Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Call: Bogus Community Concepts

I will soon release a (free) ebook based on my talk "Overcoming the Seduction Community". The people I have mentioned this to thought as well that this was a great idea. Some suggested to discuss some particularly harmful community concepts. As a consequence, I have expanded the draft to include examples of the mental masturbation that is so rampant in the community.

One section will be on Mystery's "Seven Hour Rule". One guy commented:
Also, do me a favor, dedicate an entire chapter in your ebook bashing the 7 hour rule and why it is bullshit. I've read field reports from guys who had a girl in their bedroom dripping wet, but didn't fuck her because they didn't want to break the 7 hour rule and have "fool's mate". Mystery is by far the worst guru in my opinion. 
What is your favourite nonsense concept? Feel free to send me an email or comment below.

A first draft should be out next week. I intend to regularly update the ebook, so feel free to email me any time.


  1. For me, I think "state" messes up more guys than anything else. The "pioneers" of natural game lauded this concept like it's the "secret" to attracting women...however, to put the idea in a guy's head that he needs to "generate" state by talking to bunch of random of people will cripple guys more than it helps. It instills the belief people have to bring your confidence “out” of you, rather than just walking up (like a normal, attractive guy) and getting the girl. Moreover, it forces guys who are naturally introverted to take on a “fake personality” and makes them feel “ashamed” if they don’t want to chat up every random idiot at a bar. For me, I only chose to associate with 2 people when I’m out: 1.) my friends, 2.) hot girls. Fuck state!

  2. "State" is a hilarious concept and arguable one of the most elusive of the many red herrings you can find in the community. If I recall correctly, RSD's "Blueprint" DVD programme is based on it. Too bad, though, that the way Tyler portrays it is utterly misleading. If you are really confident (i.e. don't have to fake it), you have absolutely no need for those shenanigans. Instead you just walk up to the girl. Just as you wrote. In London I once bumped into an RSD acolyte who randomly shouted out war cries. He would stand up, hit on his chest like Tarzan and shout: "Aiaiaiaiiiii" (x3). It was ridiculous. According to him, it helped him to "hit state". I am pretty sure he also mentioned "the nimbus". You can't make this stuff up.

  3. “Fake state“, “fake routines“, “fake personas”, “fake beliefs” etc..

    The community is basically teaching guys to be incongruent with their real selves. Girls can sense the slightest incongruence and they blow them out! The more material they eat up, the more incongruent they become and the more they get blown out.

    On the other hand, naturals are congruent with their beliefs, their words, their body language etc.. and girls can sense that as well.


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