Thursday, September 22, 2011

Three interesting posts at The Seduction Community

The magic over at The Seduction Community is already happening, and some very good posts have already appeared.

My buddy Sixty has re-posted his classic "Anti-Manifesto", which you should definitely check out if you haven't already.

I consider this an anti-manifesto because most strategies usually focus on what you need to do or say. There is nothing to say. There is nothing to do.

Your whole life you have been doing things to lessen tension. You have always tried to make everybody else around you feel more comfortable at your own expense. You do this with your friends, your co-workers and especially the women you like. When things get tense or awkward you're the big clown making everyone laugh and feel comfortable. Even when girls reject you, you are more worried about their comfort level than your own. You don't want her to feel awkward. Aw!

This is bad because doing things to help women feel more comfortable with the sexual tension will be viewed by her as supplication. A woman is never going to be attracted to a man that can handle LESS sexual tension than she can.
But there is some new blood, too. Warped Mindless wrote an article on "The ESP Model of Escalation." The acronym stands for Eye Contact, Sexualization, Physical Touch.

Most guys go about touching women the wrong way. They give her a little should touch when she says something funny, or gives her a little high five to reward her for something she does that he likes. Lame touches like this isn't going to turn the woman on. She isn't going to want to drop her pants and spread her legs because you gave her a tap on the shoulder or a small pat on the back. If anything she will just think your weird and honestly, she would be right.

The right way to touch a woman in to touch her like a man. Every thing you do in an interaction should be "From a man to a woman" kind of way. Not as her friend, not as her buddy, but as a MAN.

It is definitely a good reminder for guys who are afraid of being sexual when they are out to pick up women.

Lastly, Illuminatus wrote an insightful post with the title "Women do not actually know why they find you attractive!". If you are not familiar with Illuminatus's writing, you should definitely check him out, because he has a gift for getting at the core of problems (and in a completely non-rambling way, too).

The issue with asking women what it is they like, at its core, is neither that the reasons women give are all different, nor that they share some hidden commonality, but rather that the feeling of attraction in a woman is based in such primitive pre-language circuits that it happens too quickly and they have no hope of articulating the actual THING they liked.

This leads to women completely rationalizing their attraction after-the-fact, often with the first reason that pops into their heads! Like all humans, women cannot stand the cognitive dissonance of feeling something but not knowing why -- so they rationalize it away. Except women are not too interested in accuracy generally, so they will attribute ANY trait as the causative factor of their attraction.

So, join us over there at The Seduction Community!


  1. Good stuff, the new forum is looking good. What happens to Does this new forum superseed it?


  2. Hey Gilles,

    I'm glad you like the new forum. Yes, TheSeductionCommunity does supercede the forum at TheSeducers. We will freeze the old forum, and if we find a way, we'll import the old posts, but this is a technical challenge that needs a bit of time.


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