Thursday, January 27, 2011

Apple is promoting whoring

I recently skimmed the Apple online store. Yes, I'm talking about the company that makes fashionable and overpriced technology products such as iPhones, iPods, iPads, and computers. However, when I saw this I chuckled:

So, Apple encourages you give iPads to women: "This will be yours if you will be mine." Horrible, just horrible!

Somehow it seems that Apple products are bought to a large extent by women, and I don't even want to imagine how many of them browse the Apple store website, see this, and begin to bitch to their husbands or boyfriends that they "so deserve" to get an iPad for Valentine's Day.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Chase Amante reviews Sleazy Stories

Chase Amante from Girls Chase has reviewed my book Sleazy Stories. He has written a lengthy and balanced article. My favorite part is:

Some of the most rewarding parts of the book, at least for me, come when Aaron reaches important realizations: when he reasons he’s been playing his dates too safe, for instance, and starts moving faster and taking more risks. The feeling you get as a reader is akin to that you get in an epic fantasy when the hero realizes he’s graduated from small skirmishes and is ready to face his long-time tormentor in battle now, except instead of a battle we’re talking about seduction, and instead of a sword, Aaron is swinging a big, long… well, you know ;)

You can read the full review of Sleazy Stories on his blog. Furthermore, you can check out some sample chapters on my website, which also has the ordering information.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Gunwitch has to free up time for "other stuff"

Today is just like yesterday. I dicked around on the Internet for a bit, thought I should check out on new developments on the Gunwitch case, and nearly fell off my chair laughing. If you check his website, you'll now see the following announcement:

Well, in light of recent events it is no surprise that he has to free up more of his time for "other stuff". So, now better hurry! For once in this industry you can believe that this is not just a marketing method.

(Thanks, PUAHate!)

Sunday, January 9, 2011

An Ode to Gunwitch

I shouldn't post this for many reasons. One is that I've been procrastinating enough for today, and the other that it's bad form to make fun of people, but when I stumbled upon the following, I did break out in laughter, so I'll gladly share it anyway:

Originally Posted by PUAhater
oi oi oi oi oi oi oi oi oi oi oi oi oi oi oi

See me pull out my little pencil dick
On your Youtube screen
Settling for anything that I can get
If you know what I mean
HB10´s to the left of me
Cops to the right
I´ve got a gun
she´s got a knife
Hope she starts a fight

Cos I'm a
I'm a Sociopath
And I'll tie you up tight
I´m about to drop a load
Watch her face Explode!!!

I'm dirty, mean and mighty unclean
I'm a Wanted man
PUAhate´s Enemy Number One
I´m gonna rape your daughter
And then rape your wife
run through your back door
And get sentenced to life
Gunwitch is back in town
And he don´t mess around

(Guitar Solo)

P.U.A. oink oink oink
P.U.A oink oink oink
P.U.A. oink oink oink
P.U.A. oink oink oink

The source is nothing other than (of course) PUAHate.

By the way, this is not an original composition but rewritten lyrics of ACDC's classic song TNT:

Rock on!

Friday, January 7, 2011

PUA "Gunwitch" Shoots Girl in Face, Fans Still Love Him

The seduction industry is in massive decline. Unethical business practices are common, censoring of critical voices on PUA forums the norm, and when I thought that the case of "guru" Nathan PUA and Psych physically attacking a student was about as low as it gets, I checked my email account and saw that a handful of people emailed me that "guru" Gunwitch has defined the new low — by shooting a woman in the face. I was speechless. But first things first.

Who is "Gunwitch", you may ask?

It is this fellow:
Gunwitch at Klamath County Jail

But before he got put into jail, he built a reputation for his seduction method, called "Gunwitch method" on mASF/ The phrase he is most well known is, "Make the ho say no." The other one is "get laid, not liked", which is probably not the wisest choice for a tag line.

For about a decade Gunwitch has been the guru mASF/ associates themselves with, which you can easily see by the ads on this site. He is the only one that is officially endorsed. If you want to buy an audio file containing an interview with him, look no further. As far as I know, Gunwitch is also the only "guru" mASF/ is officially allied with. While others have to pay for banners so that the site owner Formhandle doesn't have to look for a job, Gunwitch gets his ads for free.

