Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Why experienced guys can tell when some PUA guru is full of shit

For some this may be a controversial post, since it I’ll quickly enter the realm of the politically incorrect. Without further ado, let me state that women, for the very most part, all act in rather similar ways. Men do, too, in case you’re wondering. There may be some outliers, but you quickly recognise them as such. But because humans are so similar, as long as you stay within one culture, you can deduce behavioral rules.

Thus, any guy who has had sex with a few women, no matter whether he met them through club/bar game or through his social circle, is able to formulate some hypotheses regarding female behaviour. You’ll learn to recognise when they are interested. At this point you’ll also notice when a woman is playing games. There are those who have no sexual interest but want to feed off the attention they are getting, and then there are those who don’t fuck you yet because for some reason they think they have to let you wait.

Tuesday, December 30, 2014 Aftermath (III): Idiocy has no bounds

I thought I had moved on from bashing (original post, follow-up 1, follow-up 2), but just as I thought I was out, they pull me back in again. It all started with a reader pointing me towards a thread on the forum that revealed that the camera man was indeed in on the whole thing. Not that this comes as a surprise to anybody with half a brain.

Sadly, the link to the video has been removed by Andy Yosha. It seems to have contained a statement of the hired actress that the camera man had known about the fact that she was getting pair for her "kiss close", and that was looking to hire "friends" of hers for other videos. The thread starts promising:
Sooo... it seems Tom's statement about the camera guy not knowing about the scam was a lie... again...

 It didn't take long until a moderator tried RSD-style "reframing":
I think you really need to move on from all this. Everyone else has.
I wonder how this defence would work in more serious environments, say the lawyer of a fraudster telling the judge that he really needs to move on already.

Monday, December 29, 2014

Featured Reader Comment: Lifestyle Consequences

An anonymous reader left a comment on my article "Scared because you’re pushing 30?", which I want to share with all of you since it's a confirmation of the basic things I repeat over and over. Some of you have probably grown tired of me saying that you should take care of yourself first and foremost, and the women will follow.

This is such a great article. I'm 29 and as weird as it sounds, it seems like I've gotten "better with age". Again, I keep myself in shape, dress well, have social skills and a good job. I really blossomed more with women around 25.
The oldest woman I've hooked up with this year was 25. I find myself to be most attractive to women in the age range of 22-25 right now for some reason. I'm getting close to settling down but not 100% there yet. The way I see it, even if I were to get more serious with a woman around 31 or 32, I could still easily pull a hottie between the ages of 23ish/24ish to 30. It's amazing what a clean diet, regular exercise and good sleep will do to make you look much younger than you are. 

Sunday, December 14, 2014

About that chick that was "harassed" 108 times in ten hours in New York

I'm a bit late to the party, but better late than never. Anyway, I bet a lot of you have seen that pro-feminist video that purports to show how a woman wearing a tight T shirt to accentuate her tits and dolled up hair walks through NYC and gets "harassed". If you haven't seen it, check it out.

There are a few things that rather annoy me. First of all, it is framed in a highly suspicious manner:

Sorry, you disingenuous propagandists, but you have to try again! She was wearing jeans an a crewneck T-shirt, but you seem to have forgotten to mention that she's wearing a very tight T shirt, and probably a (stuffed?) push up bra as well. She spent a lot of effort to fix her hair, and she's wearing make up. Women who don't want any attention don't dress like that.

Saturday, December 13, 2014 Aftermath (II): How not to do damage control

To follow up on my last post, Aftermath (I): Look at their gullible followers!, we'll now look at the response by the "CEO" "Andy Yosha" of It all started with this comment from the last thread on the forum we were looking at:
Nevertheless, I'm investigating this.... it's seems absurd to me that Tom would hire an actress.... the guy is good at daygame and that kiss isn't even that great.... the only explanation I can think of that she found out about it after the fact and for some reason put it on her resum?.... I have no idea.

PSA: redesigned

My main page has now been refreshed. Everything seems to be okay, but if you come across some broken links, then please let me know.


Sample for Club Game now available

I just created a sample for Club Game that will hopefully whet your appetite. Enjoy!

Thursday, December 11, 2014 Aftermath (I): Look at their gullible followers!

I've got two more observations to share regarding the PR disaster I posted about the other day. The first one, which I'll discuss in the following, is the incredible lack of critical thinking among some of their followers. It seems that Nigerian scammers should target the PUA crowd, since there apparently are some among them who believe literally anything.

