Thursday, September 29, 2016

Reader feedback on using "Minimal Game" in Singapore

The other day a reader from Singapore contacted me, telling me that he has been doing well using the information contained in my book Minimal Game on his home turf. As I don't have many readers from Asia, as far as I know, I asked him to elaborate. This is what he wrote (I'm posting this with his permission):

I need to point out that I go out with mainly Asian girls, both Singaporeans and overseas, in Singapore itself. And I would classify them based on whether they are overseas or locals, as the overseas girls are more open and receptive than the Singaporean girls.

The girls who came from other countries are more open, and basically I can go out with them on dates faster with less effort on the phone, and they are more receptive to touching as well, as compared to the local girls. Often times, I need to spend more time messaging local girls on the phone before I can get them to meet up, and they seem more likely to reject more overt forms of touching, like touching their back or holding their hands etc. And I had quite a few times where the (local) girl wanted to bring her friend along for the date. That doesn't happen to me when I'm asking out girls from overseas.

But I think overall for both groups in Singapore, I cannot proceed as fast as described in the Minimal Game. I would need to slow down and go on more dates. If I proceed too fast, there wouldn't be a second date.
He later on specified that he normally needs a few more than three dates to seal the deal. I would certainly attribute this to cultural differences due to interacting with girls from a more traditional background. Note that the reader is Asian. I know of Western expats who do very well with female Western expats, which is apparently due to male Westerners going abroad having a thing for Asian women, looks or behavior-wise. Thus, female expats easily feel ignored. No, it's not just a "feeling" for those women, it's a fact.

If there are more readers from non-Western cultures reading this, feel free to comment below. I'm very interested in hearing from you, considering that I'm writing from a Western perspective, and for a Western audience.


  1. Plenty of experience in Asia (across a lot of different Asian countries), and I am an Indian guy, so here it goes.

    Broadly speaking, my experience mirrors that of this guy. Girls who are from Asia, are generally slower to move, and need more time. Girls who come from overseas, or even local girls who have spent substantial time abroad move much faster. However, there is massive variation across cities, subcultures and where you meet someone / context.

    I found Singapore one of the harder countries to meet local women. Hong Kong was easier. Phillippines and Indonesia were the easiest. Not been to Japan myself, but a lot of my friends who traveled there for work have had plenty of success.

    Also, context of meeting matters a lot. If you meet a girl on Tinder, and you are a "foreigner", then you will almost certainly be fucking on the first date itself, as she has almost zero interest in "dating" you. I also found coming across "rich" matters a lot in Asian countries. I found pictures of me in a suit gets a lot more interest than me "looking cool". I also find that cities have big variation among themselves. For instance, your experience in Mumbai (kind of like New York) will be very different than Bangalore (kind of like San Francisco).

    Now I have never "dated" a girl in an Asian country which isn't India, so take it for what you will. I usually travel to these places for work, which means short trips, and the occasional vacation. I find being somewhat aggressive in "screening" a girl, who is also looking for just a hook up, tends to work well.

    In a place like Manila or Jakarta, if you are a reasonably good looking guy, who is rich by local standards, you can probably fuck a new girl a day for the time you are there. Stay in a fancy hotel in a good neighborhood, look rich on Tinder, and throw some money around at clubs and bars, at small to mid size girl groups. You will surprised at what all you can get to experience ;)

    Hope this helps.

  2. Hello Aaron
    I must ask,do you have any clients in the Philippines who has given positive review for you and your books?

    I've read your books,and they definitely offer great advise. However,I do wonder if "quick escalations/quick lays" are practical to get here in the Philippines. Most men I know are "betas",many boyfriends will put up with unreasonably bad behavior from women and many men find themselves chasing uninterested women(as in,they sincerely believe that their "efforts" will create attraction)
    I thankfully never fell into this trap as I stayed away from dating back when I was a kid/teen,and ever since I learned about you,I also now know that you don't have to put up with such things to be successful in the dating game. Its just that I still don't know if I can go for quick lays or is it more appropriate for several weeks or a month in this place.

    1. I don't recall ever having been contacted by someone from the Philippines. You seem to be doing very well, so just try to escalate faster with every third or fourth girl you meet. This way, you'll still get plenty of sex following your standard procedure.

  3. Speaking of Asia: I faintly remember Thompson "Future" Plyler & "Starlight" of LoveSystems (I still cannot stop cringeing when reading this company's name) trying to reach out to potential Asian "customers". Even doing a dedicated promo tour from Singapore, via Hong Kong & Macao finally ending in Sidney ("Future & Starlight's excellent Asian adventures"). I also recall Future giving some vivid talks in front of lovethirsty Asian guys — I guess that was in Singapore of all places, where chix and the particular local dating scheme supposedly make things really, really hard for those poor guys —, but nothing he told them would be of any real help to them. Good grief, he even compared pick-up to Japanese budo (!),... some of his rant is still on YT (remember guys, this was *before* Thompson turned into a fitness afficionado with bodyweight training!):

  4. I had an incident with an asian immigrant girl in germany, her parents fucking called her at 5 o'clock in the morning to know where she was. Asian people rage and insult you in their foreign language and than they will smile at you...


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