Tuesday, July 29, 2014

If women are friendly to you, you’re doing something wrong

Following up to my latest post, You have to make a move to know whether she’s really interested in you, I’d like to explore the issue of female friendliness during interactions in bars and night clubs. You’ve probably experienced that women who are interested in you will show this to you in some way or another, and eventually by leaving the place with you. Then there are those who are not interested will want you to go away.

However, there are also woman who are not at all interested in you on a sexual level, but who won’t mind your company. For one, maybe she’s getting bored of her friends, and cock teasing some schmuck is more fun. This is even better if you look as if you don’t dare to make a move. If you walked up to a girl, clearly looking for sexual compatibility, and turned things sexual, she would know what’s up. She’d either go with it, or say something like, “not here”, suggesting to make out in a more private place, be it an apartment, your car, or whatnot.

But if she wasn’t interested, and you were being sexual, say by letting your lips “accidentally” brush her cheek as you speak to her, she would quickly distance herself. True, some women claim to need more time, but there is a good chance that those of the more calculating kind who first want to thoroughly evaluate your status in life before they spread their legs for you.

However, if you talk to a girl and she shows no sign of either approval or disapproval, it means that you are, from a sexual perspective, invisible for her. That’s why you end up hearing that she’s “not that kind of girl” if you try to kiss her, even though the next guy will give her a proper pounding in his car, because she just can’t wait long enough.

The upshot is that getting a neutral reaction from girls is a death knell. Just think of the music you’re listening to at home: it’s probably stuff you like, and the music you don’t like you don’t listen to. There is also muzak, you know, the background music you hear in elevators and stores. It’s thoroughly inoffensive, with no distinctive qualities at all. In fact, you neither like or dislike it. Instead, you are throughly indifferent towards it. But would you listen to it at home? Probably not.


  1. Great post, Aaron!

    The music analogy perfectly sums it up!


  2. I read the title and thought "Oh boy, I guess he's decided to stop being legit and start being gimmicky" but then I read the whole thing. Good post.


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