I was surprised that a thread calling out their faked video was not taken down. I was even more surprised of some of the reactions. The first one is hard to top, but as we'll see, PUA followers are a deluded crowd:
Did you seriously started stalking to find this? Did you seriously created an account just for this? I have not bought anything from but damn... You should maybe get a life. You can start by doing Daygame :) You have all the techniques in YouTube for free. I will not say anything about this topic, I think it's best to just let some people live in the matrix, while others proceed and try to live the life we wanted. We know Daygame works, no need to convince others, if the latter ones just prefer to live miserable for the rest of their lives.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014 PR fiasco, or: Do PUA companies really use actresses?

The other day I received an anonymous email with incriminating evidence regarding You may not know them if you're not familiar with the London PUA scene, though. I think they were once affiliated with Gambler's I have no idea how active they are, so let's just assume they are a medium-sized player in the PUA industry.

In the following, I'll first show a commercial PUA video as it appears on YouTube, establish a link between this video and, and, finally, present proof that an actress was hired. Sounds like fun? Good!

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Guy tries to speak some sense, gets ridiculed

Recently someone alerted me to a rather tragic post on some commercial PUA forum. It starts with the user “legitscumbag” posting some hard earned wisdom:

I am a guy who has been studying/practicing "pickup" for quite some time.I don't do it anymore though.I get laid alot more after dropping it too (like as in actually having sex,not getting laughs and phone numbers that go nowhere).There is a girl laying in my bed right now naked as I am typing this in fact. 
I came here to share some hard earned knowledge that will save you alot of needless suffering. 
That knowledge is the realization that pick up is a bunch of crap and it doesn't actually work.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Peek into the "rabbit hole" that is RSD and Julien Blanc!

I'm currently rather busy with real world stuff, but expect some new posts on the weekend. In the meantime, feel free to have a look at what the wisdom of the crowd over at 8chan has unearthed regarding Julien Blanc:

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Club Game now also on Book Depository (free worldwide shipping!)

If you live in a country where Amazon does not ship to free of charge, then you can now order Club Game: The No-Nonsense Guide to Getting Girls in Clubs and Bars from The Book Depository as well. They ship worldwide, and free of charge.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Club Game now available from and

Here's a quick update regarding Club Game: The No-Nonsense Guide to Getting Girls in Clubs and Bars. You can now get this book also on as well as

Monday, November 17, 2014

Dudes, girls want it too!

I recently made a post about Real Social Dynamic’s Julien Blanc. As I did some further online research, I was amazed at the level of opposition this guy is facing, and it largely has to do with his utterly boorish behaviour, like advocating to grab a girl’s neck and pushing her head down to your crotch. In the videos it’s quite clear that the women are not at all pleased with him literally forcing himself upon him. Let’s just have a look at this lovely picture as a reminder:

The negative reaction Julien Blanc is experiencing is the societal equivalence of a girl rejecting a guy outright in a club. You’ve probably experienced chicks insulting guys who hit on them, or pushing them away. Such reactions should be extremely rare. Just speaking from my own experience, I can only recall one single instance where a girl openly showed her disapproval. As I quickly realised, she was drunk and pissed off at something. In fact, this was an instance of me merely being friendly and wanting to just make some small talk, without any ulterior motive. If anything, this taught me to only talk to girls when I was actually sexually interested in them.

As anybody who got laid at least a few times can hopefully confirm, girls really do want to get laid as well. It’s basically a matter of finding a girl who is into you and leaving the club with her. Old-style PUAs like Mystery advocated giving girls backhanded compliments, more deranged characters recommended insulting the girl, since in their twisted worldview this would make them more attracted to the “bad boy” you allegedly are. Yet, all of this is utter nonsense. Only very few women enjoy being treated badly. Most just won’t put up with such nonsense.

While a guy like Julien Blanc apparently assumes that you have to force yourself upon a woman, the reality is that if she’s into you, she’ll happily follow along. This reminds me of the “last minute resistance” bullshit Mystery, Style and all the others were constantly blabbing about. This is likewise nonsense. Once you’re back at your or her place, she normally can’t wait for you to put your cock in her. Otherwise you wouldn’t even have ended up in that situation with her.