"Gunwitch" method does have its merit among pick up theories, and it is most notable for its straightforwardness. There are elements in it which I find rather questionable as they border on stalking and sexual harassment, but with some adaptations you are infinitely better off following Gunwitch's method than Mystery Method and everything that came from it. However, when reading his materials, you get the impression that the guy behind the words is a rather difficult individual, to put it mildly.

Unfortunately, it seems that some otherwise incriminating evidence has been pulled off the Internet. For instance, there was an addendum to the Gunwitch method in which he talks about picking up girls in clubs and also goes into what to do when you get into a fight. No, he didn't advocate never getting into one, or getting the f*** out, but had some things to say about in which order you should take out the guys that are coming after you. After I had read this part, I became rather reluctant to refer people to Gunwitch method. This was some years ago, and afterwards I stopped paying attention to this guy, so videos such as the following didn't show up on my radar:

But seeing this you wonder what had happened to him. I don't want to add to speculation, so I will not recite rumors on how he made his living besides selling his method to guys who wanted to get laid, but not liked. However, it is worth citing a relevant newspaper report:

A small New Year's Eve party at a Klamath Falls home turned violent Friday night, leaving a woman clinging to life with a gunshot wound to the face and a man arrested and jailed in the crime.
Klamath Falls police responded around 9:30 p.m. Friday to the reported shooting at 220 Mortimer St., said Officer Mike Anderson.

They arrived to find Amber Tripp, 20, of Klamath Falls, with a gunshot wound to the face.
Information gathered there about a reported suspect led officers to Allen Robert Reyes, 31, who was located in the 1800 block of Main Street, about three blocks from the shooting scene, Anderson said.

The normal reaction would be that he should stay in jail and if proven guilty, he shall bear the legal consequences for attempted murder. But, no, this is not how some people in the "community" reacted. It is no surprise that delusion is especially rampant on mASF, where one user comments:

This has got to be a joke. It really feels like one. You know what it feels like someone's making fun of my post of the other day when I explained that I may have been a little premature in judging people's character having not actually met them.....

C'mon fess up. It's a joke right.

Gunwitch fanboy and resident mASF mastermind Ockwick aka. "I have four lays under my belt in a little over a decade and thus I know more than anyone else ever could" (I still chuckle when I think back to when this guy tried to give me advice), speaks of "Wild speculation and smearing, to be expected of course." as well as of "conflicting information". Sorry, but this is quite different from the actual smear campaign that a guy like Julian Assange has to deal with.

It gets even better. Aspiring "guru" Blackdragon waxes lyrical:
I have no idea if he's guilty of this or not, but it shows that when you are PU guy, your standards of behavior must be higher than the typical guy out there, simply because it's easier for people to "go get you" if there's ever a problem like this in your life.
You are kidding me, right!? This probably means that it's fine to shoot people if your behaviour is "higher" otherwise.

Gunwitch's fan boys also have some issues with this. Here are some quotes from a thread from his official forum:

Is it possible that if someone posts bail for him, that he would be allowed to go home, until the court?

Throw in some panicking, too:

i might be paranoid, but if anyone has admin on this site maybe itd be a good idea to delete these threads? i mean its not national news (but obviously people would talk already about it)

Some user asked:

So what's going to happen to this site now? He's going to be in jail for a really long time, no question. which one guy replied:

Dawg chill!

We need to hear from Gun first. there is always two sides to a story

Im sure Gun has a perfectly good reason for shooting that girl in the face

Nothing indicated that this was being ironic. And neither this:

This is sad. Hope Gun is ok.

That woman has half her face missing and this guy asks whether Gunwitch is alright?

McPhallus also has his priorities straight:

His business name is by far the least of his worries now. *If* he's guilty, he's facing a long jail sentence and he's probably fucked in the community. Getting into fights is one thing, but shooting a 20-year old chick in the face. But we'll see. Two sides to every story.

No comment on this one:

Hopfully he can call barrys show from jail, have him on as a guest every month or somthing.

