Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Another Example of a PUA Scammer in Action

I think we could all need a little break from reading about Justin Wayne. There are more scammers out there, though. The following is an email I was sent some time ago, and hadn't it been for the Justin Wayne/Marcus Nero exposure, I would have posted it much sooner.

In a nutshell, the following is a testimony of a guy from California who had a run-in with a PUA called "Arash Dibazar", and he tells us how that PUA tried to make him part with some money. The guy who sent me this said that I could even publicly use his name if I wanted, but I'll refrain from it as only PUA shills would claim that I make this stuff up anyway.

It's an interesting story as it also illustrates the thought process that makes men buy into the empty promises of pickup coaches. Luckily, the guy who emailed me was smart enough to get out before losing a lot of money.

Here is his email:

So after failed attempts with women, which I now realize was because they were never interested, I decided to research online like most guys do and hopefully figure some things out. Of course I got sucked into the PUA world and soon enough found myself reading The Game by Neil Strauss (dick head). In his book he mentions boot camps where guys can actually train under masters to become pick up artists themselves.

I figured since I had never had much luck with the techniques I was probably doing something wrong, and could use some coaching. Out of curiosity I went on Google and searched for some local pick up places. I came across the Celcius Lounge located in Campbell, California. The self-proclaimed guru is named Arash Dibazar, and he had about 5 henchmen under him who I originally thought were just regular guys like me who had learned from him, but I later realized were part of the same organization trying to lure insecure guys with hopes of becoming ladies men.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Justin Wayne's Disinformation Campaign: No, he is NOT Brandon Rice.

This will hopefully be the last post on Justin Wayne aka Marcus Nero. I've written far too much about this scammer already. However, one thing has come up that should be documented. While I was busy exposing Justin Wayne, I was contacted by a guy who claimed that Justin Wayne wasn't Marcus Nero either but "Brandon Rice." That guy has started to post this disinformation on other places on the Internet as well. But let's see what kind of evidence he presented.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

A Peak into Justin Wayne's Music Production History

It seems that "Justin Wayne" is very fond of aliases. He has apparently used "Subliminal" as an alias for his fake MTV group, while his limited professional activity as a music producer went on under the name Justin Wayne as well! As one commenter on my blog pointed out, there is one documented use of both aliases, Justin Wayne and Marcus Nero, on some dubious page on the Internet:

The Flyer "Justin Wayne" used (+ bonus: statutory rape?)

This morning I found a nice surprise in my inbox as Natascha sent me the flyer Justin Wayne/Marcus Nero used to recruit girls via Craigslist. I've attached the file below.

Natascha wrote:
attached is the flyer justin wayne was using on craigs list to recruit girls, I also would like to remind you that "elaine wayne" her real name was headi was also recruited through this scam. Additionally some other girls have come forward to me, and  we have learned Justin (or Marcus Nero) has had relations with at least one minor (a 16 year old), and to these charges we will probably take them to the police. I am trying to ensure no other girls fall for this horrible man. 
You'll learn interesting tidbits such as "Subliminal" (another alias) claiming to have been in the music industry "for many years", working as a "ghostwriter." Nice! He is joined by "Manny Lal" who claims to have managed Lady Gaga, John Legend, and many others.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Natascha isn't done with Justin Wayne yet either

Natascha, who uncovered Justin Wayne's evil scheme, has one more ace up her sleeve. In her most recent email, she shared with me the message that was sent out to the girls in the fake MTV group. As you can see, the women were deliberately misled. No matter how you want to view it, Justin Wayne looks incredibly bad. Calling him low-life scum would almost be a compliment.

Detailed Breakdown of Justin Wayne's "Social Circle Game"

Thanks to an anonymous commenter, we now know how elaborate Justin Wayne's scam was. It turned out that he not only played the girls, telling them they could get on TV. He actually pitched his little fake MTV group to some desperate guys in the pickup community who paid a lot of money to have access to this "social circle."

You have to marvel at this: on the one hand Justin Wayne promises girls that he'll make them famous. You know, all they have to do is cooperate a little bit here and there. This gets him laid, he puts some videos on his website, and at the same time, he turns around, and tells some guys that if they only pay him enough money, he'll teach them about social circle game.

