Saturday, July 5, 2014

Women's Liberation hits a new low: Girl sucks 24 cocks in 2 minutes for a free drink

This weekend a video of a girl who works her way through 24 cocks in exchange for a bootle of cava, that's a Spanish wine, went viral. You go, girl!

The NSFW link is below:

I'm sure she'll go far in life, given her display of ambition and determination.

I'm not sure I want to write much about this. Maybe I will once the feminist brigade rolls out and accuses people of "slut shaming". Am I joking? I honestly don't know, given how frequently that group of people embarrasses itself. I'll keep an eye on Jezebel.

What do you guys think about this?


  1. Hahah, the „public outrage" is ridicolous and highly hypocritical of course. PC morons!

    I actually do find the slut-shaming („shameless girl“) of this girl offensive, since I like sexually open (and „shameless“) girls a lot and if girls aren't embodying the sex-objects characteristics, then us men wouldn't get horny for them in the first place. I mean, look at the vid, she just enjoyed giving the guys a little sucking… and the guys certainly didn’t mind as well, so what’s the problem?
    Of course one could make an argument by saying, that in fact she abused 24 males, by performing shitty 2-seconds fellatio and thus deprived them of an otherwise solid hard-on – but I doubt, that feminists would chime in on this.

    I'd say this is natural female – i. e. hypergamous – behavior: for if she can ca$h in on her sexuality, she will do this – and if she can ca$h in by playing the "virtuous" bride (should the opportunity arise), she will readily ca$h in on that as well. Apart from that, girls enjoy being slutty, so provide them with an outlet for that impulse…

    The female "Pussy Cartel" is understandably offended by the existence of such acts of unleashed raw sexuality and that shocking fact, that women would actually give men access to sexual gratification freely without having them made pay a substantial price in $$$ and commitment. Because… well, it just screws up the traditional female business model. Thus women have to keep their raunchy antics well hidden in secrecy & silence… In that sense it's just "bad luck" that the video got out & viral. (But I don’t mind.)

    Only from a purely hygienic perspective there'd be a lot to object to in this particular arrangement: syphilis, gonorrhea, hepatitis B & C, candidiasis, HIV, herpes and the like…

    Oh, and there's an even better video! =>

  2. Anyone who has been traveling but mainly those who go on holiday to these "party islands", will know that the majority of girls there are out there to have fun...getting drunk is the number one thing, dancing and lots of good sex with hot guys (in that order)...Plus clubs and bars, will do lots of games involving sex acts (or pseudo sex acts and stripping etc) and quite a few drunk girls will do this...

    Now as a guy, it is fun to watch, and I know I have a chance of a quick shag (wherever you can find space), but I will never see them again (Apart from a hello or another shag if available), I would never date or take there number, cause you dont want to marry this kind of girl...chances are she has boyfriend back home (or worse is on a hen party ie engaged)...

    These girls are just fun...and if a sucker gets hooked with her, she will cheat on him and bleed him dry...thats why you need to figure out these girls before committing.

  3. what's her name? i think this slut's name should be published just like miriam weeks was. so the next beta who googles her will know what a hoar she is.

    1. I didn't know about Miriam Weeks, but just looked her up. That girl is a real piece of work, if I may say so.

  4. "I just want to find someone who loves me and takes care of me". Said to me once by a former party girl.

    Sounds familiar?

  5. To make it short: women are overwhelmed by the freedom - sexual freedom first of all - of our time; the white knight in me wants to protect them by doing away with their voting rights.


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