Friday, April 2, 2010

The Seven-Hour Rule

[This is an excerpt from the current draft of my upcoming free ebook "Debunking the Seduction Community".]
I've read field reports from guys who had a girl in their bedroom dripping wet, but didn't fuck her because they didn't want to break the 7 hour rule and have "fool's mate". Mystery is by far the worst guru in my opinion.---PUA Comic

I agree that the notion of “fool's mate” and the idea that it takes “7 hours” to have sex with a women are both utterly bizarre. First of all, spending that much time with a woman without having sex will lead to many problems Mystery Method specifically addresses, like so-called “last minute resistance”, i.e. the guy suddenly suprises the girl with the fact that he actually has a dick after firmly placing himself in the friend zone by “building comfort” for hours upon hours.

In fact, you can have sex with women much, much quicker. My personal best is under five minutes, and it was a regular club, not a sex party or in a swinger club. I have had plenty of hook ups in which I got my dick wet in much less than fifteen minutes, and I kept seeing a relatively high percentage of those women. My personal experience, as well as the experiences of every successful guy I know, therefore undermines the notion of “solid game” as opposed to fool's mate. So, if you happen to end up with a girl in front of you that is dripping wet and waiting for you to put it in, you better do so. You don't want to be the guy that turns down sex because he doesn't want to violate a random “rule” some guy from the internet pulled out of his (furry) hat.


  1. Is there a rational behind the 7 hours rule or did he just pull it out of his ass? Some other concept have a rational and make sense in some way, but this one is very weird. I don't have a lot of experience (2 girlfriends and 1 one night stand but i'm still at school), but it seems very long. If you talk to the girl at 8 pm you had to wait 3 am. Even if the girl is interested, how do they fill the void? Are they just talking to her and buy her drinks all that time?

    The only way it make sense is if one of the two can't or don't want to have sex the first night but want to date after. But in that case you don't need a rule because you see her days after the first contact. The only way you can stay with someone for that long is you are with a friend or someone you are already in couple with. Is the last minute resistance the outer hedge of the friendzone?

    1. The claim was that it's seven hours in total, which can of course be divided over several days. Anyway, it's complete nonsense, designed to appeal to guys with OCD.


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