Saturday, April 20, 2013

Guest Post: The Flawed Sociology of Roosh V (by Eagle Eyes)

Since the typicial guys in the manosphere were at some point abysmal with women it wouldn't come as a shock that their knowledge about sex comes mostly from porn. Roosh made a post on his blog about whether American women had looser pussies. Keep this in mind for some of the points I'm going to raise below.

In an earlier post, "Going Abroad Just to Bang 6s? -- Taking down Roosh V",  I pointed out that Roosh only goes after girls who are DTF (which is why there is basically no mention of girls he has slept with using "day game"). In a nutshell, Roosh only hooked up with American girls who were openly DTF the same night and based on THOSE GIRLS makes generalizations of American girls as a WHOLE. If you're still not convinced, read Roosh V's blog post "The morality of game".

He writes:
I know they love fucking, partying, drinking, and playing the game. They feel proud to be successfully emulating their horse-faced television role models, and are as likely to pump and dump me as the other way around...


After I was done with a girl, I knew it wouldn’t take more than a couple weeks of going out for her to get boned by a new man...

Does this sound like the type of girl you bang? It doesn't to me. But then I already mentioned the girls Roosh goes after. However, Roosh clarifies this for us even further...:

I’ll be the first to admit that many of my bangs back in the States were HATE FUCKS. The masculine attitude and lack of care these women put into their style or hair irritated me, so I made it a point to fuck them and never call again.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Guest Post: Why Roosh V is in no Position to Criticize Western Women (by Eagle Eyes)

I suspect Roosh was getting laid in America (gee I sure hope so...because he certainly writes alot about it), but he was NEVER in a position to criticize American women on the whole...because he was always banging LOWER QUALITY.

For example that's like eating the worst pizzas in town and then claiming ALL pizzas are disgusting.  It's all about the competition and the level of talent. A Danish 6 is not an American 6, because grades vary with the country. Yet if you can bang only 6 at home, you can still find the countries where 6 are hotter, and that's what Roosh is doing.

Have you read this entry?

Some of the girls in the pictures were decent some were not. I personally don't see the difference between these girls and the girls in most major American cities...Roosh even mentions this in the link.

I quote:

...You’re probably thinking, “Well NYC or Miami has these types of girls everywhere, too.” Great, but are banging them? Are they giving you the time of day without attitude? Are they fun to interact with? Do they know how to please you? Are you happy with them? If the answer to those questions is yes, then congratulations, you’re the man.

I have NO TROUBLE with western women...

...But I know how the situation is for the average man in most American cities.

The "average man" he is referring to isn't average at all...not everyone is as lame as him.

I don't buy the excuse that Western girls have attitude. Initially, some of them do...but it's all an act, otherwise they'd have no friends. Girls in the Ukraine or Poland may behave differently...but that doesn't make them more easier to bang (Roosh even admits on the link above).

Guest Post: The Mind of the Average Manosphere Blogger (by Eagle Eyes)

Roosh loves many foreign women because supposedly they have traditional roles, aren't sluts, are feminine, dress better, can dance, can cook, etc, etc. So what does he do? Does he marry one? Does he get into a LTR? No, he treats them exactly the same as American women..."pumps them and dumps them".

Looking closely at the entries on his blog and his posts on his quickly realizes he doesn't go foreign because it's better...he goes foreign because it's supposedly easier. But he'll never find success where ever he goes because his intentions are all wrong. The best example of this is his pathetic blog entry titled The beginning of the end, where he reveals what goes on in his troubled mind:

The notch was a great metric that kept me motivated in the game longer than my natural disposition. I wanted to hit a high number so that I COULD FEEL LIKE A MAN.

Is anyone here surprised manosphere bloggers have sex because they want to feel like men?

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Guest Post: Going Abroad Just to Bang 6s? -- Taking down Roosh V (by Eagle Eyes)

I have been working on a piece on Roosh V, pointing out some of the more egregious misconceptions and lies he spreads, but one of my readers just did an absolutely fabulous job, so I will replicate his work here --- and rewrite the post I had intended to publish.

There is something pathetic about boasting to strangers on the internet about your "notch count" and your "harem". There is also something pathetic about meeting up with strangers and traveling to a "unknown" part of the world...

The very nature of Roosh's website attracts social misfits. Since Roosh criticizes American women, American men who can't get laid with attractive (or in some cases any) American women are naturally going to criticize them rather than themselves...and since being misfits, long for others that feel the same. They search google with words like "American girls suck" or "American girls are sluts" and Hey Presto! A link to Roosh's website comes up. Smart, yet pretty obvious.

People who are mentally weak are afraid of change, so they are willing to blame something else other than themselves. It's pretty ironic how they like to talk about the female rationalization hamster...

Two Reader Comments on the Manosphere Invasion of Russia

There was quite a response to my exposure of the follies of the Roosh V forum crew who plans an invasion of Russia, settle in some "Russian shithole"and bang all the local women. I just want to share two of them with you. The first one is from Kurt, which was sent via email:

I had a friend who quite a few years ago, traveled a bit around the former Soviet Union. He said it was one if the hardest places ever, for hooking up with women. A little backstory, this guy at one time had a really hot "9" easy, long term relationship, was well traveled, was socially adept, and was pretty good looking and used to have women offer to buy HIM drinks! Where does that leave these bozos?
I guess the answer is that should they indeed go to Russia, they'll fap off to Russian Internet porn there. I can't even imagine how stupid this would feel.

Monday, April 8, 2013

The Great Manosphere Invasion of Russia (Part IV)

Onward to part four, comrades!

One big theme was of course the mystical pussy paradise, which is supposed to exist off the beaten track somewhere deep in Russia. Regular women don't do if for those guys. Instead, they fantasize about getting pornstars, as was pointed out by a commenter to part III of this ongoing report. In addition, the guys seem to overly confident. What struck me as downright absurd was how much of a sure thing they thought going to Russia is. Not having been there, they make the wildest demands:

A lot of information can be deduced from these pics, like for example in Cheboksary, there are some nice looking girls, but there really aren't many blonde girls. For those of us who like girls with a particular look, your site is gold. Keep up the good work.

So, to reiterate: the girls have to meet all kinds of criteria, but those dudes don't think they should have to bring anything to the table besides their "white god factor". This reminds me of the PUA bullshitters who claim that "looks don't matter", yet on the other hand only want to bang "10s". Exploring this topic in more detail would be worthy of another post, though.

At one point, comparisons between guy who are "slaying pussy" in the Dominican Republic were drawn: