Friday, September 17, 2010

Which guru is the most likely to get a sexual harrasment charge?

I was skimming recently. While I think that the forum has gone downhill a lot in recent months, it still makes for the occasional entertaining read, such as when I saw a post by "Monstar" who asked "Which guru do you think is the most likely to get a sexual harassment charge..."

I was disappointed to not see my name in the short list that followed, which was:

3. Ross Jeffries
2. Ozzie RSD
1. Sean Stephanson

But some other guy chimed in (spelling fixed):

What about this guy Aaron Sleazy? He made an ebook about his hate of the PU industry (not community as he points out) but at the same time he has a book out and encourages people on his forum to flirt and get laid by 1) not saying a word, 2) keep isolating and 3) keep sexually escalating.. He also does bootcamps but only with men who are already successful w/women.

Dude I remember i felt a girls hair once and told her she had really pretty hair and then she thanked me and just moved out of the line to another one..(she was with her friend) And I know this guy Sleazy will probably say, "You didn't do the technique right" or "Just move on dude. She probably wasn't being receptive..", but I don't give a f*ck dude..Its just gross, sleazy and requires a really raunchy type of dude to keep doing it..I felt gross after I felt that girls hair too and just left the club because i was kind of embarrassed..

Plus I heard this guy Aaron Sleazy rose in the PU ranks because of his "bathroom game."

Maybe its because hes European and this type of sh*t just flows there but your a** is looking at a class 1 felony doing that type of sh*t in America.. You will not get away with that shit in America and if you do, you will end up f*cking some nasty ass skunks..

Now that was quite funny, because I don't think that touching a girls hair while saying her that it looks nice is nothing special, and then this guy felt embarrassed and left the club. This probably shows pretty well how uptight some men are. Just think of it, if a girl walked up to you and grazed your pecs while commenting on it, you'd feel good about yourself, too, wouldn't you? Of course, in both cases the presumption is that there is some mutual sexual attraction there to begin with, but you don't do this kind of stuff anyway if you get the impression that it is otherwise.

Thankfully "Uncle Stickyhands" came to my rescue and replied:
Dude, you really need to stop going to church and lose your virginity asap.
I couldn't agree more.

On the other hand, there is the obvious issue of how you perceive someone who is making a move but whom you don't find attractive. Those are "creeps" and guys who risk sexual harassment charges, as the following clip humorously shows:


If you are in a bad mood and think I'm being a d*ckhead: No, I am not. Just switch the roles in your head and imagine it would be girls making advances. This also shows why "game" is for the very most part nonsensical (with the exception of some basic issues which I wouldn't even want to call "game" like confidence) because you surely don't think that an otherwise unattractive girl would get a hot guy by certain routines or "techniques". Sometimes you see a hot guy with an ugly dumpling, though, but those are guys who seemingly don't know what they are worth or who are afraid to approach girls they really find hot. Of course, in this case the confident dumpling might be able to "game" her way into his pants.


  1. When I first heard about game, from the well known DD's ebook, and applied it, my success was very mild. I don't know how I landed on sleazy' posts on mASF but from that point, I progressed tremendously: from multiple kissing & sexual contacts in nightclubs, to BJ in taxis and regular ONS.

    I have been thinking a lot why all of this developpment happened to me almost instantly...

    I connected with my masculine sexuality.

    It's not innergame, because you don't have to "work" on it; its already inside all of us. I believe this male energy (wich is actively repressed in our modern society) did solve all the "sticking points" that I had imagined. It will bring confidence, calmness but also desire and force of character.

    You see a girl that you instantly feel attracted to -> m.s. -> you approach and just say confidently "hi" like it was the most natural thing in the world

    You like her body -> m.s. -> you naturally touch her at all the right spots, you bite her neck, grab her hair,etc.

    You want her to come home -> m.s. -> you assume she is yours and just walk outside in the direction of your flat

    PS: (On second thought, what we are also reaching through meditation could be our masculine energy)

  2. I personally find it quite entertaining to hear certain guys talk about how best to impress a girl. (Or see them do it, but unfortunately I'm probably also still one of the guys failing miserably at impressing girls.)

    I once was in this venue with two girl friends of mine, one of them being very attractive so receiving an awful lot of attention. Unfortunately, she also is quite naive in this matter, which is nice when you flirt with her since her returned flirting is very honest and innocent, but which sucks big time when you fail, because her facial expression immediately shift to reflect a profound disliking.

    So we were there and all of a sudden this guy walks up to her, grabs her hair and started complimenting her with it. I was surprised and wondered how this would end, hoping the guy would show some courage, for a change... But no, he didn't. After his compliment all energy immediately dissipated, and in a moment of complete awkwardness he just went away.

    The funny thing was that as soon as he grabbed her hair, the tension that it caused was almost physical. This is something I see happen a lot: many guys just aren't aware of what tension they create and are unable to handle it.

    Also, it's funny to see how most guys completely miss certain flirting dynamics. Recently I got complimented for being so good with girls when all I had to do was get physical with this girl who pushed herself into me. Now that's not hard at all (and I failed, as she was probably horny and got bored fast as I didn't advance quick enough).

    Anyway, given all stories I read, I'd vote for you though, Sleazy. ;)



  3. Haha, that one also shows that a lot of the guys on simply wanna blame someone for their own shortcomings. I mean, the guy validates a girl, gives her that little ego-boost - and then he runs because he feels guilty or something. What's that? Looks like he is carrying a lamppost up his ass...

  4. F*ck I posted a huge comment but it is not appearing, do you see it in moderation sleazy?

  5. The question I have is how can one make himself more attractive: is it just looks, status, money and that's it or is there something else too one can do?

  6. @neparlepas: your comment was in the moderation queue. I've just recovered it.

    You've made an interesting observation, and it connects with the subsequent comment by JCZ. I completely agree that you can really feel the tension at times, and you can work with it. But some guys just can't.

    @Rage: what does a good first impression depend on? Of course there are other things you can do, too, but it's quite difficult to make a good second impression if some guy's first impression made the girl run for the hills.

  7. Sleazy dude that guy you are quoting was trolling. 90% of that forum is a single bi-polar dude who is trolling everything with millions of accounts.

  8. I know. :)

    Monstar is a funny character. For one, he claims to have an IQ of 146, but he seems quite thick at times to be honest.

  9. Love your thoughts Aaron, Im a up & coming dating coach in NYC area...But this is not my JOB and i don't plan on making it that. I just want to help guys by letting them know they have to check their pants for two balls...and remember they are a get out there and talk to women. ( i expalin more but you get the point) BUT i get shit from these guys because they state " your tall in good looking it is easy for you"..that shit don't matter i still have to spit game.

  10. Hey JerseyBoy,

    of course you need balls. Quite some time ago I made up the facetious formula "game = having balls + not giving a f*ck". On the other hand, I am sure we'd disagree on "spitting game". ;)


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