Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Mass Migration, Divorce Courts, and the Systematic Subjugation of Betas (Part II)

In part I of this article we took a look at how 'betas'. in countries that are being flooded by unskilled illegal immigrants. are going to pay through the nose in order to ensure that the newly arrived and rapidly expanding minority will have their basic needs met. In fact, in many instances they are treated better than the natives. For instance, in Sweden they have the right to free dental care, which natives only have until they turn 18. In Germany they are financially better off than people living off welfare, and get other benefits on top, like free public transport. Just think of everything people were told that there was no money available for: health care, kindergartens, schools, universities, infrastructure, pensions. Yet, now all of a sudden Germany now apparently has billions available to shelter, clothe, and feed about one million illegal migrants who arrived in 2015, and the next million is expected to arrive this year.

Sunday, January 3, 2016

"So what's the strategy here? Pretend you're not a nerd?"

This is a follow up to the post "Reader Question: How does a nerdy introvert meet hot women?", which led to a pretty good discussion. Unfortunately, my original suspicion only got reaffirmed, namely that the person asking this question is only looking for a quick fix. Instead of trying to change himself, so that people around him would react differently to him, he seems to have a hard time letting go of the idea that with a few cosmetic fixes all problems will be gone. This was perfectly captured in reader "smashthestate" asking,

"So what's the strategy here? Pretend you're not a nerd?"

Let that sink in for a moment, as it points toward a very fundamental issue.

The Open Thread: January 2016

Since I get a relatively high number of comments that are tangential to the articles, I'd like to try to move those parts of the conversation to the monthly 'Open Thread'.

In short, if you think anything you're going to write is "off topic" to the current post, but still related to pickup, women, gender politics and other topics I discuss on this blog, then please leave a comment to the most recent Open Thread, such like this one. Just post below.

Thank you.