So, what's the upshot of all this? It all leads back to the insight that seduction is mutual, and only happens when both want it. Some years ago plenty of people online took offence with this statement, while nowadays it's apparently "common sense" --- as if there never were any moronic gurus around. If she wants you, you only have to find a way to make it happen. On the other hand, if she is not interested in you, you could either waste a tremendous amount of money, time, and energy to make her realize what a great catch you are, and in at least 99.9% of cases you won't succeed anyway. Or, you do the smart thing and try finding some other girl who is interested in you.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Game is at least as much about preparation as it is about execution

Why is it that guys who fell for pickup gurus believed that “technique” was what would get them the girls? Of course, if you’re a PUA guru and want to scam guys out of their money, it makes sense to dramatically downplay the importance of money and looks. Yet, if you’re a regular guy, you’re probably aware of your own perception of women, in sexual terms, and know that it’s primarily a visual response. You normally don’t need to talk to her to know that you would want to fuck her. On the other hand, there is apparently a subset of men who think that the principles of sexual attraction are a one-way street and that hot girls would bang unattractive men if they only said some magic incantations.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Club Game is now in stock at Amazon

Starting from today, you can order Club Game: The No-Nonsense Guide to Getting Girls in Clubs and Bars from Amazon:,, It will soon be available from, and as well.

I expect Book Depository, which offers free shipping worldwide, to stock Club Game within two weeks. Note that you can order this book in your local book store as well. They won’t charge you for shipping, but if it’s an import in your country, they might give you a bad exchange rate. If you’re interested in that option, you only need the ISBN to place an order: 978-3942017046.

I’ll update my main website in a week or so.

Club Game

Saturday, November 8, 2014

RSD's "Julien Blanc" pisses off the Japanese

What do you do if you're a white guy and want to get laid in Japan? According to guys I know who went there, you basically just show up and girls will come up to you. This doesn't mean that you'll bang every girl you see, but merely that there is a sizeable subgroup of Japanese girls who like foreigners, gaijin.

Of course, why do the normal thing when you could as well piss everybody off? This is where RSD's "Julien Blanc" comes in. Real Social Dynamics recently released a video on Youtube with the title "White Male In Tokyo (And The Beautiful Methods To It)".

The highlight comes at the end, where he pushes the boundaries of the socially acceptable, but not in a good way. If there is beauty in this method, I fail to see it. Just look at the discomfort in the body language of this woman:

RSD's Julien Blanc accosting a Japanese store clerk
You haven't had enough yet? Alright then, there's more. Here's a summary of his "method":
When you go to Tokyo….if you’re a white male, you can do what you want. Just grab her, pull her in. She’ll giggle. Just say PIKACHU or POKEMON or something to take the pressure off. I’m romping through the streets (of Tokyo) just grabbing girls and it’s like (motions) head on dick (pfft) head on dick, yelling ‘PIKACHU’ with a Pikachu shirt on….
It's interesting to note that there has been significant backlash against this guy. Jennifer Li started a campaign on to petition Australian hotels, in which the "RSD Free Tour" was planned to take place, to cancle those events. Her petition has gained well over 30,000 supporters, and all three hotels cancelled those events. There even has been a response in national Australian media:
A spokesman for Immigration Minister Scott Morrison says Mr Blanc's visa has been revoked in the wake of his departure.
Mr Blanc, from US group Real Social Dynamics, gave a seminar in Melbourne on Thursday night which attracted criticism on social media and sparked a protest outside the venue. 
Victoria Police Chief Commissioner Ken Lay described his seduction tactics, which reportedly include choking women, as "deeply disturbing and offensive".
A summary of follow-up events can be found on

I really wonder who the target customer of RSD nowadays is. It seems that the PUA coaching well has long run dry, and now they are going for the least socially adapted and most gullible, similar to those Nigerian scammers. Good luck, guys!

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Preventing arguments in the long run

As I moved on from picking up chicks and discarding them, and instead attempted to have relationships with women, I learnt some valuable lessons. I also learnt a lot from other men who told me their stories. Not all of them were “players”. In fact, hardly any of them were. But as it so happens, if you meet up with someone for dinner, even in a professional context, and you’ve known him for a while, they tend to open up a little bit. They might not directly discuss how things are with their wife or girlfriend, but instead give you enough pieces so that you can easily put the picture together. (This reminds me that it might make sense to discuss conversation styles, since this is hardly covered. No, I’m not referring to PUA nonsense.)

