Monday, November 29, 2010

Cajun brags on Facebook (FAIL)

I've been cleaning up my harddrive for the past two days and came across a hilarious screenshot from Facebook. To be honest, I can't quite remember where it came from. It's enjoyable anyway, as we witness Cajun bragging (obviously grossly exaggerated if not completely made up) about his birthday. While in truth, he probably sat at home and was drinking with his all-male group of "friends" from LoveSystems, he fantasized about having had a birthday in true action hero style. One girl was less amused though.

As questionable as bragging/making up stories to entertain imaginary friends might be (once you have passed your 12th birthday), the stuff Lovesystem actually teaches is much worse for your "development".


  1. hi, just want to comment on.. ive seen cajun and other LS instructor in field.. and to tell you the truth.. i was skeptical at first.. but for real.. the are real and legit.. lots of guys and i knew some guys who had taken their bootcamp and the changes in their life are amzing.. you see. seduction community is not how to pick up girls.. or if u ask me..will they teach u to become a master? my answer is NO. it all comes down to u.. they will guide u to the right path.. and its always up to u.. the community sounds very much as a scam but to tell u.. what they teach is waking up the true u.. which most of the people.. dont realize..

    1. Hahahaha! Why is it that every supporter of PUA writes as if he was an utter imbecile? You, Anonymous, have you attended school or what?

      Also, why is it that it is only the PUA websites with their fake testimonials that speak of "amazing changes", yet if you ask around in "lairs" you never find people who have undergone "amazing changes".

      So, shill or stupid, what's your choice?


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