Friday, January 7, 2011

PUA "Gunwitch" Shoots Girl in Face, Fans Still Love Him

The seduction industry is in massive decline. Unethical business practices are common, censoring of critical voices on PUA forums the norm, and when I thought that the case of "guru" Nathan PUA and Psych physically attacking a student was about as low as it gets, I checked my email account and saw that a handful of people emailed me that "guru" Gunwitch has defined the new low — by shooting a woman in the face. I was speechless. But first things first.

Who is "Gunwitch", you may ask?

It is this fellow:
Gunwitch at Klamath County Jail

But before he got put into jail, he built a reputation for his seduction method, called "Gunwitch method" on mASF/ The phrase he is most well known is, "Make the ho say no." The other one is "get laid, not liked", which is probably not the wisest choice for a tag line.

For about a decade Gunwitch has been the guru mASF/ associates themselves with, which you can easily see by the ads on this site. He is the only one that is officially endorsed. If you want to buy an audio file containing an interview with him, look no further. As far as I know, Gunwitch is also the only "guru" mASF/ is officially allied with. While others have to pay for banners so that the site owner Formhandle doesn't have to look for a job, Gunwitch gets his ads for free.

"Gunwitch" method does have its merit among pick up theories, and it is most notable for its straightforwardness. There are elements in it which I find rather questionable as they border on stalking and sexual harassment, but with some adaptations you are infinitely better off following Gunwitch's method than Mystery Method and everything that came from it. However, when reading his materials, you get the impression that the guy behind the words is a rather difficult individual, to put it mildly.

Unfortunately, it seems that some otherwise incriminating evidence has been pulled off the Internet. For instance, there was an addendum to the Gunwitch method in which he talks about picking up girls in clubs and also goes into what to do when you get into a fight. No, he didn't advocate never getting into one, or getting the f*** out, but had some things to say about in which order you should take out the guys that are coming after you. After I had read this part, I became rather reluctant to refer people to Gunwitch method. This was some years ago, and afterwards I stopped paying attention to this guy, so videos such as the following didn't show up on my radar:

But seeing this you wonder what had happened to him. I don't want to add to speculation, so I will not recite rumors on how he made his living besides selling his method to guys who wanted to get laid, but not liked. However, it is worth citing a relevant newspaper report:

A small New Year's Eve party at a Klamath Falls home turned violent Friday night, leaving a woman clinging to life with a gunshot wound to the face and a man arrested and jailed in the crime.
Klamath Falls police responded around 9:30 p.m. Friday to the reported shooting at 220 Mortimer St., said Officer Mike Anderson.

They arrived to find Amber Tripp, 20, of Klamath Falls, with a gunshot wound to the face.
Information gathered there about a reported suspect led officers to Allen Robert Reyes, 31, who was located in the 1800 block of Main Street, about three blocks from the shooting scene, Anderson said.

The normal reaction would be that he should stay in jail and if proven guilty, he shall bear the legal consequences for attempted murder. But, no, this is not how some people in the "community" reacted. It is no surprise that delusion is especially rampant on mASF, where one user comments:

This has got to be a joke. It really feels like one. You know what it feels like someone's making fun of my post of the other day when I explained that I may have been a little premature in judging people's character having not actually met them.....

C'mon fess up. It's a joke right.

Gunwitch fanboy and resident mASF mastermind Ockwick aka. "I have four lays under my belt in a little over a decade and thus I know more than anyone else ever could" (I still chuckle when I think back to when this guy tried to give me advice), speaks of "Wild speculation and smearing, to be expected of course." as well as of "conflicting information". Sorry, but this is quite different from the actual smear campaign that a guy like Julian Assange has to deal with.

It gets even better. Aspiring "guru" Blackdragon waxes lyrical:
I have no idea if he's guilty of this or not, but it shows that when you are PU guy, your standards of behavior must be higher than the typical guy out there, simply because it's easier for people to "go get you" if there's ever a problem like this in your life.
You are kidding me, right!? This probably means that it's fine to shoot people if your behaviour is "higher" otherwise.