The guy I was having dinner with was a rather successful young professional. He recently made some changes in life, of the kind where he’s taking on a greater amount of risk in the short-term  in the hope of some payoff in the future, but nothing crazy like eating ramen noodles for a year while trying to build the next Facebook. In the worst case, he’ll get some tangible experience, which he’ll likely be able to leverage for another job, if that’s what’s going to happen.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Announcing Club Game: The No-Nonsense Guide to Getting Girls in Clubs and Bars

I've recently posted the table of contents of my next book. Now it's time to formally announce it. Without further ado: the title of my next book is Club Game: The No-Nonsense Guide to Getting Girls in Clubs and Bars. The subtitle is obviously a nod to Minimal Game. While Minimal Game was written to help you getting a decent sex life, Club Game gives an extended insight into an entirely different world, teaching you how to effectively manoeuvre the nightlife, bringing your level of success with women to a much, much higher level. If you thought Minimal Game was extreme, then Club Game will blow your socks off.

I'm very happy with how Club Game turned out. The feedback from the guys reading drafts was enthusiastic. The release is probably going to happen by mid-November.

To further whet your appetite, I'm sharing the preliminary cover image with you as well:

Monday, October 20, 2014

Are we living in a “sizeist and sexist” society?

I have the habit of looking up memes and catch phrases from time to time, to learn about their origin. Since references to the “thigh gap” have become a lot more frequent recently, I investigated that topic for a little while. While thigh gaps arguably always have existed, the actual term has become more widely spread only relatively recently, December 2012 to be exact, according to sources mentioned in the corresponding Wikipedia article.

If you skim that article, you’ll come across a section on criticism of that term, which is where things get more interesting. As it turned out, some feminist sociologist decried the thigh gap, quite certainly a symbol of beauty, as “sizeist and sexist”. But let’s think about this for a while! What do you consider more likely? That (a subset of) girls take care of themselves and try to look as good as they can because that’s what they see in ads, or that they do so because they see, in reality, that slimmer and better looking girls fuck hotter guys? I’d bet a lot more on the latter than the former hypothesis.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

One of the most disrespectful women I ever saw

A while ago I was hanging out with some old friends. We went to a nearby bar, where, eventually, something quite remarkable happened. A woman was walking in with a guy who seemed to be her boyfriend. After they had gotten their drinks, she turned his back to him, so that she was now facing the barkeeper. This made her guy feel uncomfortable, so he positioned himself sideways as well. She was no longer looking at him. At that point, I began to pay closer attention to them.

What happened next was downright bizarre. The guy tried to kiss her, and judging from his position, it must have been uncomfortable for him, both emotionally and physiologically, to do so. She at first leaned in, then moved away, looking sternly at him and wiggling her index finger to indicate that he should behave. He tried kissing her again, and the scene repeated itself. It seemed as if he was being trained like a dog. That was bad enough already. After his third try, she seemingly gave in, but only gave him a peck on his lips. No, PUA morons, this is not an example of the "power of persistence".

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Can Sean Stephenson even have sex?

People find my blog through all kinds of search phrases. Some I find quite remarkable, though. Infrequently, there are phrases that combine ‘sex’ and ’Sean Stephenson’, for instance in ‘can sean stephenson have sex?’. We’ve been talking about that guy a bit some time ago, in the comments section of Confessions of a Convert. However, since I haven’t written a lot about PUA scammers recently, that guy is as good a target as anybody else.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Some people just get it

As many of you know, I’ve long been harping on the PUA community for their absurd claim that “game” would get you girls, instead of looks and money (and status, which is often related). For those of you who have been following this scene for years, you've surely came across countless clowns who pronounced “looks don’t matter” or that anyone could “get any girl”.

