Saturday, August 18, 2012

Meeting Women on Facebook (by Martin)

Martin recently posted a great article on my forum, this time on how to meet women via Facebook. It's advice from a guy who knows what he's talking about, so if this kind of "game" is your thing, pay close attention.

Here is a teaser:

Since I lead quite a busy lifestyle with work and the gym and as a result don’t go out to clubs nearly as much anymore as in the past, I have in recent months focussed a lot on meeting women on the Internet. 

I’m not talking about online dating – which is something I have never tried – but rather good, old facebook. We’re all on it anyway, so why not use it for meeting women on the side as well? For me it’s been a huge time-saver since it requires very little effort on my part. In fact, of all the women I have been with lately, I would say that roughly 80% of them I met on facebook.

Like in the “real world,” online seduction basically boils down to the following simple steps.

1. Improve your looks
2. Indicate your interest
3. Focus on interested or potentially interested girls
The full post is on my forum.

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