Saturday, October 30, 2010

Who needs long term coaching the most?

...of course the pick up coach, not the client!

It's no secret that the seduction industry has become more competitive. The cake is not only getting smaller, there are more and more people wanting to stuff their mouths. It's actually surprising that this industry is still around. Well, the writing is on the wall. For instance, as one of my sources recently reported, the "number one pick-up artist in the US" has to frequently cancel boot camps due to a lack of interest. This means that not a single guy was willing to pay, because as soon as one dude shows up, the other spots will be filled with "approach coaches" and other hopefuls ("interns") who love to attend free of charge. More on that maybe some other time.

In an attempt to milk the market more, some guys come up with creative ideas, such as long term coaching. Recently, I stumbled upon a message on Facebook by "Psych PUA".  This guy is a virtual unknown and the only reason I am writing this post is that he has had a support role in two previous blog posts, namely:

Bad Bootcamp led to Physical Attack by Instructor
Bad Bootcamp led to Physical Attack by Instructor (II)

Yeah, it was that kind of incident:

Nice treatment if you pay for something! Again, greetings to "Nathan PUA" from New York City for his fine and well-mannered behaviour. This reminds me that I have to check up with ForeverDrake, the author of those two posts, whether he has actually pressed charges against Nathan for this act of violence.

Another reason for this post is that I like some continuity. Psych likes continuity too, but it should consist of some poor saps money straight into his bank account. His idea was long term coaching via Skype. This has the added benefit that the student has a very low risk of physical harm, at least not directly. (There are some funny stories floating around of guys who got punched during boot camps, though.)

Thus, one fine day Psych posted the following on his Facebook page. Please note that this is publicly available, so don't pester me with wisecrack comments about not respecting other people's privacy.

Look how he has adopted his spelling to his audience. This post wasn't really noteworthy and it apparently didn't lead to a great response, which was why Psych tried again some hours later. This time I chimed in. Please note that he is "becoming more and more convinced", whereas logic somehow makes me think that if he wants to sell his services he should convince others. Some of his shills quickly supported him, though:

 I don't like when people salivate, which prompted my response. My comment quickly drew two "likes". Someone should tell the shills to at least support themselves because it would make them looks less bad. But please read on for a lesson in critical thinking:

Fun times, that's for sure. It is very unfortunate that Maxwell deleted his statement between my two responses. In it, he claimed that I was insecure because I attacked others and that I shouldn't put down people who want to follow their dreams. Well, my comments apparently stirred Maxwell up. He was either deeply disconcerted or got told by Psych to chime in again. Check the time stamps:

This lesson in viral marketing gone wrong concludes today's post. But please stay tuned, I've come across some more bizarre stuff lately.


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  2. I think I know who Nathan Pua is. I think I met him just never really took him seriously to pay him to coach me.
    I met Psych in NY and he was ok. he was giving sexual escaltion in Adams bc.

    anywyas I agree with you sleazy...

    Guys saying "you need this" "longterm coaching"

    I say guys you need to be yourself...period.

    A personal trainer once told me similar yeah you need more hours during the week. I was already doing 3-4 times a week...half hour and he was trying t get me to pay more money so I backed off abit and he came to his senses that Im not BS.

    The puagurus and even this asshole personal trainer didint give me a valid answer why i should.

    Pasychs comments just says "im convinced guys...its the way to go" ....translation followup : for me to get money, Im really desperately broke I need a sugar daddy for LIFE! LOL!

    he has a youtube video where he acts kindah gay thinking he is a male stripper he acts like a gay stripper.LMAO.

    Sleazy post more shite like this to knock em out the field bro.

  3. Sandros,

    thanks for this comment. I do agree that personal trainers and any kind of life coach/pickup instructor share many uncanny similarities. Heck, I even know one or two guys who are both personal trainers and pua coaches.

    About two times in my life I thought about joining a gym. It's also funny how this works: they give you a tour, show you the facilities, and then I think loudly whether the fees would be worth it. Then you get some bullshit along the lines that machines are so much better (when in fact free weights are much more useful) and classes so important for your motivation. One gym had some very nice facilities like a sauna, but of course it turned out to be the much better deal to just go to a dedicated sauna, much cheaper and better.

    In short: I consider the fitness industry about as scammy as the pickup industry, and I haven't even talked about supplements and their harmful side effects. (A good resource, though, is Scooby's website, which I have linked to the right.)

    BTW, I do have more stuff in the pipeline. One of my next pieces will be on Ross Jeffries. I think you'll like it.

  4. Actually has been doing the long term coaching thing before it was even popularized by the Seduction Community. They already stated that PUA weekend bootcamps were a fraud and exposed many phonies in the SC..


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