PUA culture is one extreme of a fundamentally flawed society. However, what you hear and read in the mainstream is equally damaging. Homely girls get told that “inner beauty” counts, while shy guys are encouraged to keep acting passively, because one day some princess might recognise them after all and realize what a wonderful person they are. It’s rare that anybody bluntly tells girls that if they want to fuck hot guys, they better be hot, too, and guys that if they want to get anywhere with girls, even average looking ones, they better have something going on in their life. Dating is not like primary school where everybody gets a golden star for warming a chair.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Mailbag: Involuntary celibacy is a symptom of shortcomings in your life

I received an interesting comment by lance84 on What is ‘hope’ worth to you? He wrote:
Usually when a man finds himself in an extended period of involuntary celibacy, it is usually indicative of shortcomings in other areas of life. When this is the case, focus should be shifted from his failings with women to overall self improvement. When enough "betterment" is obtained, pussy should come pouring in, which is just the cherry on top of the sense of being a more fulfilled man. 
I don’t agree with the self-help lingo, but the general observation remains. If you chase women like crazy but you can’t get anywhere, then it’s time you take a long, hard look at yourself. It could well be that your environment is not conducive for picking up girls. Small, conservative towns spring to mind. However, in any reasonably-sized city, there should be plenty of available women around — but most certainly not enough to brainlessly run PUA game.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Mailbag: Dick Questions

I received quite a few questions, all in one comment, regarding the size of male and female sexual organs. There are probably a few who’ll find this interesting, so it’s well-warranted to make a separate post on this. Those questions originally appeared in a comment on Some critical Feedback to "Debunking", Part II.

Just a few questions about the BIG DICK issue:
1) Did women actually take a look at your crotch and could you notice a change in their attitude after it? (I assume you were wearing tight jeans in the clubs?)

Some have certainly noticed it. I remember one chick who took pictures of my crotch, which I only found out because she accidentally uploaded them to Facebook. There were a few others who I suspect to have taken pictures of the silhouette of my cock. In general, though, it seems to make them more likely to stick around. I’d say it’s similar to when you realize that the girl you’re  talking to has a much bigger rack than you at first assumed, because she’s not wearing a push-up bra.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Mailbag: What’s ‘hope’ worth to you?

My article The "three billion women" argument gets a surprising amount of traffic. Its message is not often appreciated, though, just like it was the case with ‘Mircea Enache’, who wrote:

So what's your point with this article Aaron ?
To have a pessimistic view about getting laid and shouldn't even bother approaching ?
At least when you hear there are 3 billion girls it gives you hope ... it doesn't matter if it's real or not .
Knowing the real truth doesn't even motivate me to approach anymore ... it means I rather make a lot of money in order to move from one city to another ... and that's just stupid.

Spoken like a true moron, I’m tempted to say. I don’t think I’m a pessimistic person at all. If anything, I’m a realist. Further, I detest sugarcoating things to make them more easily digestible. As a society, we’re quite bad at being truthful. Instead, we’re getting bullshitted left, right, and center. Women are being told that their “inner beauty” counts, despite the fact that if she doesn’t look appealing, she will never be able to demonstrate how great her personality is (which often isn’t so great to begin with), or think of the “cock size doesn’t matter” nonsense guys get told.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Mailbag: A Quick Fix to Resolve Sexual Frustration

Some days ago I received an interesting comment on my post “Get out while you can”, which is a reminder that chasing tail isn’t healthy for you in the long run. You just won’t be a successful player in your 50s. At that age your chances of getting with women will be greatly influenced by your position in life, and many avenues where you could easily pull women won’t be accessible to you anymore.

I’m not going to make the claim that you have to settle down. It’s perfectly fine to realize that this whole “women thing” is vastly overrated, and focus on other goals in life. Your chances of being miserable surely increase a lot of you end up in an unhappy relationship, and considering how sky-high divorce rates are, that fate seems more likely than not.

But back to the comment I alluded to before! There was a lot in it, so let me go through it once by one:

Hm. What if you would not have "seen/done it all"?
What if you have never really become good? Would you still be chasing tail?

Table of contents of my next book

Those of you who are members of my forum know that I've been working on getting my next book out. It's now almost done. To whet your appetite, I'm posting the table of contents below. As you can see, it's on club game. Hopefully, the book will be out by mid-November.

Just like with Minimal Game, this book will be chock-full of practical and realistic advice. In a nutshell, you'll get my distilled knowledge of years spent partying and pulling girls. I'm quite confident that many of you will find it useful. The feedback from my proofreaders has been highly enthusiastic.

