Sunday, January 2, 2011

The VA 360 Coach Development Program

A reader of my blog (thanks, Jon!) sent me a link to a offer that seems impossible not to refute. Jon writes:

Hey, big fan of the blog. I wanted to give you a heads up about what strikes me as one of the sleaziest (pardon the expression) business practices I have yet seen in the seduction community. Turns out that for $15,000 (yes, fifteen thousand) anybody can be a coach for Venusian Arts.

At first I was shaking my head in disbelief, but then I checked the link and came across a post by a Venusian Arts spokesperson. "Discovery" replies to an inquiring post of one of the sheeple:

yes, until now it has been under wraps and is a 6 month Coach Development Program to train 100 people worldwide to assist at bootcamps, do follow up coaching with students post-bootcamp and 1 on 1 coaching.

the program kicks off with 4 days and 4 nights in Vegas of Coach training and the qualification period to become a certified coach is 6 months including:

1. Coaching abilities (live practise at real bootcamps)
2. PUA skills (demo of basics a must)
3. theoretical knowledge
4. Ability to be a local ambassador in your region for Venusian Arts
5. 1 on 1 coaching with bootcamp students after the bootcamp
6. business management of your territory and region.

the program costs $14,900 and we have 2 more this year (only 10 guys worldwide max) the next 2 have earlybird offers of $11,900, which can be spread over up to 6 months).

If you want any more details contact me direct with your full contact details

this is a serious program of training professional pickup coaches and a considerable investment on your part, so please do not email me if you are not 21+ or could not afford the payment, sorry no charity requests either ;-).

Now, does anybody find a couple of things odd here?

If not, here are some strange things for starters.

1) $14,900 strikes me as a rather hefty investment, but to counter Discovery's "charity defense": what do I get in return? It strikes me that "approach coaches" are the least qualified to teach, and it's a post that has usually been filled by "interns". But money-greedy Mystery and whoever his business partner behind Venusian Arts is, apparently need more money for blow.

2) What certification are we talking about? Being a "certified coach" for Venusian Arts seems similar to being "the world's best dad/cook/lover", but the latter trophies can be had for a few bucks, even though they are just as recognized.

3) Selling a dream. The message basically is that for a few grand, you can start your own Venusian Arts franchise and be settled. But note that this is only between the line. More likely, they'll just take your money and run, similar to the many questionable for-profit universities in this world, who promise you great career prospects (despite evidence to the contrary), and are happy to take anybody who is willing to pay the fees.

Lastly, if you bother to scroll down the thread a little bit, you'll find a pure gem of mental retardation in the post of "Crunx", a dude who is currently undergoing that program. Then again, he might just be an unpaid intern who pulls stuff out of his a**:

I'm currently on the program and it's a great experience!
It's a great way to become a REAL MPUA and not just a guy that knows some material and claims to have a "MPUA"status.

The program is full learning experience which covers IT ALL! Your knowledge and ability to not only pickup HOT girls is being challenged but also the ability to teach and coach others is challenged.

No worries, you'll be given the right tools. You just make sure to bring it on!

And that's just a piece of ALL the material, that is going to be uploaded;

We're talking about High-End Psychology!
The final transformation!
Getting your skill level to a PICKUP COACH level and beyond! And not just a coach or a pickup artist.
Learning and being with like minded people, that support you in your journey.

So if you are looking for a serious program to supercharge your life, this is it!

But beware! Because your going to have some EPIC nights with the other coaches and MPUA's! But also it's a great excuse to travel around the world and making a lot of ( pua/ girl) friends.

And trust me, having some great PUA friends in your social life.... That pretty much spices everything up!


But what's really going on is revealed in this statement:

Thanks's kinda disconcerting that Henry Hill's negative comments about it that he posted and I got in my email appear to have been censored off here though...any reason for this?

Yeah, any reason for that, Venusian Arts?


  1. You only just heard of this? I have more to add. There's a guy in DC name Jason Cusine foodgeek. The guy is the nerdiest fucking PUA i've ever met and gets blown out of every single girl he talk to because he's so incredibly beta and nerdy. Yet he's a VA coach. He once brag about how he coach 11 guys and...none of those guys get laid. Mehow also have similiar coaching program where you pay mehow 8 grand for him to make you into a coach.

  2. Thanks for this comment. Jason sounds like a rather typical character in this industry. ;) I also read up on Mehow's program, but it was not marketed in such a retarded manner as in the case of VA. Also, VA do sound really desperate to get your money. Their message is that as long as you pay, you get in, while Mehow has a pseudo-application procedure. The end result may be just as bad if not worse in Mehow's case, but the appearance is not as ridiculous. (Of course, nothing in this statement is meant as an endorsement of Mehow. Quite the contrary.)

    BTW, I have watched "Great Happiness Space" and will make a post on it soon.

  3. Read the article for more info

  4. Concerned reader,

    that's a good thread, which is once again highlighting that the big companies in the seduction industries are nothing but dishonest, greedy, shady, and any other negative attribute you can think of.


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