Saturday, December 31, 2011

Last Minute Tips for New Year's Eve

Many of you probably can't resist the urge to go out tonight, and indeed, new year's eve is quite possibly the easiest day to get laid in the entire year (the few days before Valentine's Day are normally very good, too, but those girls are often hell-bent to have a "boyfriend" for Valentine's so that they don't feel sorry about themselves. In the US, Halloween is also great, but it's less so in Europe.) 

Friday, December 30, 2011

About Models and "Models"

In a discussion of "Krauser PUA", neparlepas from my forum posted a screenshot from a video that guy posted, in which he claimed to "pick up" (getting a flaky phone number?) two Estonian "models." I've discussed "Krauser PUA" before, and I've thoroughly rebuked him on my forum, when he wanted to get kudos for banging a girl exactly once after investing a serious amount of time and money. Here's my money quote:
I have just skimmed your report of the pick-up, and I wasn't surprised that it took you quite a long time to actually bang her. You mentioned five dates with nothing happening except some finger-banging, and that you meet up with her in Turkey after a few months, while having Skype contact from December to March. And in the end you only fuck her once.
Doesn't this strike you as slightly uneconomical?
Krauser PUA didn't show his face on my forum ever again afterwards. He's probably too busy picking up "models" in former communist countries. But what's wrong with picking up "models" you may now ask? Well, here's a picture of one of the "models" Krauser PUA boasts having picked up on YouTube:

As you can readily see, the issue is simply that the label "model" is used in such an inflationary fashion that it makes Rudolf Havenstein look like a choir boy. Neparlepas analyzed it this way:

If the two girls on the Youtube video are models, then im Brad Pitt. It seems to me that when a self-described PUAs start having a modicum of success with non-fat girls sporting blond hair&blue eyes, the change is so dramatic, they are automatically labeled models. 
Indeed, "PUAs" throwing around the word "models" is nothing new. Part of it is just juvenile boasting, but the label "model" is much more problematic. When a girl tells me she's a model, I usually just laugh. Given that I have never bumped into women like Adriana Lima, I have every right to. If she can actually live off her modeling, then she's a model. If not, then not. On a side note, I can call myself an author because I have written a couple of books, and even though I am not Hemingway, I can at least show those works to people. On the other hand, what does a "model" who gets booked twice a year for two or three years of her life, until she's deemed too old, really achieve besides some ego stroking? I used to do live modeling, but I never defined myself through it, and certainly not the same way some of the "models" in New York or London do. They may do some modeling from time to time, but they certainly aren't models.

I know how to move chess pieces, but would I care calling myself a chess player? Magnus Carlsen surely is in an entire different league, and this would still be true if I had an ELO rating of 2,500. By the same logic some women dare to call themselves "models", and "PUAs" fantasize about "pulling models" (i.e. non-fat girls who don't even call themselves "models"), I could easily construct my live to be one of a superstar. After all, I hang out with "publishers", "models", "singers", "basketball players", "pianists", "painters", and "philosophers" all the time.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

If you are Batting 0.001

Recently, a guy on my forum, Warped Mindless, pointed me towards a post on RSD Nation that made me shake my head in disbelief. It was about some dude celebrating himself for approaching over 1,100 women and getting laid exactly once. He also mentions two blow jobs, but something tells me that this probably wasn't quite the kind performance you witness in your favourite POV porn clips.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Guest Post: Introduction of Anthony Myers

As I have recently announced, Anthony Myers from will contribute to this blog. In this post, he tells you about his background and gives an overview of his knowledge. In subsequent posts, he'll give you practical advice on improving your health and fitness.

My name is Anthony Myers. I'm a formerly fat, asthmatic, socially awkward, wannabe professional gamer (Yes, seriously.) My former self would rather be alone than risk embarrassing myself by approaching a girl. Aaron has allowed me to be a guest posted on his website so I can share with you my story, and also teach you how I changed myself for the better.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Upcoming Guest Poster: Anthony Myers from

After my Reddit Q&A, Anthony Myers from Muscle Class contacted me. He liked my position on "game," and I found his view on working out very reasonable. Since he was looking to broaden his exposure, and I got the impression that you guys will learn a lot from him as well, it seemed a good idea to bring him on board as a guest poster.