Gunwitch's fan boys also have some issues with this. Here are some quotes from a thread from his official forum:

Is it possible that if someone posts bail for him, that he would be allowed to go home, until the court?

Throw in some panicking, too:

i might be paranoid, but if anyone has admin on this site maybe itd be a good idea to delete these threads? i mean its not national news (but obviously people would talk already about it)

Some user asked:

So what's going to happen to this site now? He's going to be in jail for a really long time, no question. which one guy replied:

Dawg chill!

We need to hear from Gun first. there is always two sides to a story

Im sure Gun has a perfectly good reason for shooting that girl in the face

Nothing indicated that this was being ironic. And neither this:

This is sad. Hope Gun is ok.

That woman has half her face missing and this guy asks whether Gunwitch is alright?

McPhallus also has his priorities straight:

His business name is by far the least of his worries now. *If* he's guilty, he's facing a long jail sentence and he's probably fucked in the community. Getting into fights is one thing, but shooting a 20-year old chick in the face. But we'll see. Two sides to every story.

No comment on this one:

Hopfully he can call barrys show from jail, have him on as a guest every month or somthing.

He has got all the sympathies:

This leaves me with a sick taste in my stomach... I've been through the court system... it aint like the movies...where its over in 5 minutes... its way harder mentally... can drag on for years... hes gonna regret this soon

As I dug deeper on Gunwitch's forum, I started to lose faith in the human race:

The fact that he left the scene makes me suspicious because if he had a legit reason to shoot her he wouldn't have fled. This is why guns and alcohol don't mix. Having said all this I hope i'm wrong and gun is found not guilty if thats the case, but good luck finding a good lawyer with the money gun has.

The "sanest" statement was the following one:

Wow, his life is pretty much going to be like that show Oz from now on. I feel bad for him, but at the same time you can't go around shooting chicks in the face. What the hell was he thinking,

Some guy even made this graphic:

So, let's summarize this: shooting people = not cool at all. Is this really so difficult to understand?


  1. What a misleading post. You're pulling quotes from those forums and then trying to shoehorn them into your agenda of bashing the community.

    In particular, you boldfaced what I (McPhallus) said about Gunwitch being fucked in the community if he's found guilty, which is true, but that wasn't the point of the post. You're trying to make it look like my only concern was gunwitch's business, which is complete bullshit. If he's guilty he'll pay the price. The fact is that no one knows the full story yet.

    You clearly have a vested financial interest in bashing the community and are willing to spin news stories to fit that agenda.

    And you're affiliated with PUA Hate, which is run by an individual who's not exactly a model of good behavior.

    You're really no different than some of the people you bash.... You just have a different marketing angle.

  2. Hell I thought I was the only one who liked to make YouTube vids of myself all fucked up playing with guns. Now the SOB has went out and one-upped me. Dammit!

  3. arutha05,

    my "agenda" is to provide some common sense information in a scene that is ripe with misinformation and deceptive marketing techniques.

    I have quoted your post in full. If you disagree with how I have interpreted your words, you may want to choose them more wisely next time.

    Re. "spin": he has shot a girl in the face. Where exactly does spin come into place here? It's not as if I am toying with words here and call a decline "negative growth" or speak of "ongoing challenges" instead of "serious problems", like the chaps in the White House might.

  4. @arutha05 You're the perfect example of what's wrong with these guru followers everywhere. Your guru has shot someone, and even if he pulled the trigger completely by accident, he's got a lot to explain.

    And yet you guys are contemplating 'both sides of the story', and the effect this will have on this guy's status in 'the community'.

    Open your eyes and see your guru's 'community status' smeared all over the internet already, dude. Check and note the comments. And thanks to admiring sheep like you, things can only get worse.

  5. I don't think the Gunwitch incident automatically discredits the community as a whole.
    However, it shows us that there are some very questionable, misogynistic indivualds giving boys advice on how to behave towards girls, and that some of these self-proclaimed gurus have developed a dangerous cult-following.
    I hope this case gets some of the mainstream media to scrutinize the pickup community and publicly disclose all its weirdness.

    off-topic: Sleazy, do you know former EntropyPUA? Apparently he has a new site and doesn't use the name PUA anymore. He provides some intersting, critical insights on the community:
    What do you think of him??

