Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Justin Wayne has disappeared

A few people were quick to lash out at me about my last post, questioning the authenticity of the email I posted. One guy wrote:
Sounds like bs thus far. So a so called anonymous email arrives on the desk of the most anti Justin Wayne fan on the planet stating how Justin has been lying the whole time?......right

A few online pics with possible doctoration and we are supposed to believe it? Hmmm
Didn't sleazy pretty much state before that how Justin got the girls was over a span of several years? Hmmm

This So called Natasha is quite vague as well
And if it were that serious more details would have been provided.

Well folks, looks like the handy work of sleazy
Feel free to remain skeptical, but look what has happened in the meantime!

Justin Wayne's website: Gone.

Justin Wayne's blog: Gone.

Justin Wayne's YouTube account: Gone.

Someone apparently got cold feet. So, dear naysayers, how do you like them apples now?

But we're not done with Justin Wayne yet. Much more dirt has been uncovered. Stay tuned!

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