He has got all the sympathies:

This leaves me with a sick taste in my stomach... I've been through the court system... it aint like the movies...where its over in 5 minutes... its way harder mentally... can drag on for years... hes gonna regret this soon

As I dug deeper on Gunwitch's forum, I started to lose faith in the human race:

The fact that he left the scene makes me suspicious because if he had a legit reason to shoot her he wouldn't have fled. This is why guns and alcohol don't mix. Having said all this I hope i'm wrong and gun is found not guilty if thats the case, but good luck finding a good lawyer with the money gun has.

The "sanest" statement was the following one:

Wow, his life is pretty much going to be like that show Oz from now on. I feel bad for him, but at the same time you can't go around shooting chicks in the face. What the hell was he thinking,

Some guy even made this graphic:

So, let's summarize this: shooting people = not cool at all. Is this really so difficult to understand?

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Guest Post: The black veil of the seduction community

Ratisse has important insights into the seduction industry that come from a guy who has been a bit more involved into the commercial side of this scene than me. Enjoy!

The black veil of the seduction community
by Ratisse

This is a post compiled of a bunch of shit that's been on my mind for a while due to shit i've seen in the industry.

I feel sorry for a lot of people in the seduction community. Partially because of what has happened due to it becoming an industry. Where you have a bunch of internet marketers rehashing the same shit or saying that their previous method was flawed but on they have a new and improved version. For those just starting in the community, at least 50% of you are just fucked. With all this junk material and teachings out there you’ll get lost in a sea of shit and end up bitter and hateful because you feel like you’ve been taken for a fool.

Then there are those that take bootcamps. This one I can’t help but laugh at. For the most part you throw 6 to 10 “students” in a room with a room full of “instructors”. What you end up with is socially inept people promised that they will become sexual superstars over a weekend by training with these ”instructors”. What they don’t tell you is that you’re fucked right off the bat ratio wise. 2:1 or 3:1 – students per “instructor”. So right there you are getting 50% to 33% of the instructor’s time, possibly less. Also the hype that comes with these instructors is VASTLY exaggerated with extraordinary claims. Anyone can run flash game and talk to a girl. A HUGE percentage of these instructors aren't getting laid like the rockstars they claim to be, with the type of women they claim and I doubt alot of them aren't EVEN getting laid AT ALL. Depending on the company they won’t even demo because if they do they’ll be shown to be the frauds that they are. Next, we have your other type of instructor which is the approach coach. What they don’t tell you here is that this guy may have the same amount of experience or less than you. He could be a guy that just took that companies last bootcamp. Good luck asking him for feedback on what you are doing wrong.

Then on top of this are things like RSD. Look up the definition of a cult and you’ll find that RSD falls into this category. They systematically weed out influences that aren’t in line with their message and have their members trained to be like automatons spouting out slander on anyone that offers a different opinion or god forbid, brings up that RSD’s teachings aren’t working for them. Then you have the main man behind the scenes, Tyler. Supposedly there was all this hype about his woman being gorgeous. I had seen pictures before and every one of them never showed her face because of the angle. I never questioned it then it got leaked and wow…turns out he settled down with the first thing that would have him. This chick’s face just is nasty. It’s like her entire childhood was spent being repeatedly beaten in the face with an ugly stick. Envision the love child of sloth from the goonies and a chihuahua. On top of this the guy is just plain weird.

Then we have guys like Achilles. He’s from the San francisco area. I got the “pleasure” of listening to him speak at a meeting before it was my turn. It was epic. The guy spent his speech rehashing the Venusian arts handbook. Thanks guy for telling us something that 90% of the community has already read. Then he went on to say that he has been in a relationship for 4 years, been in the community for 1.5 years and has never had a Same night lay. Why the fuck are you even teaching? It’s almost like he’s a polished version of Mehow and that’s not saying much.

Getting good at women is a process, you learn over time from experience. It’s not, you hand someone $3000 and poof you are instantly transformed into a superstar. The expectation is fucking ridiculous. My favorite is the student that’s never talked to a girl in a bar, but over a weekend wants to be taught how to get same night lays. Learn how to crawl then walk before you try to run. This is why when I do teach bootcamps, I prefer to teach only 1 on 1’s AND with people that are already getting success so I can help them speed up their process. Also the reason I prefer doing short sessions over the phone. I can steer someone in the right direction, they can implement what they were advised to work on, we can then have another short session and build on the previous work they have already put in and it'll cost them nowhere near this type of retardation.

