Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Quick Update: Upcoming Books, Posts, and a Seminar, too!

I have been incredibly busy with my life in recent months, and I'm spending most of the summer travelling. However, I will update the blog a bit more regularly in the future.

My email inbox is overflowing; and I think I'll do some more "community bashing". However, even though some of my critics love to accuse me for "being negative", a more than just cursory glance at those posts should make it obvious that there is plenty of "value" in those contributions.

Recently, some readers have pointed me towards some of Vin DiCarlo's spam emails. I got hold of a few of them and think they are even more ridiculous than his legendary "Working Out is killing your Chances with Women". I will deconstruct a couple of Vin's emails and point out the many misconceptions and highly questionable psychological tricks he tries to pull off to make you feel bad about yourself - and hand him your money. There will be plenty to learn from my analysis.

Also, I have been working on finalizing the German translation of Sleazy Stories, which is turning out very well. As soon as this book is out, I will devote all my energies on my next project, which is currently about 90% done; it's an instruction manual on the "real" fundamentals of game. Look forward to the announcement.

Furthermore, I will give one seminar in England in late August. It will be my only seminar in 2011, and it will be a joint-seminar with one of the most interesting characters from the old mASF forum. The announcement will be sent out to my mailing list first, and be posted on this blog afterwards. Expect the announcement early next week.

Lastly, I have decided to post some of my "in-field" observations. I have grown a bit tired of writing "field reports", but there are nonetheless interesting tidbits I don't mind sharing. Those posts will appear infrequently, so please don't expect detailed descriptions of my nights out.

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