I'll post more updates soon. Once this book is out, I expect to once again have some time for writing articles for my blog, too.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

PSA: Website currently down due to Spammers

You might have noticed that my website is currently down with a "500 error". This is due to moronic spammers hitting my contact form dozens of times per second, which made my host hit the kill switch. I hope that my site will be back online within the next couple days, and I'm sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

EDIT: This problem is now fixed.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Guest Post: Beckster and Chris Adams Bootcamp Review

When it rains, it pours, it seems. Shorty after getting an email on Roosh, 'shizzle' sent me a review of a bootcamp he attended some years ago. While one might ask why it took that person years to come forward with his story, it's nonetheless laudable since many victims of PUA gurus, after having gotten scammed of sometimes thousands of dollars, rather don't talk about this at all, due to shame. In fact, the combined voices of many scammed men eventually led to the success of the now defunct forum PUA Hate. As far as the PUA industry is concerned, it apparently is no longer the case that there's a sucker born every minute.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Guest Post: Roosh spends $6,500 per Lay

It's been a while since I spent time writing on alleged pickup gurus, and I don't think I'm going to spill any more ink on that topic. However, I recently received an email by a disgruntled follower of Roosh who did some back-of-the-envelope calculations and questioned what that guy actually writes. This reminded me of when I pointed out that "Style" was teaching game before he was even getting laid using Mystery Method and when some morons asked me for a source, I told them that it he says so himself in his book. Anyway, here is Exposer with a note on Roosh.

 Pick-up Guru Roosh Seduces Five Women Per Year

When Roosh wrote his self-proclaimed "game bible" Bang, he made $60,000 per year, which is a good salary for a 27-year-old biologist. After taxes, he's got around $45,000 left. After saving $13,000 to travel, he spent $32,000. He calculated his "True Cost Per Notch" as $6,500.  That means he slept with only five women that year. If that sounds unimpressive, realize that Bang concludes "an average player ... will get 3-8 notches in a year" and "will score a one-night stand once in a blue moon." By his own reckoning, Roosh was pretty average.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

A Broken Man

On a recent train ride I had the misfortune of seeing one of the most broken down men I’ve ever seen. First, a middle-aged woman who looked like a barrel sat down to the opposite of me. Moments later, a guy whom I presumed to be her husband appeared. He was wearing a backpack, a messenger bag over his shoulder, carrying a trolley in his left hand, and an oversized trunk in the other.

My best guess was that his stuff was in the backpack and messenger bag, while the other two pieces of luggage belonged to his wife who, for whatever reason, was carrying only a handbag. That handbag looked comically small, given her enormous volume. After her husband was done putting the two trunks in the overhead storage, he finally sat down, minutes after his wife had done so, who was already busy emptying a bottle of cola.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

PSA: The forum is fine, it's just not public

I just received an email in which someone asked me whether my forum has been hacked, because of the message "This board has no forums." This message appears because there is no public access to the forum. To access the forum, you have to log in. Registration is simple and straightforward.

To make sure this misunderstanding doesn't repeat itself, I just changed the standard message that is shown to users who are not logged in. I'm sorry for any confusion this may have caused.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

You would be stupid to blindly trust women

There was a calm, and well-written comment by a woman on my article Pushy, 'mature' women, and their exploitative nature. She wrote:

Just because there are older women out there that are manipulative and controlling, doesn't mean it is beneficial for you to internalize this and so believe you need to exact revenge and fuck and use other women in turn. If that's what you believe you need to do, then by all means go ahead and do it, but also take a look at how that mindset is affecting your own peace of mind. If it's making you more paranoid and agitated and closed off, then what's the use?

What's the use of all this distrust and bitterness if it will inform all of your relationships with women; with people?

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

If women are friendly to you, you’re doing something wrong

Following up to my latest post, You have to make a move to know whether she’s really interested in you, I’d like to explore the issue of female friendliness during interactions in bars and night clubs. You’ve probably experienced that women who are interested in you will show this to you in some way or another, and eventually by leaving the place with you. Then there are those who are not interested will want you to go away.

Monday, July 28, 2014

You have to make a move to know whether she’s really interested in you

There was an interesting remark by a member of my forum recently. He wrote:

The reactions I got from women recently and in past times when I tried to physically escalate rapidly at nighttime have shown me that women who seemed sexually interested at first have been turned off by it. Of course, they could have not been interested in the first place.

