Saturday, January 22, 2011

Chase Amante reviews Sleazy Stories

Chase Amante from Girls Chase has reviewed my book Sleazy Stories. He has written a lengthy and balanced article. My favorite part is:

Some of the most rewarding parts of the book, at least for me, come when Aaron reaches important realizations: when he reasons he’s been playing his dates too safe, for instance, and starts moving faster and taking more risks. The feeling you get as a reader is akin to that you get in an epic fantasy when the hero realizes he’s graduated from small skirmishes and is ready to face his long-time tormentor in battle now, except instead of a battle we’re talking about seduction, and instead of a sword, Aaron is swinging a big, long… well, you know ;)

You can read the full review of Sleazy Stories on his blog. Furthermore, you can check out some sample chapters on my website, which also has the ordering information.

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