I have more thoughts on this industry, but presently I have to get ready for work. I'll get back to this later.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

The VA 360 Coach Development Program

A reader of my blog (thanks, Jon!) sent me a link to a offer that seems impossible not to refute. Jon writes:

Hey, big fan of the blog. I wanted to give you a heads up about what strikes me as one of the sleaziest (pardon the expression) business practices I have yet seen in the seduction community. Turns out that for $15,000 (yes, fifteen thousand) anybody can be a coach for Venusian Arts.

At first I was shaking my head in disbelief, but then I checked the link and came across a post by a Venusian Arts spokesperson. "Discovery" replies to an inquiring post of one of the sheeple:

yes, until now it has been under wraps and is a 6 month Coach Development Program to train 100 people worldwide to assist at bootcamps, do follow up coaching with students post-bootcamp and 1 on 1 coaching.

the program kicks off with 4 days and 4 nights in Vegas of Coach training and the qualification period to become a certified coach is 6 months including:

1. Coaching abilities (live practise at real bootcamps)
2. PUA skills (demo of basics a must)
3. theoretical knowledge
4. Ability to be a local ambassador in your region for Venusian Arts
5. 1 on 1 coaching with bootcamp students after the bootcamp
6. business management of your territory and region.

the program costs $14,900 and we have 2 more this year (only 10 guys worldwide max) the next 2 have earlybird offers of $11,900, which can be spread over up to 6 months).

If you want any more details contact me direct with your full contact details

this is a serious program of training professional pickup coaches and a considerable investment on your part, so please do not email me if you are not 21+ or could not afford the payment, sorry no charity requests either ;-).

Now, does anybody find a couple of things odd here?

If not, here are some strange things for starters.

1) $14,900 strikes me as a rather hefty investment, but to counter Discovery's "charity defense": what do I get in return? It strikes me that "approach coaches" are the least qualified to teach, and it's a post that has usually been filled by "interns". But money-greedy Mystery and whoever his business partner behind Venusian Arts is, apparently need more money for blow.

2) What certification are we talking about? Being a "certified coach" for Venusian Arts seems similar to being "the world's best dad/cook/lover", but the latter trophies can be had for a few bucks, even though they are just as recognized.

3) Selling a dream. The message basically is that for a few grand, you can start your own Venusian Arts franchise and be settled. But note that this is only between the line. More likely, they'll just take your money and run, similar to the many questionable for-profit universities in this world, who promise you great career prospects (despite evidence to the contrary), and are happy to take anybody who is willing to pay the fees.

Lastly, if you bother to scroll down the thread a little bit, you'll find a pure gem of mental retardation in the post of "Crunx", a dude who is currently undergoing that program. Then again, he might just be an unpaid intern who pulls stuff out of his a**:

I'm currently on the program and it's a great experience!
It's a great way to become a REAL MPUA and not just a guy that knows some material and claims to have a "MPUA"status.

The program is full learning experience which covers IT ALL! Your knowledge and ability to not only pickup HOT girls is being challenged but also the ability to teach and coach others is challenged.

No worries, you'll be given the right tools. You just make sure to bring it on!

And that's just a piece of ALL the material, that is going to be uploaded;

We're talking about High-End Psychology!
The final transformation!
Getting your skill level to a PICKUP COACH level and beyond! And not just a coach or a pickup artist.
Learning and being with like minded people, that support you in your journey.

So if you are looking for a serious program to supercharge your life, this is it!

But beware! Because your going to have some EPIC nights with the other coaches and MPUA's! But also it's a great excuse to travel around the world and making a lot of ( pua/ girl) friends.

And trust me, having some great PUA friends in your social life.... That pretty much spices everything up!


But what's really going on is revealed in this statement:

Thanks's kinda disconcerting that Henry Hill's negative comments about it that he posted and I got in my email appear to have been censored off here though...any reason for this?

Yeah, any reason for that, Venusian Arts?