly unrealistic. For some strange reason, there is never a shortage of guys who offers their opinion on how they'd invest a million dollars, where they'd go on vacation if they had all the time and money in the world, or which porn star they'd like to fuck. The shallowness on the Internet goes surprisingly deep if you care to explore it.

It's difficult to see whether the thread starter, Vorkuta, is just a troll or actually serious. Witness the following exchange. Guy 1 writes:

You ever been to Abakan BB? It seems to have a lot of boxes ticked: poor provincial city,university,airport,Asian looking chicks but the population is very low at only 165,000. Something about the city just makes me think it is full of slutty chicks willing to suck dick if it offers a way out.

Guy 2 responds:

Are you tempted? That would be absolutely hardcore although going there could end up in you getting a few slaps off the local gopniki. I would thread with caution in going to these small places. In larger cities, you can be more anonymous and smash more women without anybody knowing.

But Vorkuta thinks absolutely nothing of it:

I agree that the large cities are best for quantities but I like the challenge and rawness of these off the track provincial holes. I think the best solution is to be in a big city but one that is only an hour or two from some smaller towns so you can live in comfort but delve into the rawer towns when you want to. To be fair,I guess pretty much any city has its satellite towns so it should not be hard to find.

It seems that once you put some guys together and let them "brainstorm", stupidity will have no bounds. First, it was just about a pussy paradise, but then some dude put up a picture of a chick from one of those sites where Russian women sell them off to basically the highest bidder. Here's the chick:

The dude asks,

How accessible is this kind of quality, as a foreigner with limited Russian?
Keep in mind that the makeup and studio lighting add half a point or more to her appearance. 

Well, Sherlock, on the site where you found that picture, that girl hopes or hoped to find some rich Westerner to marry her and pay her $10k+ a month pocket money, yet you seriously think that you'd get the same if you're broke and go to some random Russian city in the middle of nowhere!? Those women want to cash in their looks but, hey, maybe they'd also get with some random dude in exchange for a quarter-ounce of semen. This somehow reminds of some of the absurd fads in the PUA community like "stripper game" and "hooker game" where the PUAs claimed to teach you how to fuck those women. I guess it takes a special kind of stupid to pay $2.5k for a bootcamp with a guy like Vin DiCarlo who then pays fifty bucks or so to a stripper so that the client gets a quick hand job in the strip club. But I digress. Let's get back to the story.

BrownBear, who revealed to live in some Russian city of 70,000 and who is heartbroken over his "personal 10", responded:

I don't know to be honest, depends on who you are and how you represent yourself, but from my experience I haven't had problems with women like that (I'll show you pictures if we ever meet up) and I've lived in America for a long time, but you probably should learn russian more though!

Right. I bet in his small city he has to fight to get those women away from him.

Part IV will be up tomorrow, where we'll continue our exploration of the collective "mighty whitey" fantasy of the Roosh V forum crowd.


  1. Its hard for me to make fun of these guys because I just feel really bad about it. In any other era these men would probably have decent manufacturing jobs and an ugly (but skinny) wife to come to and put their feet up.

    Times change, and now there are a ton of "surplus" men. The surplus AA men in the US are simply filling cells in the prison system. I guess their solution is better than that, but they don't need to go to Irkutsk Oblast to find desperate women. They are just mostly the obese ones at home.

  2. Oh my... That girl in the picture is a russian pornstar named Abby, you can see her profile here:

    This guys are so delusional.

    1. Thanks a lot for pointing this out. The delusion of those guys is indeed beyond belief. Expecting a "pussy paradise" is one thing, but dreaming that you could fuck porn stars for free is on an entirely different level.

    2. My guess is, they didn't know about her being that particular "pornstar". Still, the notion of banging the kind of women this photo symbolizes is ridicolous for these guys. And I should say it is problematic in general, since it stylizes women into something artificiall and special. For in the end she's just a regular girl, anyway.

  3. as u said these guys are hopeless, just paying money extra for trips and striptease clubs


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