Friday, May 31, 2013

An Encouraging Message from a Reader

This was recently posted in the comments section of the post So, how healthy is the PUA Scene? I thought it deserved to be seen by a greater number of people.

I am so happy to have found the idiocy of this scene early on. The straw that broke my back is when I started hanging out with someone who wanted me to be their wing and assured me that he was having epic nights going out and that he had slept with 100+ girls in his life. This idiot had internalized almost every single PUA material out there that he could quote things verbatim. Being that he was my height (5"8) and bald and was getting as many women as he claimed to be getting excited me. I was hopeful at the prospect of hanging out with him and learning and benefiting.

Well it didn't take long to see a pattern. Every time we would hit the clubs, my "wing" (and I use that term loosely as he would just go at it alone as soon as we hit any scene) would consistently hit on the most unattractive girls in the club. Consistently. And he would later brag about his conquests. He would tell me that he got that "cute" girls number and I would be thinking what cute girl? That beast with the thinning hair?

One particular time when we went out I approached a girl and apparently leaned in while talking to her. Well my wing vehemently instilled the notion in me that I should not lean in while talking to a girl. Because by golly leaning in is the death knell when talking to a girl, lovedrop said so so it must be true! And his advice was solid because of all the, and I quote "abundance" he was enjoying. And abundance of what? Heavy unattractive women that were just happy that someone was talking to them?

All of my success with women has come from just looking as good as I possibly can, and being as normal and fun as possible and letting the chips fall where they may.

The PUA scene is a joke and I'm glad people are starting to realize it.


  1. PUA's repositioning themselves towards more general self help and commentary on society, and now this change here... Is this an elaborate joke?


    1. I've changed the title of the blog to more accurately reflect the direction my writing was going. I've never been part of the PUA crowd anyway. Over the years, however, I moved on from writing merely about picking up women to (also) write about the dubious seduction industry and these days --- the forum documents this in greater detail --- I also write about how society shapes the expectations of men and women. This was a minor theme even back when I released Debunking the Seduction Community, and it's also a prominent theme in my contributions to Johnny's Journey.

  2. Funny. When you look at many people

    -being goodlooing
    -being fun
    -being normal

    can aleady be considered as being game.

    1. Please show me where PUAs claim that any of this amounts to "game". All I remember are slogans like "looks don't matter", and instead of being "fun" and "normal", they advocate learning routines, or behaving like a dick head.

  3. I'm actually the one who wrote the comment that was posted so please forgive the initial grammar errors. Did not mean to say "And abundance of what" but rather an abundance of what :)

    But anyways, the point I wanted people to take away is that the idiots in the PUA scene put way to much emphasis on things that don't matter, they completely ignore the basics and worst of all they convey the notion that you can get any girl that you want with just the right strategy.

    In this story I truly believe the guy I went out with was having terrible experiences with women, found the PUA scene, continued to choke and then somehow convinced himself that if got laid by ugly girls that the PUA junk must be working and somehow totally ignoring how ugly the girls he succeeded with were.


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