Tuesday, September 20, 2016

"She is just young and healthy"

In the recent Open Thread, Lucretius Carus left a comment regarding Marisa Papen, a playboy model who wrote some drivel on why she isn't objectifying herself when she's taking her clothes off for the camera, or something like that. He wrote:
Just looked at this Brazilian (?) chick "Marisa Papen"'s Playboy pics. Honestly, I've banged hotter girls, both in real life and in high class brothels & escorts. There's nothing particularly noteworthy or intriguing about her at all. She's just young, healthy and one monthly local playmate more - that's all. And her "philosophical essay" is nothing but a joke. Not only is it a great example of twisted female logic, it also reeks of solipsism and of completely overestimating her overall importance.

I agree with Lucretius Carus and likewise think that that there is nothing particularly noteworthy about that woman. I also think that she seems to have an inflated view of herself. You should skim her homepage and take in some of her incoherent stream of consciousness writing. There are countless talentless women who get a modicum of attention because they are young and not ugly (Ever forced yourself to listen to inane female blather because you wanted to get laid? I've been there too.). The most deluded of them seem to think that they don't age. Eventually, the attention she's gotten used to will only be a distant memory.

As ephemeral as their looks may be, as long as they are young and healthy --- excuse the silliness! --- they are young and healthy. It's nothing special in the grand scheme of things. Any guy who gets laid regularly with a decent caliber of women has this as his baseline: young and healthy. If Lucretius Carus wouldn't get laid so much, he would presumably have a much higher appreciation for the naked body of an unremarkable woman. Indeed, if you've banged a lot of hot women, it is very easy to get a skewed view on reality. In general, though, people just are not particularly healthy. Just look around you! How many genuinely fit people do you see? Or think of the last time you went to a decent club. There probably were plenty of non-fat girls around, but most of them were probably skinny-fat. In fact, you may be completely unaware of the skinny-fat epidemic if you don't see a lot of exposed midriffs. So, if you don't go out a lot or don't live close to a beach, you may mistake people for being healthier than they are just because they are not fat.

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  1. especially tired of that "objectification" buzzword. seems there isn't a woman alive that knows what an object is.

  2. I think Lucretius got a point there. And i think he should write more on his blog, he has some good thoughts.

    I am actually working on a book with a friend written in german that will address this and will be written for women in their early 20ies. Due to the fact they that they probably will not understand it fully and in their 30ies wish they read it when they were 20: society in the western countries tries to hold up youthfulness and scepticisms as an ideal for women that should be approached permanently. Women in their early 20ies view the attention their getting and their body as self-evident, even though some women will not measure up visually to that. It just takes a few years and even photoshop can't fix their "problem areas". Arrogance and hubris changes to depression and bitterness. A prominent example for that is Pamela Anderson who recently appeared in the media that "porn is for losers and bad..." ignoring the fact the she was the sex symbol of the nineties and fed that industry - btw there are no other women who has more naked pictures and movies on the web than her. She even appeared more on playboy cover than any other model.

    The book should be an eye opener to not focus too much on that trap and instead focus on things to be taken seriously by men and even other women. I will also write one chapter that focuses on things that are truly attractive and what men want in a women other then the standard idiocy "how to get a bikini bridge so men at the beach fall in love with you"

  3. The notion that anyone would pay attention to Pamela Anderson or Marisa Papen if they were not attractive models is crazy. It is just another example of the Halo effect. Their comments have some novelty as usually the women complaining about objectification are the ones that are in no danger of ever being objectified.

  4. If I'd put my dick in Marisa Papen? Yeah, sure.
    If I'd allow her to stay around me after I bust a nut on her lower back? Fuck no.
    Pseudointellectual women are truly annoying for me, because all their supposed "intellectual depth" is just another form of attention whoring. "I'm different than other girls, I'm smart!" "Yeah, I'm a whore, but I like 'art films' and I listen to The Beatles, therefore I'm smart and cool!"
    Fuck off, slut.

  5. Hey Aaron, kudos for featuring my facetious comment! ;)

    @ Steven Farm: I'd love to write more German stuff on my blog, but currently I'm far too busy with other important stuff & duties. But I will return to it, that's why I didn't terminate it.

    Talking about "young'n healthy", as we all know, looks can be (and quite often are) deceiving any many of us have had such kind of experiences e. g. in clubs or with regard to online dating. Now I do remember such an experience two or three years ago, even though it took place mostly on a virtual level. Young German "supermodel" Toni Garrn used to be prominently featured on large billboards inside of malls and downtown areas of larger German cities. Her being slim, blonde, "young & healthy", embodying a kind of cool, hanseatic (i. e. north German) energy type of woman at that time got me a massive boner each time I spotted some of her billboards or was walking past one. At that time Leo DiCaprio was said to be drilling her, so the notion of her overly "pure" appearance actually getting "tainted" by some nice cock entering her V also raised my bloodlevel and made ME fantasize of actually ravishing her myself. Long story short, one day I accidentially stumbled upon a little filmed interview of her done by some tabloid paper from her hometown of Hamburg, Northern-Germany. In it she was talking & answering in German and in her genuine, naive everyday-mode, which clearly gave away her core character traits. And the effect of this short clip on my boner(s) was a devastating shock: all sexiness and lure immediately vanished! And what did remain was the impression of a plain, (albeit) "young & healthy", typical German wanna-be twen, with no particular charme, interests or even spleen (apart from a shoe fetish) to her credit. The only sure thing to be deducted from this telling clip was, that she might probably be quite in a pain in the ass. It was a particularly sad moment...

  6. Sleazy wrote about reading your typical left-wing or femininst nut piece to see illogicality in action. Here's one where a feminist mocks the red pill community:



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