Wednesday, December 28, 2011

If you are Batting 0.001

Recently, a guy on my forum, Warped Mindless, pointed me towards a post on RSD Nation that made me shake my head in disbelief. It was about some dude celebrating himself for approaching over 1,100 women and getting laid exactly once. He also mentions two blow jobs, but something tells me that this probably wasn't quite the kind performance you witness in your favourite POV porn clips.
Just witness the absurd level of delusion you must have to write something like this:
My 1000th post will be about my background, my journey and about where I am at. Maybe it will inspire some of you guys to take action.
...and this:
Whenever i feel a bit down or frustrated i just remember what Jeffy told me, something along the lines that I am going to be a beast at the age of 25 and that I got the leverage.
Sure, dude, and when I'm forty, I'll have ten billion dollars in the bank.

I don't want to bash this poor dude too much, but seeing that he gets congratulated by a myriad of people who tell him that he is an "inspiration" is beyond belief. If anything, it tells you how little the average guy on RSD Nation actually gets laid. Warped Mindless offered constructive criticism, but was called a "hater" instead.

Frankly, having to approach over a thousand woman only to yield this kind of results is pathetic, and even if your ratio is ten times better (i.e. one in a hundred), it's still phenomenally bad. In this case, I can only advise you to take a break from pickup and focus on literally every other area in your life. If you fare that poorly, then something is seriously wrong about either you or the situations you put yourself in.

Further, it shouldn't take you much to realize that whatever you are doing is completely wrong. Just compare it to any other field. Let's say you've started working out, and after ten months in the gym you still haven't gained a single pound. What do you do then? Do you keep doing what you are doing, or figure that there must be better way (because it can hardly be any worse)?

I don't want to calculate how many hours this guy has "invested" into pickup, but just a small fraction of this spent on working out would have gotten him in much better shape. Further, he seems to view his time as nearly worthless. Let's assume that he spent over 500 hours "in field." Even if he valued his time at a mere $1 an hour, the outcome is ridiculous, and the price he's paying for pussy is laughable.

There is only one solution: Take a break, and get your head straight.


  1. Couldn't agree more....

  2. This problem is extremely rampant through out the community. The notion of reward to effort ratio is simply non existent.

    I took a boot camp with who I thought was one of the better coaches (listed on your links). When I was not getting anywhere after maybe a couple of hundred approaches, he told me to just keep going and that one day something will click and things will suddenly be easier without offering any more specific feedback.

    All the while I was doing this, it never felt right and then I just stopped. I did what you suggested - took a break from girls for a while. That is when I realized a lot of the stupidity and decided to go back to very basics.

    This coach also told me to do a 30 day challenge and told me about how he practically went out every night and many days for almost 3 years. Again, why would anyone do such a thing is now completely beyond me.

    The stupidity of people will never cease to amaze.

  3. Aaron : Looks like good material for updates of your work ''Debunking..''. People who still haven't given up on their religion called Mystery Method.

    Getting out there and being a badass like Humprey Bogart will get far better results than repeating stupid lines. There will always be people that believe in a magical lines.

    Luckily we got guys like you who cut the crap. You got my head fixed to back to what I was before I read fictional books like the Game.

    By the way, what do you think of the work Mode One of Roger Alan Currie? I would like to get your opinion on that one.

  4. There are a lot of threads like this in RSDnation, but once upon a time you can stumble upon smth like this
    I can't really believe in what this guy is doing. But maybe it is possible? That if you are dominant , crazy , sexual girls want to get into bed with you right off the bat? Maybe it is smth about him? His appearance? I consider him average/ not bad-looking. He takes a lot of photos and in other threads (when he went to Australia) he even made video-blog so you can see for yourself how crazy he is.

  5. Sad story... Being blown out 30 times in a row, ouch! Surely he does _something_ awfully wrong, because that doesn't even happen to me, and I'm nowhere near being a PU guru or something alike.

  6. Johnny,
    who was the guy you took a bootcamp with?

    I've recently started sifting through the huge amount of material I've either personally collected after releasing "Debunking", or have received from other people. I can't make any promises yet, but if things work out, I'll release an update of this book.

    I haven't read Mode One, but there seems to be an overlap between my readers and followers of Roger Alan Currie. Thus, there must be some similarities, at least on an abstract level.

    that's an interesting guy. I've only skimmed the thread, and had a peek at one video he posted (him talking to the camera). I consider him rather good-looking, to be honest. His face is very symmetrical, and he has full lips. In addition to his "craziness", I can definitely see why he's so successful.

  7. It was Rob Judge and Zack Bauer. To Rob's credit, when I sent him a strongly negative review after 3 months, he offered to then help me out for free and he was generally a very nice guy. Having said that, whatever they taught just wasted my time a lot and they never offered any concrete advice. Nowadays, I think they have just become downright pathetic in trying to make any possible amount of money from PUA.

    Recently, they were promoting a product along with Mehow. To me, promoting a product with Mehow is enough to discredit a person, no matter what the product (I have not seen the product). Then sending out emails with lines like "7 secrets to...", "4 things which will make her...", "4 routines that actually work" etc.

    This is a small paragraph from a latest newsletter of theirs -

    "Click here [Some hyperlink]

    Secrets that get you from a simple "hello"
    to spontaneous sex in record time from
    the master of one night stands...

    Secrets that get you an FHM cover-model-hot
    girlfriend bending over backwards for you
    straight from a man who's dated several...

    Secrets to scoring with a woman no matter
    what, even if she has a "serious boyfriend",
    from the man who discovered exactly how to do it"

    It seems you like Rob quite a bit based on whatever interaction you have had with him. Having said that, I hope you reconsider promoting him in your links.

  8. Honestly Johnny, sleazy is one of the very few who doesn't use deceitful marketing tactics to sell his products. Minimal Game is better quality than any seduction product out there, and it's only $10. Even 60yoc markets like all the pua gurus. I like 60yoc, but he tries to make people feel like losers when it comes to women. Of course the only solution is to buy his stuff..."Go from zero to 3 girls a week using a simple system that automatically makes women attracted to you."- That's a very vague statement in my opinion, and could ste very high expectations for lots of guys.

    And then rob judge and zach bauer-
    "Secrets to scoring with a woman no matter
    what, even if she has a "serious boyfriend",
    from the man who discovered exactly how to do it"

    -that is such a stupid statement that I don't even want to go into it!

  9. Johnny,
    I'm sorry to hear that. I met Rob Judge twice, and the second time I was in New York, I stayed at his place. Personally, I can say only good things about him.

    That being said, I am not a big fan of those marketing practices, and promoting a product by Mehow is indeed highly questionable. I don't like 60's marketing either, to be honest. If the only way to live off pickup is to go down the route of deceptive marketing, then it would be better if people stayed true to themselves, keep their day jobs, and teach PU as a hobby (if they indeed "love" it so much as they say.) I could look in the mirror if I made such bizarre claims...


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