Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Sleazy Stories: New Sample available

I have recently uploaded a new and expanded sample of Sleazy Stories, which is now 64 pages long. If you haven’t bought the book yet, check it out. You can download it on my website or read it online on Scribd.

So far, Sleazy Stories has been very rewarding. The vast majority of feedback has been extremely positive. My favourite reader comment is the following:
Frankly, I found the book to be immensely entertaining and about as fascinating as a neon colored high speed euro-rail train wreck
(read the full review on Amazon.com)

Apart from the entertainment factor, some people said it changed their lives (at least their love life), others found it hugely inspiring and motivating, and quite a few people lauded the dry humour and fine irony.

On a side note, a rough draft for the sequel to Sleazy Stories already exists. I have something else to finish first, though, so don’t hold your breath (yet).

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