There were a few things that stood out to me. First, how can you be sure that she is sexually interested if you just stand there, and if she’s acting rather passively? It wasn’t as if she couldn’t keep her hands off him, or was squeezing his junk. The guy in question admitted, which is nothing to be ashamed of, that he has had very little sexual experience with women.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Pushy, ‘mature’ women, and their exploitative nature

In recent comments there was some discussions about the suitability of certain women for relationships, particularly when less experienced guys are involved. Those poor souls are seemingly targeted by women who push hard for marriage and children. In those circumstances there is a lot of disbelief involved on behalf of the guys. Less experienced guys who suddenly meet a woman are so happy that finally someone, anyone, shows interest in them that they throw all caution out of the window. Let’s further explore those dynamics.

First, let’s restate that women who push hard for marriage and children, after barely knowing the guy, tend to be a bit older, and thus are desperate to finally get a partner. They may feel that they haven’t achieved much in life, realise that their looks are fading, and that men don’t seem all that interested in them anymore, at least the more attractive, more desirable ones, whom she may or may not have gotten when she was younger.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

What you can Learn from the Fact that the Magaluf Girl Sucked 24 Cocks in 2 Minutes

A lot of ink has been spilt over the 24 cocks in 2 minute stunt of that girl on vacation on Magaluf. Clearly, she is enjoying herself, she is not drunk, and nobody is taking advantage of her. This is a great starting point for highlighting one particular social phenomenon: “nice guys”, call them white knights and manginas if you want, who think that if they treat a girl “well”, do her favours, and serve as an emotional tampon, she will eventually come to realize what a great guy he is, become his girlfriend and live happily ever after with him. In the seduction community guys like that are called ‘orbiters’, and they are deservedly ridiculed. What is interesting, though, is that such guys harbour pretty abstruse ideas about sexuality.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Women's Liberation hits a new low: Girl sucks 24 cocks in 2 minutes for a free drink

This weekend a video of a girl who works her way through 24 cocks in exchange for a bootle of cava, that's a Spanish wine, went viral. You go, girl!

The NSFW link is below:

Friday, July 4, 2014

She is not the only girl who would want you, but run if she is

Men who lack success with women often hold questionable beliefs, as a direct consequence of their lack of experience. One example is the following comment, left on my post Let’s talk about Emotions:
Too bad there's a real possibility you dump that first girlfriend and never meet anyone again.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Scared because you’re pushing 30?

Earlier today someone left a comment on my forum, saying that due to some personal problems he hasn’t gotten laid in years, and now that is 30 already, he is afraid that he has missed the boat. To corroborate his statement, he remarked that he had 22-year old girls in clubs tell him that he was too old. I’d like to discuss this issue in more general terms, since I’ve heard countless variations of that theme.

It is certainly the case that age will affect your chances on the dating market. However, guys in their late 20s or early 30s are a good decade away from needing to worry whether they can still score chicks. But let’s dwell on that girl’s remark, and why it’s nonsense. First, it is a single opinion that may not even be grounded in reality. For instance, maybe that girl was into him, but he was awkward, so she chose to attack him instead. This is fairly common behaviour.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Let's talk about Emotions

I received a couple of rather bizarre emails and blog comments recently, in which people (probably shills) were praising the work of some "guru" who, instead of focussing on how to pull girls, was nowadays all about telling guys how to handle their "emotions". This was supposed to be the key to successful long-term relationships and marriages and of course it would pay off plenty in your professional life as well. I felt reminded of virgin gurus who promoted surefire ways of getting laid, and now that this well has run dry, the new business model is apparently "lifestyle coaching" or "life hacking". One might wonder how a guy in his mid- to late 20s who doesn't look like a ladies' man at all is going to say anything particularly insightful about long-term relationships, though.

But let's not pick on those snake oil salesmen and instead discuss how you can get a handle on your emotions. Surprisingly enough this doesn't work through reading books or thinking about hypothetical situations. Instead, it's a matter of practice. Get nervous just talking to some girl? Talk to more girls! Get clingly after you've gotten a girlfriend? Well, why might this be the case, buddy? Could it, just maybe, be a consequence of you not having had much success with girls in your life, and now you think she's the one and only, even though she's a dim-witted brat of at best average looks and a highly defective personality?

This is a serious issue, bro! There are countless examples of guys with little to no sexual experience falling for literally the first girl that was willing to take them. In the best case they ended up in an abusive relationship with skewed power dynamics, paternity fraud, and an eventual divorce. Who could have known guessed?