Monday, December 17, 2012

There is No Point in Pretending

In his guest post, Alek Novy made the important point that it is impossible to improve your chances with one particular girl. Of course, there are more or less universally attractive features, and on the other end of the spectrum, there is an element of randomness. Imagine a woman goes out and desperately wants to get laid. In that case it's sufficient to be the first guy who is just good enough, and you'll get laid. However, once you move past one-night stands, your personality and lifestyle play a much bigger role. For a relationship, or even just for a fling, girls surprisingly care about what kind of person you are.

If you're familiar with "old school" game like Mystery Method, then you may remember that one of the biggest fears of those losers was to "run out of routines." Having a girlfriend was seen as an elusive goal, only achievable by true masters, and even then only after years and years of practice. The issue is that it is certainly possible to claim to be someone you are not and keep the facade up for some time. A "gamer" may read that he has to like animals to be more attractive to girls, because many girls like animals. Thus, he creates his own little "routine" and tells fake stories of how he liked to play ball with the neighbor's dog when he was a kid.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Guest Post: What "game" is and isn't (by Alek Novy)

In the following guest post, Alek Novy dismantles "game" once again. In particular, he is responding to the claim that you can become more attractive by changing a few minor things. For instance, Mystery and Love Systems want to tell you that you have to approach from a 45 degree angle. Others tell you to pepper your language with "NLP anchors", and whatnot. The number of bullshit ideas in the community is endless.

The concept of "creating attraction" is fraudulent as demonstrated by science. I've argued and proven this over in length, I won't have time to argue now (I have a life, so no time). But basically, you can become more attractive in general by

  • Adding muscle, removing fat
  • Getting plastic surgery
  • Getting status in a given circle/community
  • Making lots of friends and raising your social status
  • Money
  • Money
  • Money
  • Fame

However, becoming more attractive to one specific chick doesn't work since it involves:

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Paul Janka pays 500 dollars for an "outstanding" testimonial

Paul Janka is one of the very few guys in the seduction industry whom I consider legitimate. I've read his free Getting Laid in NYC ebook some years ago, which is one of a still shockingly small number of decent books on dating and seduction. My only gripe is that he recommends getting a girl drunk on a date, but that's a more philosophical issue. I don't follow Paul Janka closely, but whenever someone forwards me an article or a few paragraphs, and asks for brief feedback, I normally nod my head in agreement.

As good as his materials may be, his marketing is now on the same low level as the rest of the industry. Just have a look at the following email, which he sent out to his list of paying customers. He offers 500 bucks in exchange for an "outstanding" video testimonial. Please note that if your testimonial is only "average", you may only get a hundred bucks, if at all. Wanting to leave little to chance, Paul Janka also offers detailed instructions and remarks that you shouldn't bother if your apartment is a mess, because the video should look authentic. Faked authenticity, how lovely!

Here's the entire email: