Friday, November 23, 2012

Fix Your Posture in Five Minutes Per Day

In my first yoga session ever, some time in 2006 or 2007 in London, the teacher began with what looked like an amazingly simple pose. It was the so-called Mountain Pose. All it requires you to do is put your feet together and stand upright. You stick your chest out, pull your shoulders back and keep your chin straight. We were supposed to do this for a couple of minutes.

I have been doing sports for many years, which meant that at this point in my life posture was no longer an issue for me. However, the same was not true for many of the people around me. For some, ADHD probably made the Mountain Pose even more challenging for some, but the main issue was of a different nature. Some girls were complaining that it was "difficult" to stand still for so long and keep the balance. One guy had to remark that his shoulder would hurt, and finally someone complained that it felt "unnatural" for him to stick his chest out. It was a pretty average beginners' class.

Our teacher took a long hard look at us. If he thought that some of us were pathetic, he surely didn't let them notice. Yet, he reminded us that modern life was "unnatural" and would lead us to "get out of touch with our true self". This is typical yoga new-age mumbo jumbo. But then he said something I found quite impressive:

"All I am asking you to do is stand tall, like humans are supposed to stand. If this is difficult for you, then you might want to think about how, quite literally, move through your life."

Monday, November 5, 2012

Roosh Spends Two Weeks In Canada, Can't Get Laid

Mace, a member of my forum, compiled statements of Roosh's current failed sex-trip to Canada. He dug up the quotes, I am merely reproducing them here.

Roosh in Montreal:
The pressure of these flag missions is getting high. If I get the flag it's no big deal, because I'm supposed to. But if I don't, then that's a pretty big failure. I will admit that the pressure does drive me. My first month in Croatia there was no pressure since I knew I was staying long. 

Still trucking along. Day game is much easier in cafes than the street. Night is okay. The ratios aren't bad, but huge social circles are killing me. 
I don't know... I think I've lived in EE for too long to enjoy this city. It feels like Sweden to me (but with thinner girls). Being an American really isn't a DHV, so my labor is quite high. 
[Note: In Sweden you have to make an effort to spot overweight girls. This reminds me of the vitriol he spewed about Denmark. Just because Roosh doesn't get laid doesn't mean that the women aren't hot. However, it means that Roosh will invariably speak badly of a those countries.]
I'm also not used to the heavy intoxication level. Lots of girls can't keep it together, so the social circle babysits them. I was doing okay with a French girl last night, but she abruptly left to go puke. I pretended I didn't know her. 

She had a cute face but was really heavy. She was the biggest girl in the bar.
There are a lot of good looking girls though. It's mostly a matter of access. Lots of mixed set groups. 

Well I'm pretty aggressive/fast with my game so I doubt that's the problem. My sample size is also small (one weekend) so I don't want to make any grand conclusions. It just wasn't as easy off the plane as the US or Scandinavia.
I can't say being American helped. They see the French culture as superior, so I felt it was more a hurdle (that I easily overcame) than a benefit.
I'm liking Canada overall, but it's very expensive. I feel I'm not getting much value for what I'm spending. 
Roosh in Toronto:

Tonight was a massacre. 
Quality was lowest of all three nights, but it was most crowded. I got cockblocked on 80% of my approaches. I semi-suited up tonight. Still almost no eye contact. 5's are very thirsty. They smile and want to talk. They half-approach you. The occasional 7 is open. You have to find her. If you do 5-10 approaches a night on 7s you'll find one that is down until you get cockblocked.
 Are you guys getting ONS's in Toronto? I don't see it. The social groupings are tough to crack. Most girls are overweight. I don't believe it sucks this bad for a city this big. The type of bars I went to should have open girls who want to fuck. But girls are doing their thing and then they all hop in cabs. They seem to be more excited about eating after the bar than getting with dudes. Montreal girls are hotter AND nicer AND easier to escalate with. Compared to Toronto it's poosy paradise. I came here with an open mind, I swear, but it's pretty bad.

Another thing I noticed that if you utter one lame joke or say something that can be construed as sexist, the girl is disgusted and walks away. You need 100% perfect game, no mistakes. In the US I could get away with a lot more than in Toronto. It's almost like Scandinavia. Last night I said "I like feminine women" and the girl (a 6) got offended and went back to her huge group (at least six people). 
At one point in the night I was standing in a packed bar and thought, "This is just pointless." Now I know what the PUAs I saw at Madison was approaching like monkeys. That seems to be what you got to do here.

It's 11:25. I've been ready to go out the past 30 minutes but I'm having trouble making it to the door. A man can only take so much abuse in one weekend.

I can say that girls in Montreal were slightly more impressed that I was American than girls in Toronto. In Toronto they were more antagonistic about it, asking me about the presidential election. Two girls asked me who I was voting for, and before I could answer they said something to the effect of, "If you say ROmney, I'm walking away."
Mace finally asks, "So a guy whose dedicated all his adult life to picking up women can't get laid in 2 weeks in Canada. How bad is Roosh's game?"

Roosh not only has bizarre ideas about game. If he's doing better in poorer countries, it's only because he's seen as the "rich American", while in all well-off countries, the women don't seem to take him seriously at all. This then leads to Roosh bashing those countries. I wonder whether he'll write "Don't Bang Canada", just because he himself can't get laid there.

Assanova chimed in with the remark, "I think it has less to do with game, and more to do with the absurd standards of North American women. It is outright brutal for any guy that isn't at least an 8. I think it's time for the gurus to finally admit that game means absolutely nothing if your looks aren't top notch."

Indeed, the looks department holds Roosh back, in addition to his unawareness of differences in subcultures. To him, it's either mainstream or "hipster", and any finer distinction he seems to be completely oblivious to. Of course, this doesn't make him popular with the ladies either.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Rest in Peace, Manosphere (Guest Post by Shackleford)

Roughly a decade ago, some anonymous guy started a blog called The DC Bachelor. He lived a typical Washington DC life: 9-5 job, then bar hopping in DuPont Circle and Adams Morgan trying to pick up girls. He claimed to have extraordinary success with women, but there was little evidence that he was doing better than the average guy living the same lifestyle. The blog itself was mostly standard Mystery Method game philosophy in a re-packaged form, but it had an interesting distinction: the inclusion of heavy scare tactics regarding uber-alpha male boogeymen. If you did not imitate the dominant behavior of these men, the DC Bachelor maintained, then you are a beta.  And if you are a beta, then you would lose out in the competition for women against this alpha man.