  6. Ah, the grapevine in the seduction community is indeed a short one. I heard you were talking about this.

    Regarding what I said in the thread you quoted, when I said “things like this” I mean “when you are accused of a crime”. You took it to mean “when you shoot a woman in the face”, and that’s not what I meant at all. Clearly shooting a woman in the face is not acceptable behavior, even if it was accidental, and if Gunwitch is guilty of this, he should either be executed or spend the rest of his life in a dark hole with no possibility of parole, both of which would be getting off lightly in my opinion.

    Many of us in the community have been accused of things we did not do. I was speaking from that standpoint. Although the evidence points to Gunwitch’s guilt, we still don’t know for sure if he did it. And I don’t disagree with the things you said about Gun’s state of mind. But I will not pass judgment until he is found guilty or admits guilt. And if guilt is found, let him be crushed.

  7. domster,

    yes, this incident does not per se discredit the community, but it will put it into an even more negative light.

    I don't know much about Entropy. Some months ago, though, someone forwarded me a copy of his ebook and asked me what I thought of it. The content seemed to be pretty okay, even though I found it somewhat vague at parts. Also, I disliked some overgeneralizations and the fact that he doesn't acknowledge that his good looks helped him a lot, while on the other hand making similar promises as the major players in the scene.

    I'm not surprised that Entropy has dropped "PUA" from his name because this title is seen as pretty weird by now and people associate nutcases in pink feather boas with it.

  8. Blackdragon,

    I didn't know you had a blog. I'll check it out.

    I agree with your comment. However, I still find your wording in the passage I quoted rather unfortunate.

  9. As far as I am concerned, if this Helter Skelter Looking, Social Misfit Piece of Shit Ever sees the light of day outside of that cage that he is in IT WILL BE TO SOON! I hope that he ROTS IN HELL Having his salad tossed by every hard core criminal who crosses his path. I find it hilarious that this hideous looking low life is giving advice on how to pick up women. It's laughable, I mean look at him, Clearly the only sex he is having is with his own hand and I am sure that even it is repulsed. I don't give a shit what your take is on this, what kind of a Miserable, Low Life Piece of shit shoots a 20 yr old girl [or anyone] in the face with a 357 from 3 ft away? Could there possibly be any justifiable reason for this? NO, there isn't..and there wasn't. This man, [and I use the term loosely since he clearly is NO MAN] shot her because she would not suck his dick as he so eloquently put it. Yea he is some pick up artist alright, because I literally know hundreds of women who like to be talked to like that and even hundreds more who actually respond to it. MY GOD... are there really others out there so pathetic that they actually listen to what he has to say? If so then my advice to you is to shoot yourself in the head right now because there is no hope for you OR FOR HIM. It is scary to me, having a daughter of my own even though she has much higher standards and much better taste than to ever have a thing to do with the likes of him., but knowing that there are animals like him walking around out there is hard to deal with. The young woman that this disgusting excuse for a human being shot is my niece. The pain and anguish that this man has caused her and my family is something most people can't even begin to imagine, but one thing is for sure and that is that there will be many more families who will have to experience this type of horrific ordeal if we do not make the people who do such things pay for their actions. Imagine if it were your own daughter, son, little sister, girlfriend or mother then you tell me what you think should happen to this person. It takes a very different type of person to be able to do something so cold and callous as this and I don't know about you but I would prefer that those type aren't allowed to walk the streets freely where other decent people and their children are. Hard to believe that we euthanize animals yet low life scum like him are somehow allowed to live freely amongst us. I feel nothing but RAGE and CONTEMPT for this self proclaimed pickup guru [what a joke] or Gunwitch or whatever he likes to call himself. I guess he will be getting a little dose of reality when some big black buck renames him in prison it will probably be something like GunBITCH. ROT IN HELL REYES YOU ARE EXACTLY WHERE YOU BELONG AND YOU ARE GOING TO BE THERE A VERY LONG TIME! If you are any decent human being you will say a prayer for my niece who still has a very long road to recovery ahead of her.

