Tuesday, June 8, 2010

RSD Strikes again: The RSD Hot Seat

RSD has a new programme called "RSD Hot Seat". Apparently, you'll get to see a couple of videos, most of which are available free of charge on YouTube plus some "commentary". It just sets you back $300.

In Tyler's words:
The Hot Seat was built over a year to be a mind-blowing event that’s thrilling and entertaining, as well as the most educational one day experience (on this topic…) physically possible.

Next time surely God will descend and give Tyler his long-overdue blessing.

Here's a review:

The RSD-Hotseat event seemed like a great way to see the top dogs
in action and get an idea of what I have to work on to get my game to
the next level. I did find the answers I was looking for and in that sense
I am another satisfied customer but the event itself was rather disappointing.

Only a 3rd of the videos had any real value for me, the rest was filler or wasn't
put in proper context by the narrator.
One video that springs to mind is the one
where Jeffy puts the moves on a rather unattractive British girl, with upper arms
as big as my thighs. I don't think anybody who has abundance with women
would bother with her. So I wasn't sure what I was watching. Was this Jeffy
living it up at his peak or was there a specific point to showing this video?
I guess I will never know.

Brad was also rather disappointing. He was introduced as the 'fluff-talk-master'
and a video of him randomly talking to the camera for 3 minutes straight was
supposed to showcase this talent. Turns out he was just reciting the lyrics to
an ice cube song from the early 90's.
So much for that, The other video of Brad
where he kisses a girl after a minute might blow a newbie away but anyone
who's gone out for a bit knows that often shit just drops in your lap, if you make
a move... boom! There really wasn't much to learn there when it comes to skill.
Again, the context is important. If this is just a cool anecdote or a showcase of
'what's possible', fine! But then narrate that shit properly.

And then there were the filler videos. For example, 10 minutes of Alexander's
travel snapshots cut to tacky music. I didn't fly 500 miles to sit through that shit.

So what about the good stuff? Well, both Tyler and Ryan had an amazing vibe
going on, with girls pretty much melting seconds into each interaction. Lots of
physical contact, lots of nonsense, lots of intent and the girls were clearly
digging it. Luckily there were also some bits where the girls put up a little
resistance, that's where the good stuff is if you ask me. In one video Tyler has
to deal with an obstacle in a two set. He wins her over but then loses her again.
We get to see all the gritty details, the good and the bad. I would love to have
heard the man himself narrate that one. Then there was Ryan who ends up
pulling a girl who actually discovers that she is being filmed. Ryan managed
to spin that shit into social proof and boom. Awesomage!

If this event comes to a town near you and you'd really love to take a look at
the RSD Dudes in action, by all means... go! But in my opinion this Euro version
of the hotseat needs a lot of work.

Props to RSD, though, for keeping this review online, and if it ever gets deleted, here's a backup:


Oh, and as a side note, Tyler/Papa please refrain from sending me some lame emails through your unpaid interns. My actions are perfectly covered by the Fair Use doctrine. But feel free to waste your time and money.


  1. By reading your latest blog comments, it seems to me that we are witnessing a transition (for the worse) in the PU industry. At first it was all about getting laid, then only "being good with women" and now its acceptable to just "make smalltalk".
    Case in point = http://makesmalltalksexy.com/

  2. ...and in a year or two it will be about shaking hands or daring to make eye contact. ;)

    Thanks for this link, by the way.

  3. Is this review of a hotseat by Papa?

    Yeah...Papa <= 1% as good as Tyler.

    1. Tom,
      Papa is not mentioned in this review, but Tyler is.


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