You will very soon be able to read his introduction. This will be followed by a concise series of posts on effective fitness routines. The working title for this is "The Minimal Game of Working Out." Obviously, it doesn't make much sense to devote a large bulk of one's spare time to either fitness or picking up girls, so if you like my no-nonsense approach to pulling girls, you'll surely find Anthony's guide helpful to. Afterwards, Anthony will post on health and fitness topics, regularly with a connection to "game."

Look forward to it!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Final Word on Height

I get annoyed when people try to attack me for my "negativity" when I tell them that height matters a great deal. Yes, if you you are short, you shouldn't be afraid of "cheating" by wearing shoes with a (slight) heel, and possibly height-increasing soles. After all, many women were heels as well. This strategy, however, is limited, and if you think you could gain some more inches by artificial means, then I'm sorry to tell you that doing so will completely mess up your proportions. In this post I thus want to present some strategies for successfully dealing with the issue of height, if it is a concern for you.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Improving the Reward to Effort Ratio

Johnny, a reader of my blog, brought up some interesting points in reply to my post Q&A Afterthoughts.
I feel day game in general has very low reward to effort ratio. Street game is just downright pathetic in this regard. I was initially sold on the idea that not every chick goes to bars/clubs but everyone definitely has to, say, do grocery shopping. Very quickly, after getting my first 10-15 numbers (and all of them flaked), I realized that it is a complete waste of time. You have zero control over the variables involved.
I completely agree with this statement. What is particularly questionable about street game is that you often can’t even make a good guess about basic compatibility because most people have to dress in a certain way for work. Obviously, you’ll do a lot better if you are able to style yourself for a particular audience.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Review: Models by Mark Manson

I am not quite sure why Mark Manson decided to call this book Models as it is neither about that category of woman nor about presenting role models. The subtitle  A Comprehensive Guide to Attracting Women is much more fitting though, and Models succeeds in what it sets out to do. It is an okay guidebook that offers some interesting insights to the average reader.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011 Q&A Afterthoughts

Despite my expectations of having to battle hordes of guru fanboys and people who were otherwise deluded, like proponents of "indirect game," it turned out that after having thoroughly rebuffed two guys, the others remained in the woodwork.

The range of questions was indeed interesting, covering more than you'd expect. Starting from factors that generally improve your level of success with women and discussing particulars of effective approaches, people went on to pick my brain on topics such as sexual tension, Zen meditation, and how the contemporary social climate in Western societies makes men systematically emasculates men.

If you haven't checked out the Q&A thread with me on Reddit, then please go ahead and do so. You'll surely get a lot out of it!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Minimal Game now also available for Kindle

I have received a lot of requests for an electronic release of Minimal Game. Even though I wrote that I would publish it in Amazon's Kindle in early 2012, people just kept emailing me about it. After over two dozen requests I realized that the interest was apparently greater than I thought, so I made the Kindle version a top priority. The conversion went a lot smoother than I had imagined, and Minimal Game is now already available for the Kindle.

You can buy it on,,, and any other international Amazon website.

You can read Kindle ebooks not only on Kindle readers, but also on the following platforms with the free Amazon's Kindle reader software: iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch), PC, Mac, Blackberry, Android, Windows Phone 7.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Q&A on Reddit next Thursday

I will do a Q&A session on Reddit (a so-called AMA) next Thursday. The exact time is: December 8th, at 6 pm Eastern time.

The announcement was posted some hours ago, and you can file questions as comments to the thread. There is already one great question on there about how to find out what really works, which should be very illuminating. Also, some community nerds are jumping on the thread already, so this Q&A session should indeed be great fun.

So, either participate yourself by posting your question in the comments within the next few days, or join me over there next week and watch me slaughter the RSD and MM fanboys one after another.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Review: Freedom Twenty-Five: A 21st Century Man’s Guide to Life by Frost

Maybe you are familiar with Frost. He blogs on Freedom Twenty-Five about his attempt to find meaning in a world without. Having given up his well-paid government job, he nowadays resides in some Third World paradise. Freedom Twenty-Five: A 21st Century Man’s Guide to Life is his first book, and the title is more than fitting. It was released today and is available on Amazon as a paperback and in an electronic version for their Kindle ebook reader.

Frost challenges us to cut the bullshit from our lives, escape our mundane existence, and find ourselves. He himself hasn’t found all answers to the questions that were pressing him either, but he is able to share a tremendous amount of insight in this short book. The review is long and detailed, but if you trust my judgment without reading it, or you simply belong to the “tl; dr generation”, I’ll tell you straight away that I highly recommend this book. It may well be the best investment you have made all year long.