Thursday, October 9, 2014

Mailbag: A Quick Fix to Resolve Sexual Frustration

Some days ago I received an interesting comment on my post “Get out while you can”, which is a reminder that chasing tail isn’t healthy for you in the long run. You just won’t be a successful player in your 50s. At that age your chances of getting with women will be greatly influenced by your position in life, and many avenues where you could easily pull women won’t be accessible to you anymore.

I’m not going to make the claim that you have to settle down. It’s perfectly fine to realize that this whole “women thing” is vastly overrated, and focus on other goals in life. Your chances of being miserable surely increase a lot of you end up in an unhappy relationship, and considering how sky-high divorce rates are, that fate seems more likely than not.

But back to the comment I alluded to before! There was a lot in it, so let me go through it once by one:

Hm. What if you would not have "seen/done it all"?
What if you have never really become good? Would you still be chasing tail?

This question is addressed to me personally. Frankly, I’ve always held the belief that I was attractive, based on how women reacted to me. Arguably, this largely has to do with the fact that I’m 6’3”. I’d say that I’m different from most people because I feel very comfortable with myself, supremely even, and greatly enjoy my own company. I often notice that a lot of guys think that having a girlfriend, or just some woman every now and then, will somehow fix their life and make them happy. This most certainly doesn’t work because happiness starts with yourself.

Had this “women thing” turned out to be more work than fun, I’m quite confident that I would simply have gone back to the kind of life I had been living before, not unlike trying out some sport and realizing that it's not as fun as you thought it was.

Furthermore what do you think it would it have done to your self esteem and overall life confidence?

Nothing at all. I was perfectly happy without having women in my life. Before my metamorphosis to "Sleazy Rockstar",  I only viewed women as a distraction, which was the reason I didn't want to get involved with them. In fact, the main reason why I began chasing tail was that I was reevaluating some of my personal goals, which had the side effect that I suddenly felt as if I had a great deal of spare time. I won’t claim that my situation was unique, but it was certainly a rather uncommon one.
Don't get me wrong, I like your stuff very much and agree with you most of the time, but it is easy to say, this is all overrated, if you got yourself saturated, so to say.
Especially if you just have to pick up the phone to get laid.

That’s an interesting point. Yes, it’s fantastic if you have some girls on call for sexual services. However, any guy who is willing to pay for escorts gets the same, and with even less of a hassle. In both situations it's not as if you're interested in building much of a personal connection.

Due to my genetics, life circumstances etc. I will probably never get in a position where I will stop being at least to some degree sexually frustrated and feeling bitter about it.

It’s unfortunate that you think this way. However, to quickly get rid of your sexual frustration, all it takes is investing a few hundred dollars in escorts every once in a while. Since you seem to not have had much experience with women, they can’t have cost you a lot of money. Thus, we’re talking about a rather minor expense. If needed, just fuck two or three escorts on a long weekend, and you’ll see that sex is kind of nice, but probably not quite what you make it out to be. Oh, and relationships move past the honeymoon phase too, so don't delude yourself that it will be a constant high. It's easy for me to say, but I really don't think that you’re missing out on a lot. Why do you think wealthy and powerful men pay escorts? They could easily get laid otherwise, but apparently it’s not worth the hassle for them.


  1. I can attest to the effect of escorts. Years ago I got out of a long, unsatisfying relationship and took a trip to Amsterdam to quickly and easily have sex with a bunch of women to catch up on all the sex I felt I'd missed while I was with my girlfriend. I also hadn't slept with many people before starting to see her, so I felt this was a good way to make up for lost time, and a better use of my energy than going to a bunch of bars and trying to pull.

    Before going I fantasized about the dozen or more hot girls I'd get to sleep with during my week's stay. What actually happened? Slept with two window girls the first day. They were gorgeous. I was on top of the world. So far so good. Slept with another one on the second day. Felt pretty blase about it. Slept with one more on the third day, the hottest yet, and realized I had had my fill and gotten the need for new pussy out of my system. Felt no need to bang as many people as possible just because I could. Spent a pleasant rest of the trip relaxing and seeing the sights.

    1. Very true. Once you get rid of that sexual frustration, I find that you are more relaxed about life and women. Guys desperate for sex are a huge turnoff to women.

  2. Why do I have to pay for pussy? What about the poor guy who cannot afford to purchase said "commodity"? Women ignore and treat inexperienced men like trash. I see no reason to validate them by putting a price on their cunts.

    1. It's not that women ignore inexperienced men. They ignore men who lack good looks or don't have any money. Likewise, men tend to ignore women who don't look good enough. Welcome to reality.

  3. Hi Aaron, thank you very much for answering my comment! I really appreciate the fact, that you even took the effort to write a complete blog post while you're probably really busy with your new book.

    Let me just say, that I fully agree with the conclusions you drew. They are consistent with what you have written before in regards to this topic and if I so to speak had scratchted the sand out of my vagina I would have (roughfly) known, what you were going to answer me.

    I was just in a very whingy mood when writing this comment, due to some work related issues and other stuff.

    I'm still glad I asked you, because now I know for sure and in detail, what is your take on this.

    I have a few further somewhat related questions, but this time I'm going to use my own brain, before bothering you ;)

    Maybe I'll post them on your forum some time in the future, time will tell.

    I'm very glad I found your blog and forum as a source of anti-bullshit.

    It's a sad state of affiars, when you just can't find people in real life, that have a real clue about those topics.

    My friends and pretty much every man I know seem to stick at least to some degree to gynocentric belief sytems. I really can not hold a productive and honest conversation with any of them about women's (and men's) true nature and the real state of affairs.

    All this full grown men, that are either to dumb to see reality and/or to scared to face it! (I don't hate them though, far from it.)


    Once again: thank you very much! :)

    Looking forward to your 'dick questions' post by the way. (I was the anon with those 8 questions, too.)

    Brent (I forgot to 'sign' my last comments on your blog.)

  4. Johnny here. Visiting the blog after a long time! Great to see you still posting awesome stuff!

    To answer the OP, I am one of those guys who hasn't had as much success as I would have liked with women, a lot of it due to the fact that, a) I live in India which is a super conservative culture and b) I work a fair amount.

    I would definitely have preferred more success with women, but I have kind of done okay in this area. Having said that, I have definitely experienced more than an average guy, and definitely a lot more than most guys around me. I am in a serious relationship right now, and may even marry her soon.

    Sure, once in a while I see a guy I know with a super hot chick, or hear crazy sex stories of friends, I do feel, man, did I settle down too early, and maybe I missed out on things. This however is 1-2% of the time or even less. Most of the time, I am very content with my life, mainly because I like what I am doing with my life, and how things are placed - work wise, fitness, friends, girlfriend, and how I see my overall life evolve in the short to medium term.

    I really think it's kind of like a phase one goes through for a while - once you've seen and done a bit, as long as you creatively engaged in life in a broader sense, this won't be a problem. However, I do think one should give this one's best while you are at it.


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