Friday, July 29, 2011

Frying Little Brains

I certainly can't say that I have been partying with future female nobel laureates recently, but I don't really mind that. Nonetheless, I do enjoy a minimum of intellectual rigour. What sounds like a rather dry affair did start rather juicy, after all:

I was bumping into a group of girls at a club and we were soon sipping champagne. One of them puts her arm around me shoulder and looks into my eyes. She says,

"You are gay, right?"

As I have said so many times, this translates to something like, "OMG!!1! I, like, think you are, like, so totally hot."

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Lovely Chick-Logic

One of my recent encounters involved a tall and beautiful French girl. The interaction did progress nicely, until she asked me from where I was. The conversation unfolded as follows:

"Wait, did you move to Berlin from abroad or are you from Germany?"
"I'm German."

Suddenly her lustful smile disappeared from her face and instead of intensely hugging me and caressing my back, she stepped back and frowned. She also started to sound rather aggressive:

"My ex-boyfriend was German, and he was such a.... such a... I don't know the male word, I mean he was, like, such a slut -- but the male version. Do you understand?"

I understood the words, but was unable to follow her reasoning at all.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Quick Update: Upcoming Books, Posts, and a Seminar, too!

I have been incredibly busy with my life in recent months, and I'm spending most of the summer travelling. However, I will update the blog a bit more regularly in the future.

My email inbox is overflowing; and I think I'll do some more "community bashing". However, even though some of my critics love to accuse me for "being negative", a more than just cursory glance at those posts should make it obvious that there is plenty of "value" in those contributions.