Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Natascha isn't done with Justin Wayne yet either

Natascha, who uncovered Justin Wayne's evil scheme, has one more ace up her sleeve. In her most recent email, she shared with me the message that was sent out to the girls in the fake MTV group. As you can see, the women were deliberately misled. No matter how you want to view it, Justin Wayne looks incredibly bad. Calling him low-life scum would almost be a compliment.

Please note that the web address that was used for the organizer "Lisa Marie" (who may nor may not have been a real person) redirects to MTV.com.

Here is the domain information for MTVProject.com:
Ted St
New York, New York 10001
United States

Registered through: GoDaddy.com, LLC (http://www.godaddy.com)
Created on: 20-Mar-12
Expires on: 20-Mar-13
Last Updated on: 20-Mar-12
I'm sure MTV wouldn't be too pleased about this either. Some people claim that Justin Wayne was working for MTV. This may or may not be true, but if it's true, then it's even worse as he also gave his employer the finger with that move.

With this out of the way, let's move on to Natascha's email. "Subliminal" is an alias Justin Wayne/Marcus Nero used, in case you are wondering.

here is the email he sent to us, also I found three more girls on his websitle that where actually from my "mtv group", also I am not sure if Lisa Marie is a real person, but they created a email at  lisamarie@mtvproject.com, which has nothing to do with MTV:

Hey Ladies!

It's Lisa! I think we called most of you that is on this list. Some of you seem very nice and determined about your future careers! I love that.

Firstly, I want to say that I am VERY excited about this new Alternative Girl Group. There are no known alternative girl groups yet, and we will definitely stand out in the entertainment industry.

I spoke Subliminal, the main music producer, and he is also looking forward to creating music with unknown but raw talent. EVERYTHING will be further explained in the meeting. Manny Lal is also looking forward to the filming aspect!

Here is the information for the First Meeting.

1) We will speak to you about what we will do and how we will work together to develop the group which includes M.A.D.S ( Model's, Actresses, Dancers and Singers)

2) Have a song that you like so you can sing it. (if you are a singer) We will for dancers, walk with your own background music if necessary. For models, bring a portfolio of pictures if you have any. Our job is to develop your talent so do not worry about anything. For actors, Just walk with a simple script or impression. We w only want to preview about one minute for the acts. Again, no pressure ladies! Everything will be fine!

3) BE EARLY!!!!

4) Dress Code - wear what ever you feel, be you :)

5) In the building ,we are not allowed to have your friends in the hallways. So let them wait for you downstairs in the lobby.

6) Email me if you have any concerns that day. I will have my email connected to my iPhone so I will get messages instantly.
We begin at 8:30 pm

Ripley-Grier Booking Office
520 8th Avenue 16 FL
 New York, NY 10018

When you get there, there will be a front desk, you will see "MTV PROJECT GIRL GROUP".  You will find the elevator and go to the 16th floor and look for room  "16 J"

Subway 1,2, or 3, & A,C, or E to 34th Stop, at Penn Station.  Walk  to the building that says 520,  it is on 8th Avenue, between  36th  & 37th Street.

-Lisa-Marie. xoxo!

  Ripley-Grier Studios is a place where you can rent out rooms for various purposes. I've given a seminar there in 2010. The rooms are nice and clean, but one wonders why the girls didn't question this choice of venue. After all, why wouldn't MTV use it's own premises.

Natascha, if you want to share more information, then please tell us more about:
1) How Justin Wayne tried to fake authenticity. Did he use fake business cards, too?
2) How many people got suspicious?
3) Whether the girls were discussing that this was all a bit strange.
4) How the fake MTV group finally dissolved. Or was it still ongoing by the time you had sent me the first email?

Thanks again!


  1. Wow!! The email language was terrible. You could totally tell this guy was foreign. Work on your english Marcus Nero!!

    Agree with Ripley-Grier Studies, Sleazy. When I saw where the location was on the email a red flag came up since all the pick up guys use that studio in NYC for their seminars. It is funny though because MTV is located right in Time Square.

    I hope all these girls take legal action and MTV hears about this. I will actually find contacts at MTV now and let them know. I love ruining the life of a scammer that thinks he's a big swinging dick because he post pictures of girls on a website and says he fked them. Yea, Marcus Nero, you are so cool.

    Hey Natasha, can you show us some of the text messages he's sent you since all of this hit the fan? I love the community drama.

    Great job Sleazy.

  2. Someone needs to get in touch with

    Michael Fricklas
    EVP, General Counsel and Secretary at Viacom

    (Viacom is the parent company of MTV)

    Does anyone know this guy's email? Or what a general viacom or mtv email is?


    Or the Deputy General Counsel


    1. Does MTV have a contact form on their website, maybe some contact for their legal department? This might be all that's needed. Just make sure you point out clearly that someone is claiming to represent them and used his fake MTV association to have sex with girls. I'm sure MTV isn't too keen on publicity like that.

  3. Sleazy why you picking on Justin?compared too the other black gurus he's more, honest. Mode One is a cuckold, Steve Williams is a thief and Player Supreme is a fraud. Social Kennyata is the most honest black coach out, and he is writing a reveveloutionaray e-book

    Why not go for the big fish like Rooisy (moist)or Roosh (Douche)

    1. Are you completely stupid or what?

    2. What does being black have to do with anything, tard?

    3. It has everything to do with it because Aaron's not trying to get any other fraudulent scammers locked up. This is the only person he's trying to do some big action against - RETARD

    4. What kind of argument is this? I don't post this stuff about Justin Wayne because he is black but because he turned out to be a low-life scammer of ginormous proportions. Do you think I would have done anything differently if he was white?

  4. I just read the PUAhate thread where this is being talked about. It is amazing the level of delusion some people suffer from.

    There are people there who in spite of all this are defending this guy saying no, I still want to know how to do this. They are like, hey, at least he gets laid. We don't care how. That makes him awesome.

    Some guy is like one reason people are hating on him is because he is black. Another set of people are like I have tried lying to chicks but it doesn't work so easily. It takes a lot of skill to make such scams work.

    Some are defending him as he went through a phase of depression because he couldn't get chicks. So that justifies him doing whatever he did.

    One guy genuinely thought people should be willing to pay a few grand to learn how to make scams like this work so that he can get laid. Well, how about someone teaching you how to start a human trafficking business - Coz bro, that will get you laid a lot!

    1. I saw the thread, and I'd be more than surprised if some of the supporters weren't shills for "Justin Wayne". I haven't read all the comments, but it struck me as odd that two people who contributed a lot have created an account just for that reason. I bet Justin Wayne has a Google Alert and once he saw that thread, he tried to spin it in a more positive light.

  5. I think this is fucking great. I would so love it, if they were just a groupe of young guys. And just having some fun with the ladies. It's like an American Pie movie or something. Really I am giving him credits for this.

    For a commercial pua with some standards though this is much too dangerous a thing to do. Also your company could really be in trouble with this.

    I mostly do other things (pose as a journalist for instance) to get things for free in my private life, and be invited into VIP parties etc. As of now my limited fame as Dutch biggest pua gets me sometimes free drinks too.

  6. I got suspicious of him and the girls being fake when he had one girl in his bedroom and she said, 'you are so touchy, touchy.. lets just have sex.' totally, absurd. a girl jumps calling you out about being so touchy and then says... 'well then, lets just have sex.' poorly written script.


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