Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Guest Post: The black veil of the seduction community

Ratisse has important insights into the seduction industry that come from a guy who has been a bit more involved into the commercial side of this scene than me. Enjoy!

The black veil of the seduction community
by Ratisse

This is a post compiled of a bunch of shit that's been on my mind for a while due to shit i've seen in the industry.

I feel sorry for a lot of people in the seduction community. Partially because of what has happened due to it becoming an industry. Where you have a bunch of internet marketers rehashing the same shit or saying that their previous method was flawed but on they have a new and improved version. For those just starting in the community, at least 50% of you are just fucked. With all this junk material and teachings out there you’ll get lost in a sea of shit and end up bitter and hateful because you feel like you’ve been taken for a fool.

Then there are those that take bootcamps. This one I can’t help but laugh at. For the most part you throw 6 to 10 “students” in a room with a room full of “instructors”. What you end up with is socially inept people promised that they will become sexual superstars over a weekend by training with these ”instructors”. What they don’t tell you is that you’re fucked right off the bat ratio wise. 2:1 or 3:1 – students per “instructor”. So right there you are getting 50% to 33% of the instructor’s time, possibly less. Also the hype that comes with these instructors is VASTLY exaggerated with extraordinary claims. Anyone can run flash game and talk to a girl. A HUGE percentage of these instructors aren't getting laid like the rockstars they claim to be, with the type of women they claim and I doubt alot of them aren't EVEN getting laid AT ALL. Depending on the company they won’t even demo because if they do they’ll be shown to be the frauds that they are. Next, we have your other type of instructor which is the approach coach. What they don’t tell you here is that this guy may have the same amount of experience or less than you. He could be a guy that just took that companies last bootcamp. Good luck asking him for feedback on what you are doing wrong.

Then on top of this are things like RSD. Look up the definition of a cult and you’ll find that RSD falls into this category. They systematically weed out influences that aren’t in line with their message and have their members trained to be like automatons spouting out slander on anyone that offers a different opinion or god forbid, brings up that RSD’s teachings aren’t working for them. Then you have the main man behind the scenes, Tyler. Supposedly there was all this hype about his woman being gorgeous. I had seen pictures before and every one of them never showed her face because of the angle. I never questioned it then it got leaked and wow…turns out he settled down with the first thing that would have him. This chick’s face just is nasty. It’s like her entire childhood was spent being repeatedly beaten in the face with an ugly stick. Envision the love child of sloth from the goonies and a chihuahua. On top of this the guy is just plain weird.

Then we have guys like Achilles. He’s from the San francisco area. I got the “pleasure” of listening to him speak at a meeting before it was my turn. It was epic. The guy spent his speech rehashing the Venusian arts handbook. Thanks guy for telling us something that 90% of the community has already read. Then he went on to say that he has been in a relationship for 4 years, been in the community for 1.5 years and has never had a Same night lay. Why the fuck are you even teaching? It’s almost like he’s a polished version of Mehow and that’s not saying much.

Getting good at women is a process, you learn over time from experience. It’s not, you hand someone $3000 and poof you are instantly transformed into a superstar. The expectation is fucking ridiculous. My favorite is the student that’s never talked to a girl in a bar, but over a weekend wants to be taught how to get same night lays. Learn how to crawl then walk before you try to run. This is why when I do teach bootcamps, I prefer to teach only 1 on 1’s AND with people that are already getting success so I can help them speed up their process. Also the reason I prefer doing short sessions over the phone. I can steer someone in the right direction, they can implement what they were advised to work on, we can then have another short session and build on the previous work they have already put in and it'll cost them nowhere near this type of retardation.

I have more thoughts on this industry, but presently I have to get ready for work. I'll get back to this later.


  1. Haha this shit is awesome

  2. HI Aaron, any video clip or a movie scene where someone else dance like you?

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  3. Vincent,
    I'm not an especially talented dancer, but I am sure you'll find a clip where somebody is nodding his head to the beat of the music. ;)


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