Thursday, September 29, 2016

Reader feedback on using "Minimal Game" in Singapore

The other day a reader from Singapore contacted me, telling me that he has been doing well using the information contained in my book Minimal Game on his home turf. As I don't have many readers from Asia, as far as I know, I asked him to elaborate. This is what he wrote (I'm posting this with his permission):

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

What do desperate women do when nobody wants to marry them?

I think we all agree that women have a much harder time getting married. For that insight you don't even need to encounter some woman in her late 20s or early 30s who asks you whether you want to move in --- after a one night stand. Just look around. The desperation is real. However, the solution is rather simple, at least in Japan, where chronically single women simply marry themselves (!):

Monday, September 26, 2016

Would you fuck Hillary Clinton?

Fuck no. Of course you wouldn't.

Yet, with the first debate between Crooked Hillary and Donald "The wall just got 10ft higher" Trump, it seems opportune to point out one of the fundamental differences between the sexes. Shillary and Trump are about the same age. She is 68; Trump is 70.

The fundamental difference between male and female streamers

I'll move on from discussing "Twitch whores" soon enough, but there is one aspect I wanted to highlight: women on YouTube or Twitch tend to focus on themselves. They show cleavage, most of the screen displays them. They are central. More concretely, their looks are. The most popular topoic women cover on YouTube must be makeup. On the other hand, men focus on topics. That's no surprise as you probably wouldn't watch a dude with a PhD in motorcars or Japanese video game trivia for hours on end. Some of the most well-researched channels I have come across just have dudes narrating over video. You don't even see their face.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

A note on the coming evolution of "titty streamers" and Twitch whores

Do any of you guys watch streams of video games on Twitch? Well, I don't, but I have a guy named Birdman in my YouTube playlist. He has some pretty hilarious videos, like one in which he is hitting on an alleged milf on voice chat on Xbox or his run-in with the "cam girl community". His persona is a bit silly, but he has quite a knack for presenting rather mundane events in an entertaining manner. This goes back to the issue of dullness --- dull minds don't even grasp when something funny or interesting is happening right in front of them.

Anyway, through one of his videos I learnt about the Biggest Twitch Whore Ever. Take a few minutes of your time and watch that video. It is about "LegendaryLea". It's not quite clear whether she is acting or whether she is really that dumb (I'd bet money on the latter). Instead of playing games on Twitch, she shows off her legs, ass, tits, and even vagina. It's quite incredible. She puts on her webcam, shoves her vag into the screen and salivating idiots throw money at her. I don't really care about "LegendaryLea", don't get me wrong.

Friday, September 23, 2016

Clubs vs HD Porn

Alek Novy made the following remark on my recent post on the economic struggles of clubs:
I'd say that guys waking up to "pussy being overrated" & "porn is better than most chicks" are a huge factor too. It isn't just that girls dressed slutty to get male attention. But guys also went to clubs so they can see sluttily dressed girls as well. With HD porn that's no longer that special... not worth dressing up, waiting in line for, and paying a fee in order to see it. Remember, most club guys in the history of clubs never got a single lay. (...) Most guys went for the factor of "omg i get to see a slutty-dressed chick in real life". (...)
This makes perfect sense. To me, the only plausible reasons for going to clubs are 1) wanting to get laid and 2) enjoying to hang out in a particular scene. On the other hand, the average dude only dreams of 1), and 2) isn't really a factor for him because he has no particular taste. Instead, a club is a place to consume alcohol and ogle chicks.

Club Game is now available for Kindle

At long last, my book Club Game: The No-Nonsense Guide to Getting Girls in Clubs and Bars is now available as a Kindle ebook:

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Clubs seem to be having a harder time

Prompted by a recent post on my forum on anecdotal evidence that clubs are disappearing, I did a bit of research on that topic, but before we get to that, I'd like to share some of my observations.

I have been aware that gentrification is a prime cause for club closures. Central London was hit pretty hard due to the redevelopment of Tottenham Court Road tube station, for instance. In addition, the authorities cracked down on clubs in Soho, leading to the closure of clubs that have been around for decades, such as Madame Jojo's. Their Tuesday night was one of my favorite nights out in London. When I was living in Berlin, I witnessed first-hand the effects of gentrification, forcing many clubs to either permanently close or move. The pattern was always more or less the same: renovations, redevelopments, new renters or owners of apartments close to clubs. Those uptight high-strung people moved to Berlin to experience some of its "cool". Yet, the moment they figure out that this means loud crowds in the neighborhood, they've had it, and file complaints with the authorities.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Are these men dull?

It is well-established that the mainstream media (MSM) have various questionable biases: they are left-leaning, so much that they topple over and end up with their head in the sand, they are misandrist, they detest logic and clear reasoning, and any kind of criticism is "hate", "racism" or "nazism". Today, we'll look at an example of misandry in the MSM. The Telegraph had a brief article on a book with the title "Dull Men of Great Britain" --- published in the men's section of that newspaper! Can you imagine a woman's magazine running a story like "The dumbest bitches in the world?". I thought so. That book itself is an affront, and the Telegraph story isn't any better. They picked the allegedly "23 dullest men in Great Britain", which includes whose achievements include:

- collecting over 300 vacuum cleaners
- building a WWI tank (!)
- traveling the country in order to photograph hedges
- collecting a myriad of handsaws
- collecting > 7,500 different beer cans in 40 years
- visiting all 2,548 railway stations in England, Scotland and Wales

Club Game for Kindle is almost done

I am happy to announce that the Kindle version of Club Game is almost ready for release. It's unfortunate that it took that long, but life had gotten in the way. I will make an announcement once Club Game for Kindle is available on Amazon.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

"She is just young and healthy"

In the recent Open Thread, Lucretius Carus left a comment regarding Marisa Papen, a playboy model who wrote some drivel on why she isn't objectifying herself when she's taking her clothes off for the camera, or something like that. He wrote:
Just looked at this Brazilian (?) chick "Marisa Papen"'s Playboy pics. Honestly, I've banged hotter girls, both in real life and in high class brothels & escorts. There's nothing particularly noteworthy or intriguing about her at all. She's just young, healthy and one monthly local playmate more - that's all. And her "philosophical essay" is nothing but a joke. Not only is it a great example of twisted female logic, it also reeks of solipsism and of completely overestimating her overall importance.

Thursday, September 1, 2016

The Open Thread: September 2016

After receiving an increasing number of comments that were only tangentially related to my blog posts, I began posting the (mostly) monthly 'Open Thread'. This has been working very well so far.

In short, if you think anything you're going to write is "off topic" to the current post, but still related to pickup, women, gender politics and other topics I discuss on this blog, then please leave a comment to the most recent Open Thread, such like this one. Just post below.

Thank you.