Monday, April 9, 2012

Illuminatus reviews Minimal Game

Illuminatus, whom you may know from Personal Power Mediation or as "Corvette" from the olden days of mASF recently wrote a lengthy review of Minimal Game. He does a systematic analysis of the content, but it's not dry at all. In fact, I did find some passages truly heart-warming, such as his statement that,
[t]he wisdom in this book is so simple, yet so accurate, that it is the sort of thing fathers should be telling to their sons when they come of age.

He furthermore gives an interesting guide on how to read the book, geared towards people who are frequent readers of self-help books. You could be forgiven for thinking that books in this genre are sold by the pound. Just have a look at the tomes Tony Robbins has put out. In this vein, Illuminatus advises:
I therefore urge anyone reading this book, especially newcomers to seduction, to take their time and really consider each point Sleazy discusses. It is all too easy when reading a self-help book to skim a paragraph, think “I’ve already got this area handled”, and move on without really looking into whether or not this is the case. I have to make this point quite clear, because I have met up with several guys from the seduction community in the past and commonly found that each guy has at least one basic area where they are simply not doing what they are told.
If you have some spare minutes, I can only encourage you to have a look at Illuminatus's review of Minimal Game , and if it piques your interest, I would of course appreciate if you bought a copy for yourself, if you haven't already done so.

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