Tuesday, March 29, 2011

RSD cool with date rape

I recently received a hilarious email from Jon, and the title was catchy, too, so I had no choice but to check out the link he sent me. His comment was, "This is actually the most fucked up thing I have seen on a forum." Well, I have seen many fucked up things on forums, and the most shocking was a "rape report" on misogynists anonymous, er, mASF called LR : Hottie Hardcore LMR day2 in which a user named "gruenfeld" boasts about overcoming 100s of objections, only to have his cock greeted by a completely dry pussy.

Just look at this:

We literally explored the whole area of bed while I wrestle with her. Kept on
pinning her down. My penis is not hard enough to force it yet. She's twisting
her legs to prevent entry. She wants me to be on fire. Her hands on my hands to
keep from fingering her. Finally, I succeeded on fingering her. All this time
she kept saying no. Heard it about a hundred times.

Fingered her, she tried escaping and getting off bed. For the first time in my
life I experienced hardcore LMR. She kept on saying "Stop! Please! it hurts!
no! NO!" I just kept on thinking TD pinning his GF. She wants it.

After this historic lesson, let's fast forward to Real Social Dynamics in 2011.

Jon had only given me the actual link, but the title of the thread was already embarrassing enough. It is, Lie your way inside a womans vagina (People with morals DO NOT READ).

Frankly, after skimming the first few paragraphs I thought that "Fingerman" can't be serious. Just look at his guide to pulling a "retarded, drunk and fucking hot 18 years old":

Once you pulled her away from the friends, made out, and have a somewhat chill vibe going on (takes 15 -30mins), you say "this bar sucks, lets go to another bar". If she wants to know where it is, you say 2 min walk. If she has to get her coat, you guys go get the coat, if she has to say bye to her friends, you tell her what to say and hope to god that it's gonna work. If she refuses, you didnt do the first part right.

Once youre out, walk 2 blocks away from the bar. get in a cab and go to your house. If she objects, say its too cold/hot to walk./ Its just 5 min/i just wanna kiss/ can we kiss?/ ignore what she says and physically force her. If you cant verbally and physically dominate a drunk 18 yo girl that likes you, please kill yourself.

To get inside your house, tell her you need to get money before you guys go to the bar. Once inside, quickly take off your coat and shoes and put on some music, dim lights and pour yourseld a drink. In 1 min or less. Start making out, tell her youre gonna make her visit. Quickly take her to your room and if she says anything while you take off all your clothes, tell her to shut the fuck up, and make her go on her knees and suck your dick. Only worrt about taking off her clothes once youre fully naked and shes jerking you off or sucking your dick.

Shes young, shes drunk, she likes you.she wont resist. Or not a lot.

You need to act quick, dont let her any time to think or lead.
Only pace yourself to get a vibe going. Do not hesitate, or youre fucked. Dont be afraid to physically force her to do anything or to tell her no or shut up. (can make her not like you and fuck up the pull so only do it ifnecessary)

This is sad enough, but look at the comments! Here are some:

this is accurate

retarded, drunk, hot 18 years olds are my favourite

Nice fingerman your advice is as always so fucking helpful, strategic, and intelligent.

No comment.

One user chimes in and recommends martial arts so that you learn how to force yourself upon women:
Yeah that bit about jiu jitsu... I actually recommend taking some form of martial art for improved man handling abilities, bjj + strength training = god tier manhandling skills.

However, I find it impossible to tell if some of the people are actually serious. First I thought that "Saint Etienne" was making fun of "Fingerman", but the last part of his comment made me think otherwise:

yeah, and then when you're done with her, you just like grab all her clothes an then throw em at her, then shout get out you fucking whore. women deserve this because of what they've done to us

RSD instructor Jeffy aka. "jlaix" is "Loving the responses.", instead of banning this dude and deleting the thread in order to save face. Jesus. Even worse, Jeffy seems to have edited his comment, because he gets quoted with "Anyone actually fucking chicks on a regular basis knows this is what's up" by another user.

I couldn't bring myself to reading the whole thread, but Jeffy's later comment says it all: "We're here to fuck girls not assuage hypothetical psychological wounds and/or better society. I'm frankly a little sick of KJ moralizing and hand wringing about this shit. Let's not sugar coat what it is we are doing here too much. We're FUCKING WOMEN."

OK, got you, what's so wrong about using a little force if it means that you get your little pecker wet, right?

That those nine pages of comments to the forum thread have the potential to make you lose faith in humanity. Viz:

5-stars. OP is dead on target. My "game" is still intermediate but I've experienced enough to begin to see this is how it really goes down, even if I can't yet pull it off myself.

Part of the problem for me is fear that if I am this aggressive with a girl, especially a young drunk girl 10 to 15 years my junior, she may cry "rape" the next day. Not because it happened but because she wants to justify her slutty behavior. It sounds like you just need to be extremely calibrated to sense if she's really down and just putting up token resistance or if she really feels "forced" into doing things.

I actually have no moral issues at all with the OP (hell I think the age of consent should be 17, even 16 on case-by-case...), it's just our society's fucked-up laws on sex that scare me.

Not the laws are fucked up but this guy who fantasizes of raping girls half his age and getting away with it.

Not all hope is lost for mankind, though. Some users made statements such as:

This is quite disturbing...especially how many times you wrote and emphasized "physically force her". But hey....

I also liked this one:

i have advice for you, instead of having to wait to find the drunk girls, just roofy them since yer in such a hurry!

But please excuse me now, I've got to vomit.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Sleazy Stories now for Amazon's Kindle — only $0.99!

In my last post I mentioned I was in the process of converting Sleazy Stories to Kindle, and it turned out that this was a rather straightforward process. Here's a random excerpt thanks to Amazon's Kindle Previewer:

Some sacrifices had to be made for formatting. Kindle uses a simplified HTML layout engine, which means that the book doesn't quite reach the level of the paperback version, which was typeset in LaTeX. I'm nonetheless satisfied with the result because the text is very readable and easy to navigate.

Also, since this is my first foray into e-publishing, and because I view Sleazy Stories as a test balloon, I'll make you the very sweet offer of setting the retail price for the ebook at just $0.99. Pricing in other regions is accordingly. It should be 75p in the United Kingdom,  for instance. However, in other regions, the price may be higher, which is due to some policy of Amazon, since I can only set the price for the UK and US market. Get Sleazy Stories now if you haven't bought it already! :)

Sleazy Stories finally on Kindle

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Upcoming Releases

Today, I have started on converting Sleazy Stories for Amazon's Kindle. I have done a rough first conversion of the text, but there are some minor formatting issues which have yet to be sorted out. I will keep you updated about the status of this project.

Also, I have finished the translation of Sleazy Stories into German. The book has to go through just one more proof-read. If everything works out, it will be released as a paperback as well as in an ebook version for Kindle.

It's been almost a year now since I have released Debunking the Seduction Community. The effect this ebook had was beyond my wildest expectations, and I still regularly receive emails about it. I have gathered a lot of material for an update, but I also want to keep it as concise as possible. This means that I will probably only release a minor update, but the few pages of new content should be worth it.

Lastly, I have been working on a manuscript for an instructional book on seduction for a while. The promise is nothing more than to lay out the most concise, efficient and versatile approach to seduction. The feedback I have received on drafts has been ecstatic. The book is currently in its final stages, and I'll reveal more about it soon. However, if you ask me when I'll be releasing it, I'll take the same stance as ID Software does with its games: "When it's done."