Thursday, November 27, 2014

Peek into the "rabbit hole" that is RSD and Julien Blanc!

I'm currently rather busy with real world stuff, but expect some new posts on the weekend. In the meantime, feel free to have a look at what the wisdom of the crowd over at 8chan has unearthed regarding Julien Blanc:

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Club Game now also on Book Depository (free worldwide shipping!)

If you live in a country where Amazon does not ship to free of charge, then you can now order Club Game: The No-Nonsense Guide to Getting Girls in Clubs and Bars from The Book Depository as well. They ship worldwide, and free of charge.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Club Game now available from and

Here's a quick update regarding Club Game: The No-Nonsense Guide to Getting Girls in Clubs and Bars. You can now get this book also on as well as

Monday, November 17, 2014

Dudes, girls want it too!

I recently made a post about Real Social Dynamic’s Julien Blanc. As I did some further online research, I was amazed at the level of opposition this guy is facing, and it largely has to do with his utterly boorish behaviour, like advocating to grab a girl’s neck and pushing her head down to your crotch. In the videos it’s quite clear that the women are not at all pleased with him literally forcing himself upon him. Let’s just have a look at this lovely picture as a reminder:

The negative reaction Julien Blanc is experiencing is the societal equivalence of a girl rejecting a guy outright in a club. You’ve probably experienced chicks insulting guys who hit on them, or pushing them away. Such reactions should be extremely rare. Just speaking from my own experience, I can only recall one single instance where a girl openly showed her disapproval. As I quickly realised, she was drunk and pissed off at something. In fact, this was an instance of me merely being friendly and wanting to just make some small talk, without any ulterior motive. If anything, this taught me to only talk to girls when I was actually sexually interested in them.

As anybody who got laid at least a few times can hopefully confirm, girls really do want to get laid as well. It’s basically a matter of finding a girl who is into you and leaving the club with her. Old-style PUAs like Mystery advocated giving girls backhanded compliments, more deranged characters recommended insulting the girl, since in their twisted worldview this would make them more attracted to the “bad boy” you allegedly are. Yet, all of this is utter nonsense. Only very few women enjoy being treated badly. Most just won’t put up with such nonsense.

While a guy like Julien Blanc apparently assumes that you have to force yourself upon a woman, the reality is that if she’s into you, she’ll happily follow along. This reminds me of the “last minute resistance” bullshit Mystery, Style and all the others were constantly blabbing about. This is likewise nonsense. Once you’re back at your or her place, she normally can’t wait for you to put your cock in her. Otherwise you wouldn’t even have ended up in that situation with her.

So, what's the upshot of all this? It all leads back to the insight that seduction is mutual, and only happens when both want it. Some years ago plenty of people online took offence with this statement, while nowadays it's apparently "common sense" --- as if there never were any moronic gurus around. If she wants you, you only have to find a way to make it happen. On the other hand, if she is not interested in you, you could either waste a tremendous amount of money, time, and energy to make her realize what a great catch you are, and in at least 99.9% of cases you won't succeed anyway. Or, you do the smart thing and try finding some other girl who is interested in you.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Game is at least as much about preparation as it is about execution

Why is it that guys who fell for pickup gurus believed that “technique” was what would get them the girls? Of course, if you’re a PUA guru and want to scam guys out of their money, it makes sense to dramatically downplay the importance of money and looks. Yet, if you’re a regular guy, you’re probably aware of your own perception of women, in sexual terms, and know that it’s primarily a visual response. You normally don’t need to talk to her to know that you would want to fuck her. On the other hand, there is apparently a subset of men who think that the principles of sexual attraction are a one-way street and that hot girls would bang unattractive men if they only said some magic incantations.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Club Game is now in stock at Amazon

Starting from today, you can order Club Game: The No-Nonsense Guide to Getting Girls in Clubs and Bars from Amazon:,, It will soon be available from, and as well.

I expect Book Depository, which offers free shipping worldwide, to stock Club Game within two weeks. Note that you can order this book in your local book store as well. They won’t charge you for shipping, but if it’s an import in your country, they might give you a bad exchange rate. If you’re interested in that option, you only need the ISBN to place an order: 978-3942017046.

I’ll update my main website in a week or so.

Club Game

Saturday, November 8, 2014

RSD's "Julien Blanc" pisses off the Japanese

What do you do if you're a white guy and want to get laid in Japan? According to guys I know who went there, you basically just show up and girls will come up to you. This doesn't mean that you'll bang every girl you see, but merely that there is a sizeable subgroup of Japanese girls who like foreigners, gaijin.

Of course, why do the normal thing when you could as well piss everybody off? This is where RSD's "Julien Blanc" comes in. Real Social Dynamics recently released a video on Youtube with the title "White Male In Tokyo (And The Beautiful Methods To It)".

The highlight comes at the end, where he pushes the boundaries of the socially acceptable, but not in a good way. If there is beauty in this method, I fail to see it. Just look at the discomfort in the body language of this woman:

RSD's Julien Blanc accosting a Japanese store clerk
You haven't had enough yet? Alright then, there's more. Here's a summary of his "method":
When you go to Tokyo….if you’re a white male, you can do what you want. Just grab her, pull her in. She’ll giggle. Just say PIKACHU or POKEMON or something to take the pressure off. I’m romping through the streets (of Tokyo) just grabbing girls and it’s like (motions) head on dick (pfft) head on dick, yelling ‘PIKACHU’ with a Pikachu shirt on….
It's interesting to note that there has been significant backlash against this guy. Jennifer Li started a campaign on to petition Australian hotels, in which the "RSD Free Tour" was planned to take place, to cancle those events. Her petition has gained well over 30,000 supporters, and all three hotels cancelled those events. There even has been a response in national Australian media:
A spokesman for Immigration Minister Scott Morrison says Mr Blanc's visa has been revoked in the wake of his departure.
Mr Blanc, from US group Real Social Dynamics, gave a seminar in Melbourne on Thursday night which attracted criticism on social media and sparked a protest outside the venue. 
Victoria Police Chief Commissioner Ken Lay described his seduction tactics, which reportedly include choking women, as "deeply disturbing and offensive".
A summary of follow-up events can be found on

I really wonder who the target customer of RSD nowadays is. It seems that the PUA coaching well has long run dry, and now they are going for the least socially adapted and most gullible, similar to those Nigerian scammers. Good luck, guys!

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Preventing arguments in the long run

As I moved on from picking up chicks and discarding them, and instead attempted to have relationships with women, I learnt some valuable lessons. I also learnt a lot from other men who told me their stories. Not all of them were “players”. In fact, hardly any of them were. But as it so happens, if you meet up with someone for dinner, even in a professional context, and you’ve known him for a while, they tend to open up a little bit. They might not directly discuss how things are with their wife or girlfriend, but instead give you enough pieces so that you can easily put the picture together. (This reminds me that it might make sense to discuss conversation styles, since this is hardly covered. No, I’m not referring to PUA nonsense.)

The guy I was having dinner with was a rather successful young professional. He recently made some changes in life, of the kind where he’s taking on a greater amount of risk in the short-term  in the hope of some payoff in the future, but nothing crazy like eating ramen noodles for a year while trying to build the next Facebook. In the worst case, he’ll get some tangible experience, which he’ll likely be able to leverage for another job, if that’s what’s going to happen.