Monday, October 31, 2011

Say, Sleazy, are you a Racist?

My piece on Vince Kelvin seems to be an evergreen, given how many hits I get for it. Unsurprisingly, though, his homeboys in SoCal weren't so pleased about it. After a few months, I finally have the time to respond to the absurd charge that I am a racist. But let's take on step at a time!

On the Casanova Crew message board, someone started a thread with the title Community Shock Jock Tries tooling CC Vince Kelvin. The charge is that even though "certain jokes about Vince Kelvins appearance are funny!!!" (Thanks!), my statement that he should "Go for women shorter and your own race" didn't find his approval.

Here's the corresponding picture from my post Vince Kelvin, the Joke is on you!:

...and another girl quickly makes up to have a boyfriend. She is wearing flat shoes and his still taller than Vince. (Quick tip: go for girls that have the same skin color and are shorter than you. Easily quadruples your success rate.)

So, this not only shows that I have neither used the word "race", even though it was implied, nor was my statement racist in any way. If you think that I am making a racist statement by saying that if you have a problem getting "a certain kind of girl", then you should look for ones more similar to you, then you are severely brainwashed by political correctness propaganda.

Fact is that your race plays a huge role in how attractive some women will perceive you. I've been told that a white guy only needs to have a pulse to get laid in Japan, for instance. On the other hand, a Mexican immigrant will usually find it more difficult to get laid in Los Angeles than the locals. As a foreigner, you often have a lower social status than the indigenous people, which is even true if you make more money than most because, like when you are an Indian programmer working as a quantitative trader for BAC.

Apart from some exceptions, like white guys in Japan (and even there it can be argued that it is the exception), girls generally look for guys their own race, and they also generally prefer guys to be taller than them. Thus, you really shot yourself in the foot if you, as a short white guy like Vince Kelvin, go after a tall black woman. It really is that simple. Common sense should lead to the same conclusion, because interracial couples are indeed the exception. Of course, if you are Seal or Ice-T, then those rules don't apply. For everyone who doesn't have a lot of money and/or status, which makes you more attractive in general, this won't work so well, though.

Feel free to call me a racist for pointing out the obvious. Alternatively, you can chose to accept reality and increase your odds by going after girls from your own race. Shit, now I've said the R-word...

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  1. Althought I have not been, I hear Black men tend to well in Japan as well. There is a book by a guy named Stefhen Bryan Called "Yellow Cab Black Passenger" where he talks all about it.He is an alledged serial suducer of Japanese women and is of Jamaican descent.


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