Saturday, October 30, 2010

Who needs long term coaching the most?

...of course the pick up coach, not the client!

It's no secret that the seduction industry has become more competitive. The cake is not only getting smaller, there are more and more people wanting to stuff their mouths. It's actually surprising that this industry is still around. Well, the writing is on the wall. For instance, as one of my sources recently reported, the "number one pick-up artist in the US" has to frequently cancel boot camps due to a lack of interest. This means that not a single guy was willing to pay, because as soon as one dude shows up, the other spots will be filled with "approach coaches" and other hopefuls ("interns") who love to attend free of charge. More on that maybe some other time.

In an attempt to milk the market more, some guys come up with creative ideas, such as long term coaching. Recently, I stumbled upon a message on Facebook by "Psych PUA".  This guy is a virtual unknown and the only reason I am writing this post is that he has had a support role in two previous blog posts, namely:

Bad Bootcamp led to Physical Attack by Instructor
Bad Bootcamp led to Physical Attack by Instructor (II)

Yeah, it was that kind of incident:

Nice treatment if you pay for something! Again, greetings to "Nathan PUA" from New York City for his fine and well-mannered behaviour. This reminds me that I have to check up with ForeverDrake, the author of those two posts, whether he has actually pressed charges against Nathan for this act of violence.

Another reason for this post is that I like some continuity. Psych likes continuity too, but it should consist of some poor saps money straight into his bank account. His idea was long term coaching via Skype. This has the added benefit that the student has a very low risk of physical harm, at least not directly. (There are some funny stories floating around of guys who got punched during boot camps, though.)

Thus, one fine day Psych posted the following on his Facebook page. Please note that this is publicly available, so don't pester me with wisecrack comments about not respecting other people's privacy.

Look how he has adopted his spelling to his audience. This post wasn't really noteworthy and it apparently didn't lead to a great response, which was why Psych tried again some hours later. This time I chimed in. Please note that he is "becoming more and more convinced", whereas logic somehow makes me think that if he wants to sell his services he should convince others. Some of his shills quickly supported him, though:

 I don't like when people salivate, which prompted my response. My comment quickly drew two "likes". Someone should tell the shills to at least support themselves because it would make them looks less bad. But please read on for a lesson in critical thinking:

Fun times, that's for sure. It is very unfortunate that Maxwell deleted his statement between my two responses. In it, he claimed that I was insecure because I attacked others and that I shouldn't put down people who want to follow their dreams. Well, my comments apparently stirred Maxwell up. He was either deeply disconcerted or got told by Psych to chime in again. Check the time stamps:

This lesson in viral marketing gone wrong concludes today's post. But please stay tuned, I've come across some more bizarre stuff lately.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Stephen Nash says, "Get a dog!"

Blog reader JCZ commented on the first of two recent posts on Tyler/Owen Cock Cook, pointing out another utterly bizarre example of a lame guy playing guru. It is Stephen Nash who, if I recall correctly, was mentioned in Neil Strauss' horrible The Game (as PlayboyLA). In this book, he is revered for his ability to "get a girlfriend". But it's the mere fact that he has a girlfriend that makes the other "gurus" admire him. Some people really should have had a look around and then asked themselves how rare it really is that a guy and a girl get into a relationship. To me it seems to be the norm, but not for the community and apparently it's not normal in the mind of Stephen Nash either. Heck, he even got what must be the creepiest URL ever:

...and I thought Ross Jeffries was marketing to the lowest of the low.

Here's Stepen Nash's revolutionary video, in which he tells you that you should get a dog:

JCZ wrote:

"Mystery may have magic tricks, but Stephen Nash has the only perfect dog, Magic."

Did he just admit to naming his dog Magic, so he could make commercial advantage by setting himself apart from Mystery in a cheap way?


"Guys, you want to get laid? Get yourself a dog."

The innocent bystander will now probably think we're talking bestiality here.

Outright hilarious is when he tells us he wanted to honor 'guru' Eben Pagan by putting some plant somewhere behind him, placed so that it seems to be growing from his own head (probably not intended, as to me ridiculing _oneself_ seems to miss the point of honoring David D.).

Of course, Stephen goes on to present his "plan B", which is this 11-bullet-point-list on how to be awesome (a.o. to treat others with respect, just like he is treated like that by his women; one second later his dog, which as he points out is a girl, is seen walking over his nice white couch). By then I'm already skipping through the clip because otherwise I'd fall asleep fairly soon.

Anyway, just thought I'd show you this as yet another example of silliness in the "seduction community".

If you find more creepiness, just let me know. I'll gladly post anything that makes me shake my head in disbelief or has me laughing in tears like Tyler's recent performance. But don't worry, RSD fans, I'm just thinking negatively. :P

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A Tribute to Tyler from RSD

I really can't believe how anyone (!) can take Owen Cook aka. Tyler aka. TylerDurden from RSD aka. Real Social Dynamics seriously. Here are some highlights from the video I mentioned recently. This guy is so absurd that he deserves a prize for being the creepiest guy on the Internet.

I know, my mom told me to not mock fun at people but, honestly, in the case of Owen Cook probably even Gandhi, Mother Theresa, and Jesus himself would have made an exception.

Look at him in all his glory:

Tyler knows Kung Fu.

He can even fight while holding his phone.

Simulating how you would penetrate your phone with your fingers.

I think he is talking about 9/11.

Greeting some one from very far.

Making the "wanker" gesture,

Everything is easy, Tyler.

That's him in a club. Too bad nobody told him that grabbing a girl by the shoulder is just odd.

Jeepers! The police is coming after him.

Fondling imaginary breasts.

Yeah, got it!

Seriously, WTF!? This must be the "claw" Ozzie always talks about.


Watch out!

Staring at some girl's cleavage.

Come closer, baby!

Shoot! He got slapped.

But that's fine. Tyler can laugh about everything. Probably even himself.

Aw, now he has cr*pped his pants.

...which really pisses him off. Mommy!!

F*ck! She's in Canada and I'm in LA. What do I do now!?

I know, I act as if I am an 80 year old senile, which makes it perfectly fine!

See, no problemo!

Hahaha, I'm so smart!

See, I'm even smarter and better looking than Golum.

If this isn't blue screen then I don't know what is! Everything is sharp except Tyler (no pun intended; oh, wait...).

Praising himself.

Just look at the way he is touching her. That's totally creepy.

"Yeah, Sleazy, maybe you are right and I am a dork."

"But please don't tell anyone. Promise?"

"Really, Sleazy, from now on I'll try to be 'normal'".

"What, you don't believe me? Sleazy, you are really starting to p*ss me off!!!"

"Sh*t, I've lost the plot again."

Honestly, Tyler reminds me of a certain vicar I used to know.

OK, glasses, receding hairline, double chin, superman cape, what else do you need to pick up girls!?

Uncle Tyler wants you to join RSDNation!

Or else!!

Or else!!!!!!

No, don't worry about him.


Sh*t, he's hit himself.

Sucks to be you, Tyler.

Yeah, I know, but I can't change it.

Again, blue screen or I'll eat my hat.

It looks funnier this way, though.

Tyler mimicking a 12 year old girl.

Don't be pissed at me, Tyler. I'm just playing.

Now where are the cakes to throw at him?

Hahahaha! (holding camera)

Conducting an orchestra with his left hand while texting.

Sucking some imaginary c*ck.

Yeah, we got you, Tyler. You're da man!

I don't worry about Real Social Dynamics anymore. Once they go out of business, Tyler will storm the stages of Las Vegas. This guy is a first rate comedian. Too bad he's working in the wrong industry.