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  12. Look actually it all is about the "bad things" in the community. This is a fairly new business. There is no control what so ever.

    People are bashing a lot all the people who make a lot of money in this scene. Only if they provide you with what you want, it's okay.

    And then the other evaluation problem with this business is, it also depends of the motivation of the customer.

    It's like Weight Watchers. If you don't loose the weight. Weight Watchers is to blame? You don't carry some of the "weight?"

    From what I hear Gunwitch did a lot to help people for free. I think he actually earned the least of everyone who is in The Game.

    He could have been successful if had cooperated with guys like Frank Kern or Eben Pagan. And then he would have a lot of money, and maybe would not have shot Amber.

    Luckily Amber is okay.

    And the community will not have any problem with guys like Gunwitch.

    Some guys and girls in this time have difficulty to get together. Spite all the freedom, there always will be problems with relations between guys and girls. So this industry is here to stay.

    And at some time people will take on control, built schools, have certifications etc. Look at NLP (Richard Bandler was a suspect in murdering a woman too). It's all there.

    Give it time, the industry is like 6 years old or something. There always going to be more shit happening.

    Just like any other business who is not controlled by an indepedent council. And even then shit happens.

    So shit happens.


  13. I'm a bit shocked that he would do such a thing. But at the same time I don't think why we should hold PUAs to a higher standard than normal people. The community, though noble in purpose, is for the large part misguided. Getting more women into your life is not the goal. Becoming a man that naturally attracts more women into your life, is.

  14. youtube link deadski, good readski

  15. Aaron. You're a smart guy, but the stuff you're covering is so...2005. Natural game and the community being lame is over. We're over it. Move onto deeper issues and teach us some of the stuff you've learned in the last few years.

    1. So, the community isn't lame anymore?

      In 2008, routines were still all the rage (remember Mehow?), and there are still plenty of people spouting bullshit like "looks don't matter". Maybe give me some cues about those alleged "deeper concepts".

      A summary of what I learnt is contained in "Minimal Game", and one of the conclusion is that mainstream game is nonsensical and superfluous, if not counterproductive.

  16. RSD and simple pickup is basically mainstream game. Mostly it's be physically aggressive, in the moment, control ego, be natural, etc. I suppose a lot of guys still need to realize they're learning from recovering nerds and sociopaths, sure.

    The whole looks don't matter thing. I mean. Most dudes know when they're fat and ugly. But what should they do? Never approach a hot girl until they lose fifty pounds? I'm all about empowering men to take action, not make fun of internet memes.

    I'm glad you're fighting the good fight, I'm just not sure where you're going at this point.

    (Btw I do think the Gunwitch worship is retarded. All guru worship is retarded. He friggin shot someone. The dude shouldn't be teaching self help. Have you seen his home videos? WTF?)

    1. So, walking around in clown costumes in mainstream game?

      I don't like that you defend the "looks don't matter" bullshit line and calling it an "Internet meme". By not pointing out flaws to those people, you only feed their disillusions. What they have to do is get in shape and fix their lives (at the same time). If they just lost a few pounds, their "inner game" would take care of itself.

  17. Did you ever post an update/retract this slander since he ended up being released as it was actually in self-defense?

    1. I didn't follow this story for that much longer, but as far as I know it was never disputed that he
      a) shot that woman in the face
      b) went to prison

      What exactly did I miss?

  18. thank you for you posting this..amber is my sister and what gunwitch did to her is horrible. i can not believe he was let free. some day he will get what is coming to him and i hope he suffers like my sister has been since the night he decided to shoot her over him being denied by her.

  19. If you're really gettin' the junk, you aint having to bother marketing your bullshit to a bunch of online fan boy, obsessive compulsive types that aint got a clue and aint getting laid.

    This is why I exited the so-called PUA community. Didn't want it, didn't need it.

    Can a shooting really be that surprising?

    I'm just surprised he capped some chick and not some other guy trying to protect his turf.


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