In one corner we've got gullible girls, in the other desperate guys, and in the middle is Justin Wayne trying his best to profit from both. He took the cash from the guys, and sex from the girls. The setup was even more treacherous, as the following message shows:


I have the ULTIMATE BREAK-DOWN of Justin Wayne and his “social circle” game.

I know a guy who was apart of the whole social circle game. He told me shocking things that even ‘Natascha’ did not know.

Justin Wayne has disappeared

A few people were quick to lash out at me about my last post, questioning the authenticity of the email I posted. One guy wrote:
Sounds like bs thus far. So a so called anonymous email arrives on the desk of the most anti Justin Wayne fan on the planet stating how Justin has been lying the whole time?......right

A few online pics with possible doctoration and we are supposed to believe it? Hmmm

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Justin Wayne's Pissed Off Ex Spills the Beans

We've been discussing Justin Wayne on this blog and in my forum a couple of times. His spiel is that he is a "PUA" from an ethnic minority and regularly pulls "supermodel caliber" women. He does belong to an ethnic minority, yet Justin Wayne's success rate is much worse than he wants to make us believe. This alone is enough to rebuke his boisterous claims about his "mad skillz" with the ladies.

Yesterday, I received an email from an ex-girlfriend of Justin Wayne who revealed what really goes on behind the scenes. Her revelations completely discredit this "PUA". She claims that Justin ran a "fake MTV group", and was convincing girls that they would be part of an MTV reality show! It seems that Justin Wayne is a seedy black version of AFC Adam.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Meeting Women on Facebook (by Martin)

Martin recently posted a great article on my forum, this time on how to meet women via Facebook. It's advice from a guy who knows what he's talking about, so if this kind of "game" is your thing, pay close attention.

Here is a teaser:

Since I lead quite a busy lifestyle with work and the gym and as a result don’t go out to clubs nearly as much anymore as in the past, I have in recent months focussed a lot on meeting women on the Internet. 

I’m not talking about online dating – which is something I have never tried – but rather good, old facebook. We’re all on it anyway, so why not use it for meeting women on the side as well? For me it’s been a huge time-saver since it requires very little effort on my part. In fact, of all the women I have been with lately, I would say that roughly 80% of them I met on facebook.

Like in the “real world,” online seduction basically boils down to the following simple steps.

1. Improve your looks
2. Indicate your interest
3. Focus on interested or potentially interested girls
The full post is on my forum.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Guest Post: The Relationships between Value, Confidence and Ego (by John)

John, a reader on my blog, left a serious of comments on my blog post on the pitfalls of "demonstrating high value", in which I highlighted a post on my forum. I've collected John's comments here, for better readability.
What is ironic about PUA advice is that its understanding of human psychology is so poor that it does not know which behaviors actually express the qualities it seeks to express. Its psychology is so crude.

Most people cannot quite verbalize it, but we all intuitively grasp that the guy who is "showing off" is not genuinely high status or genuinely confident. We instinctively react to show-offy behavior as an indication of lower status and lack of confidence. It is why Hollywood actors who are trying to convey ultra-confidence or extreme high status are trained to express themselves with restraint and moderation and avoid anything excessive "over-acting".

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Vince Kelvin Pulls Blonde Sexbomb! (Picture NSFW. I repeat: NSFW!!1)

I know, I know, some of you think I am just a hater. But today is the day on which I have to admit defeat. I was wrong. I was wrong about Vince Kelvin all along and I am ashamed of myself. I was too blind to recognize the rare level of game Vince Kelvin has. Vince, I really hope you will forgive me! Is it okay if I call you tonight? Don't worry, I am not pissed at you. I think you should fuck my sister. You deserve it! I hope you'll forgive me.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

About "demonstrating high value"

You're probably familiar with Mystery's concept of "DHV", which basically every PUA since then has regurgitated. Of course, you can't quite demonstrate high value if you don't have it, and all that bullshitting and lying will not get you very far either.

A user on my forum, Martin, contributed an anecdote that shows why "DHVing" is just nonsensical: