Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Mass Migration, Divorce Courts, and the Systematic Subjugation of Betas (Part II)

In part I of this article we took a look at how 'betas'. in countries that are being flooded by unskilled illegal immigrants. are going to pay through the nose in order to ensure that the newly arrived and rapidly expanding minority will have their basic needs met. In fact, in many instances they are treated better than the natives. For instance, in Sweden they have the right to free dental care, which natives only have until they turn 18. In Germany they are financially better off than people living off welfare, and get other benefits on top, like free public transport. Just think of everything people were told that there was no money available for: health care, kindergartens, schools, universities, infrastructure, pensions. Yet, now all of a sudden Germany now apparently has billions available to shelter, clothe, and feed about one million illegal migrants who arrived in 2015, and the next million is expected to arrive this year.
Politics is quite depressing, if you think about it. Now you may think that your life is better off if you don't follow the news. There is some appeal to that position. True, if you are content with just paying your taxes, and don't question it, you may prevent feelings of resentments considering what your tax money is being used for. The government does not take your tax money and then inform you that it was used on, say, some incompetent civil servant's fat pension, or on a fresh coat of paint for a rundown school in some derelict neighborhood. Instead, you contribute to a big blob that constitutes the government's tax revenue, they may take out some loans, too, because basic principles of economics apparently don't apply to them, and then they proceed spending it any way they please, even ignoring existing laws like Dublin III. This is happening in Germany, Sweden, Switzerland (the Swiss president decided to let Eritreans in, and now there are about 40,000 who will be impossible to integrate), Austria, and most of the rest of the European Union.

Realizing that your tax money gets wasted on a ton of crap is depressing enough, but, Joe Schmoe, we're not done yet, because presumably you believe in Disney-style romance and just had to get married. But what will happens if, say, the wonderful washed up 38-year old princess you chose to marry and impregnate one day wakes up and realizes that you are not as hot as you are supposed to be, and never were? Needless to say, she hasn't looked sexually appealing for years, if at all. That doesn't matter to her. After all, her bestest girlfriend recently got divorced, and got railed by some "bad boy" who has already moved on to five other women well past their best-before date. Yet, to your princess she makes it sound as if it was such a fabulous experience because being used made her "feel like a woman again". Your girl is therefore pissed, due to inherent competition among females. She also wants her bad boy! Thus, she makes an appointment with a divorce lawyer, of course paid with your credit card.

If things go well, you don't get any false accusations for rape or domestic violence, don't get locked out of your house, and don't get your joint bank account (if you have one of those: Jesus Fucking Christ!) emptied or locked. Instead, she just decides to move out. But, hey, she's not getting her needs met, so who could blame her?

Depending on where you live, your financial situation will now deteriorate somewhat or drastically. She's got your kid. Even if it is not your biological kid, which she may very well have deceived you about, it is nonetheless legally yours. So, open your wallet, beta! It's quite ridiculous how the law is structured in that regard. To quote a friend of mine who recently got divorced, "It's funny how children suddenly get five times more expensive." That guy does not have to pay alimony. However, he is paying a lot of "child support". Unlike what the word might lead you to believe, child support is not just for the child. Instead, in some countries it is so generous that it just so happens that there is quite a bit left over for mom as well. In some legislations child support scales with the guy's income, so the more you make, the more you pay. If this is not discrimination, I would not know what is. It does not take much to either construct examples, or find real-life instances of women who either don't work, or only work part-time, because they are living comparably well off of child support.

Alimony is bullshit on an entirely different level, though. In fact, if you live in a country where alimony laws exist, you are presumably better off not marrying at all. In countries where there is "only" child support, you can at least run the numbers to figure out how much you're willing to pay for love. In the end, an upright, hard-working beta gets doubly fucked: by the tax man, and by alimony/child support laws, which is just another tax in the end.

Those two posts were a bit of a rant, but think about it: while in the 1970s a hard-working regular dude could buy a house and easily pay off a mortgage, today's "young professional" is more likely than not to have significant debt. The only way not to get raped financially is not to marry, not to have kids, and either live in a decent country or live frugally, slowly withering away while the world is sinking into chaos.

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  1. In fact, if you live in a country where alimony laws exist, you are presumably better off not marrying at all.

    The scariest part about these feminist-passed laws is that it doesn't matter if the law exists today. You can be punished for something you do today, even if no law exist against it.

    If you marry today because your country doesn't have unfair divorce laws, but tomorrow they pass a law that says you are automatically electrocuted if a wive says she wants divorce... it will still apply to you.

    1. It's not quite as dramatic. Normally, it takes years for laws to get passed, so if you live in a country with decent laws today, the marriage is still a calculable risk. As you rightly point out, it is a wager.

    2. Yeah, I am "exaggerating for effect". But its scary that a law might get passed in 20 years from now, and apply to something you do today.

      Feminist influenced laws seem to be the only place this happens.

      They're also the only place where "assumption of guilt/prove your innocence" is being pushed as the default. Not just the ever-harder push in rape and harassment laws... even a random example like the feminist law in sweden that a "too muscular man" is automatically assumed to be on drugs, and he has to prove he is clean.

      Its scary to think that in 30 years a law might get passed that says you have harassed a woman by asking her out on a date two times within 6 months. You have to prove that you had reasonable suspicioun she said no the first time because of circumstance, not as in "never ask again ever".

    3. Yes it is scary, but very unlikely. At the end of the day, a law is just text on paper, unless you can seriously enforce it, it's meaningless.

    4. The point isn't that it's going to get used against every man. Btw when harsh family-court laws were being passed, people also said "oh its only going to be used rarely or against the most scumbag of men".

      Surprise, its very common now that a sizeable portion of normal divorcing men are being destroyed in family court.

      Even with the laws that will rarely be applied - The point is that more and more such laws are being passed to keep men in a state of intimidation and fear. More and more prosecutors are butch feminists with deep misandry as well.

      Here's an example:

  2. Dude, do you really expect me to feel sorry for you? Germany started two World Wars. And in the US, there has always been illegal immigration from Mexico. The conservatives LOVE cheap labor and the liberals go on and on about waccism. It's funny how "men" of the alt right act exactly like the liberals they claim to hate. Queers like Jack Donovan and Milo Y are allowed to look down upon me because I am a halfbreed, but alas I have to respect their "orientation"-it's exactly the same as some batshit crazy feminist like Mandy Marcote.

    1. You don't have to feel sorry for Germany, but if you want to refer to wars, you, as an American, are maybe in the wrong if you want to point fingers.

      Also, while there is quite substantial illegal migration to the US --- as I learnt, the figure is about 12 million per year ---, this is nothing compared to the million of mostly young Muslim men Germany has taken last year, considering that we have only about 80 million people in an aging society.

    2. Aaron, I believe that the 12 million figure is for the total amount of illegal immigrants currently residing in the US. 12 million per year would indeed be a crisis equitable to the European situation. Additionally, they get marginally more intelligent illegal immigrants, as well as (first generation at least) moderately "civilized" ones.

  3. Aaron, I don't think the president of Switzerland has such powers. He only has symbolic powers. Bundesrat is the government of Switzerland (7 people).

    1. Thanks for this comment. I only know about this issue from reading newspapers. In any case, there were statements from Sommaruga, the president, about Eritreans according to which Eritreans would be granted asylum in Switzerland, which completely contradict existing laws. This situation is quite similar to Merkel letting Syrians into Germany.

    2. For more insight (German only):


      Out of the comment section:
      "Effektiv asylberechtigt wären gemäss Asyl G Art. 3 Abs. 1 lediglich Personen, die "wegen ihrer Rasse, Religion, Nationalität, Zugehörigkeit zu einer bestimmten sozialen Gruppe oder wegen ihrer politischen Anschauungen" verfolgt wurden.
      Art. 3 Abs. 3 Asyl G schliesst eine Asylberechtigung wegen Dienstverweigerung explizit aus, trotzdem werden Dienstverweigerer aus Eritrea aufgenommen.
      Asylgesetz, Art. 4: "Die Schweiz KANN Schutzbedürftigen für die Dauer einer schweren allgemeinen Gefährdung, insbesondere während eines Krieges oder Bürgerkrieges sowie in Situationen allgemeiner Gewalt, vorübergehenden Schutz gewähren."
      Wer aus einem sicheren Drittstaat einreist ist kein Flüchtling mehr, sondern Migrant. Jetzt wird die Asylschiene missbraucht für ein weltweites Niederlassungsrecht in der Schweiz."

      Yes Sommaruga is ignoring the law. Socialists ruin countries. Just look at Sweden, Germany, Sanders. Loss of identity.
      Even the comedy section is increasingly left. I could vomit if I listen to the likes of Hagen Rether or Volker Pispers with their Multi-Kulti Kuschelkurs socialist-tax-the-rich-redistribute-wealth-we-love-us-all-refugees-welcome-shit.

      I wish more people would read zerohedge.com

      @Aaron. If someone was to ask you where all this is going, like 5-10 years from now, what would you say (rather extreme rightor western society going down in flames, civil war, anything...). Where would you position yourself?
      Also, do you want to stay in Sweden?
      Do you consider going elsewhere?
      Thanks for your input.

    3. Thanks a lot for those links!

      I have a few things to say about where I see the world going within the next few years. This is probably worth a separate post, though. Stay tuned.

    4. "Socialists ruin countries."

      Actual socialist countries had pretty good immigration laws and were not too preoccupied about being PC. I'm talking about Soviet Union. Never had problems with nationalities despite having a fuckload of nationalities within the country. Oh, except of course for the SJW that were complaining russians had all the privileges.

      Social-democrats are a joke.

  4. Franz Ferdinand was Austrian, and Gavrilo Princip was a Serb. Participation on the losing side does not mean you start it.

    And so what, the dutch started slavery and apartheid, the british fought against the americans, and also had a hand in slavery. The spaniards killed the aztecs. The belgians made a mess of congo. So all the european countries deserve what they get by what their grandparents did?

    If you look far enough and deep enough into history you will always find something that you can blame somebody for.

    Does not mean you should feel sorry for somebody, nor that you should think they deserve what they get.

    And you seem to be rambling on a bit, who cares about donovan, milo or marcote. It seems not related to the topic at hand here at all. (It might in your mind, but the link here is not clear at all).

    1. Mr. Anon,

      Two links I've left didn't get past moderation, but it was this-Jack Donovan where "he rubs elbows with white nationalists" and Mandy Marcote where she had pictures of a white skin womyn rescuing a white skin man from "dark skin savages."

      And to address one of Sleazy's points, I as a low status native born American have been talked down to by European (Swiss and Austrian) students on visas--In my own country. I did not vote for Bush nor O'Bama and I think Hillary is worse than them all. But they just wanted to turn up their nose. Yes, the US has done shitty things-Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan. But we didn't deserve Pearl Harbor or 911...

    2. Which links are you talking about? I just checked the spam folder, which sometimes catches comments with more than one link, but did not find any other comments left by you.

    3. "The spaniards killed the aztecs."
      No, smallpox did. Sure, Cortez had superior technology, but that didn't help him at La Noche Triste. And no, they couldn't "weaponize" smallpox.

    4. I think putting blame of an incident specifically over something is everything but a valid historical postition. And it is even less valid for a subject so complicated as the Great World Wars. For instance, if you look at the First World War from a close contextual perpesctive, you could blame the random conpirators who assassinated Franz Ferdinand for all the mess that Europe saw in the following four years. But, if look at it again from a certain distance and try to connect it to past events and the entire political, economical and cultural settings of the time, you might also blame imperialism. And, you could also see the whole thing as a british warmonger like Winston Churchill and conclude it was the Germans' fault. Who's right?
      Putting blame on Germany for the two World Wars is a statement as prejudiced and biased as the American white supremacism you are denouncing.
      And, actually, I do feel sorry for Germany. For it is, in my humble vision of things, one of the great pillars of the modern Western World. Losing it for radical Islam and mass immigration would be like losing another great Roman city for the barbarians.

    5. OG Anon here. (no need to call me Mr btw (I did steal it as a username now :) )).

      Really listing Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan as the only shitty things you did is very short sighted. In a lot of places your secret police force did a lot of bad things. But this (and the spaniards not killing the aztecs (thanks for the correction)) is not my point. I think Patropi gets it. Guess I wasn't clear enough.

      Blaming a whole country now for something that happened in the past, which might not even be their fault, as patropi explains better than I did is stupid.

      The world is very complex, and usually the simple stories are just that stories and not the truth.

      And condemning a whole country for the actions of their rulers or a small group of them is pretty nasty. You might not agree, and now conclude that all european visa bearers (per your example) are assholes, but that isn't the truth.

      For the rest the relevance of your links regarding the germans (there are more countries in europe being fucked btw) deserving it eludes me. As does the relevance of jack donovan (who? I have no idea who he is (*)) and manface (or whatever heartiste calls him is just a crazy feminist) and milo is quite the troll. (Who's scientific basis for stuff is also biased at times. He is adapt at finding the fringe science articles that say something opposed to what the mainstream science says. And he is very very good at making all the stories about him).

      And your blog I cannot make heads or tails of it. You are trying to say things... but I have no idea what it is.

      You mostly seem very mad about stuff. I'm the same way often enough, and also go all ranting. But it doesn't help, and only makes you feel worse. The several points you are trying to make, about germans, conservatives, various USA/UK randoms, all the weird stuff on your blog. Seem to be pretty weakly connected. And mostly connected by a common strand in your mind. I struggle to find an connection tbh. Look at the article we are commenting under, sleazy has some weakly connected things, immigration, taxation, beta suppression and divorce, and he writes a long(ish) article about the different connections. And he shows the connections. Or at least tries to (not everybody will agree).

      If you are trying to say, everybody is full of shit, then most people here already know that. Sleazy being somebody who has debunked several pua practices.

      My first post was just to remark that your blaming of germany wasn't totally valid. (granted, I did it badly, and I replied to the wrong place, and I wasn't tongue in cheek enough about the whole list of different countries) but right now I'm just wondering wtf you are trying to say at all. You just type random sentences that don't relate to each other it seems.

      Have I ... been trolled?

      *: im guess he is some sort of migtow thought leader person. And for some reason he is an asshole because he talks to white supremacists. And thinks they have some points. (guess you think this makes him one as well).

    6. Mranon (OG Anon)--

      Ironically, the angrier I get on my blog, the happier I am IRL-when I was at a miserable job, I tried to be polite to everyone, but as a low status man realized I was being shit upon by virtually everyone. Now I aggressively stand up for my self interests.

      I gather you are not in the US, but these are crazy times, just look at which lunatic we get to choose. Trump or Shillary? There were "conservatives" but they are now called "cuckservatives." They weren't anti-gay in that they would beat up gays but that's how they were portrayed. They love cheap labor. They want to keep wages low-read about Walmart. Then there are "liberals" who seem to think everyone should get along. But they are often elitist, coming from rich families and living in gated communities. Now there is this alt-right movement and they seem to be racists with the meme of womyn are wonderful, gays are gr8. In fact, they get madder than anyone when I made gay jokes on their blogs. (Purely to antagonize.) It shows a liberal mentality where Donovan gets to be a racist because he is a queer and Marcotte because "she" is womyn presenting (very bahd "twanzphobic" joke for ya.) I as a low status man need to be tolerant of them both, but when I punch back, I'm the bigot. (That's what I'm really fighting against if you want some kind of consistent theme from my crazy world.)

      I realize "my" government has done horrible things. You are referring to the CIA I presume. In wars, the USAF has bombed cities like Dresden with controversy to strategic military targets, Hiroshima, Nagasaki, bombing Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam. Yes, "my" government has blood on its hands. I obviously realize "most" Germans aren't Nazi's. However, when I see a European leaning right when they have had relative peace and prosperity since WWII, it's like listening to a former model complain that now that she is 40, guys don't hit on her anymore-go cry me a fucking river. (And wasn't she previously claiming she was "harassed" every time she walked out the door?) "My" country is flooded with illegal immigration. (And the case can be made that some of that immigration is reasonable as parts of the US were onetime part of Mexico so Mexicans can somewhat reasonably argue their rights to be here regardless of laws.)

      BTW-Donovan, Clarey and MRA's like Dean Esmay and Paul Elam hate MGTOW's with a passion that would make a rad-fem's moist. In fact, they often call MGTOW's "sexless losers" and "ugly." If that is something you are unaware of, just google PigTOW and PigTOW + I don't consider myself a MGTOW as it seems to be wrapped up with traditionalist, pseudo-libertarian views that I don't personally subscribe to.

      Did I just make a bigger mess?

    7. "And the case can be made that some of that immigration is reasonable as parts of the US were onetime part of Mexico so Mexicans can somewhat reasonably argue their rights to be here regardless of laws."
      No, we don't have "the right". I hate when my countrymen argue that. It's stupid. It's like a bunch of frenchies tried to invade Louisiana just because it was french at the past. The reason that the illegal immigration issue between the USA and Mexico hasn't been solved is because there're lots of interests in both sides that want keep this bullshit going on, and I say this as a mexican.

    8. Hey Anon,

      what'ya think of this?


    9. Kevin L. already said it:
      "Ok let's address the 600 pound Gorilla in the corner. Sure it's terrible conditions for many people in Mexico and many other Countries. The quality of life is less than satisfactory. Now lets call that a fact and get on with it. The real issue is that the very same people that are entering our borders illegally are the best candidates to improve their own Countries."
      Yet this is the biggest problem: yes, most of the illegal immigrants are ignorant. Yes, our country is fucked up, and the roots of this fucked-up-ness are deep. Deep. Most people are lazy, entitled and ignorant, they expect that the goverment should fix everthing. No one is responsible of anything. People would rather applaud a cartel boss rather than the President because "the president is corrupt, and even if the cartel boss is bad, he helps (!) the people". Yes, I'm not making this up.

      "In other words "Junk the North American Fair Trade Agreement" also known as NAFTA."
      I find this quite hilarious, as the local leftist hate the NAFTA, and they claim that "is just another evil scheme from the evil imperialistic yankees to keep exploiting us".

      tl;dr My country is full of retards, close your borders so we can un-retard ourselves or die.

    10. Well I have a few problems with that article Stoner linked to. The author claims that Americans aren't willing to do the jobs that Mexicans are willing to do. Then he admits that the reason they won't do those jobs, is because they are receiving welfare or UI, so they'd rather not.

      My favourite part of the article:
      "All but one of the companies represented in the roundtable decried the lack of interest from home-grown local workers. They especially were outraged by interviewees who elected to keep receiving unemployment, rather than accept a job on a roofing crew.

      In trying to wrap my mind around this issue, I’m left with two questions. If nationwide unemployment of nearly 10 percent (higher in some markets) cannot stimulate citizens to accept these jobs, what will?"

      Oh I don't know, maybe cutting off people's benefits? Sort of ridiculous how now we get increased low IQ immigration (pardon me, low-skill immigration), because of another left-wing policy, giving out benefits to people for not working. Of course, while we all benefit from society being productive, I can't help but feel little sympathy for these "large constructing contractors", who want nothing more than a constant supply of cheap labour.

      Unfortunately, the real problem with importing workers, is that you're actually importing people. Work ethic fades, but genes are forever. How's that second generation of Mexican immigrants doing? How's the second generation of Algerian muslim immigrants doing in France? America's original cheap labour was black slaves. How are their descendants doing? Remember, genes are forever.

    11. Seems that leftism kills as many countries as Islam does. Mexico had decades of socialdemocracy (and one of the most strict gun control laws in the world), and just look how good has worked on!

      "Work ethic fades, but genes are forever. How's that second generation of Mexican immigrants doing? How's the second generation of Algerian muslim immigrants doing in France? America's original cheap labour was black slaves. How are their descendants doing? Remember, genes are forever."

      Yeah. Here everyone likes to pull the "race" card against the USA to play victim (even if we also treat like shit the indigenous peoples and central americans). And even if the descendants of the illegal immigrants are american, the ideas, the racial notions of "being a victim" because of their skin/race/nationality/etc. are still there, I say it because I see it everywhere. That's another reason that I oppose illegal immigration, and I as a mexican, support that the USA close the border. Unfortunately, without this victimism, politicians and leftists will lose all their power. As long as leftism keeps ravaging latin america, we won't manage to git gud.

    12. Hum yeah, you know, unemployment is a very complex phenomenon and if you basically just let people that don't work without any money to survive, guess what they will do ?

      Yeah that's right, they will steal (with or without violence). Let's say immigration is illegal and there is no foreigner in a country. Guess who will be the criminals ? Yeah, the native.

      So please don't go too far and say bullshit.

      A large part of people that are unemployed are lazy asses, that's right. But a lot of people are just not finding any job.

      Did you ever hear of a company going bankrupt because they didn't find any workers to hire ? No, never. When a company goes bankrupt that's always because of competition, dumb financial decisions or because there is simply no demand anymore.

      There is a large part of people that are parasites, but let's not put everybody in the same basket.

    13. Reducing a "very complex phenomenon" to a simplistic cause and effect relationship seems contradictory to me. Your post essentially argues that crimes committed by illegals are our own fault, which is ludicrous. I don't know about the exact situation in the US, but in Germany, those illegals get more money than natives living on welfare, yet some of them still can't resist the temptation to commit crimes of whatever nature.

      Your second sentence is downright bizarre. Before we had immigration on a massive scale, we had societies that were essentially free of crime.

      Further, I know of companies who have been struggling and eventually collapsed because they couldn't find qualified (!) workers. As the saying in business goes, "A players want to hire A players, while B players want to hire C players". You can imagine where that will lead to. Of course, without sufficient information, such a downward spiral will only ever be perceived as "not being able to compete" or "dumb financial decisions".

    14. Hum, Aaron, I actually agree with you. I'm against illegal immigration. But yeah, ILLEGAL immigration. If some immigrant is abusing the system, well, he should be deported. The problem is the politics ; they let them do it. If immigrants get more money than natives, then you cannot say it's the immigrants' fault ; it clearly is the politics fault : why is there such a legislation in the first place ? Natives and immigrants should be treated the same. Moreover, immigrants cannot vote. Who is deciding to treat them better than the natives ? Politics again.

      I don't believe in your "free of crimes" society. Societies were fucking violent during Middle Ages (and so on) and every year we actually are going toward a less and less violent society despite what media are always saying. I don't remember who but there is an author that analyzed "police/crime stats" through the years and centuries and we are living in a very peaceful society. Also, immigration is a very recent phenomenon (=> capitalism) ; farmers certainly don't immigrate. And no I don't think crime is only a 200-300 years notion.

      The problem with immigration is essential cultural IMO. People of different cultures cannot live together.

    15. Anon, it's quite true that Germany and other western nations were not "free of crimes". Aaron was not saying "we had literally no crimes, not even one, before these shitty immigrants showed up", which is why he said "essentially free of crimes". It's entirely fair to complain about an increase in crimes and other anti-social behaviour. In fact, I'd argue that crime rate is one of the very few truly objective measures of a societies health. I've heard that Muslims in France make up ~12% of the population, yet an amazing ~70% of the prison population. That's an increase in criminality of 17 times. So I think people have the right to be upset no?

    16. Well, society was certainly not free of crime, and Sleazy is probably referring to the post-WW2 period when he says it essentially was, not the Middle Ages. My grandfather was in his twenties during the 50's and was studying in Paris. He told me you could walk alone in the streets at night in almost any part of the town and not get mugged/harrassed unless you got extremely unlucky. Whether you were a woman or a man. This is definitely not true anymore today as even during daytime you can get mugged by (most of the time) packs of immigrants and girls are often "hit on" with a magnificent "insult opener" by the same people, if not worse.

      The only bad thing at the time is that there were wars going on (Vietnam/Indochina and then Algeria) and you got drafted for the second one, but otherwise France itself was pretty safe. We must also keep in mind that it was a period of enormous prosperity for France, so obviously it played a role in the safety of the country.

      Ironically they built the housing projects for workers that are nowadays crime-ridden ghettoes and began massively importing immigrants for cheap labor at the same time, often housing them in those projects. At first it was only Italian, Portuguese, Spanish or Polish people, but then the government turned to people from our former colonies because they worked for even lower wages.

      Back in these days immigrants were causing no trouble though. We just have problems with second/third generation immigrants from (North/West) Africa nowadays for some reason, which is (partly), I believe, that integration has massively failed.

  5. (Resubmitted, my OG reply explained the relevance, which I just don't have the energy to retype right now...)

    Here are the two links...



  6. Mr. Sleazy, check your spam filter, I just submitted the two links...

  7. It's interesting how this blog for guys seems intellectual, discussing issues that are def NOT politically correct!

    Then I check a girl-oriented blog...and it's like a joke man. It's funny yet depressing.

    This article is funny - unintentionally, especially the part about the writer's skills on Excel, Google Docs (wtf?!), etc....: http://www.shedoesthecity.com/why-im-no-longer-working-for-free

  8. Hi Aaron, have you already noticed this brave young German women? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZjBKYDEJDJk

  9. Aaron, what's your take on Roosh now?


    1. I can say that he had it coming.
      Yes, the PC media is eating him alive, but he gave them all the weapons they needed to destroy him. A victim of his hubris.

    2. It's not just the media, it's PC witchhunts everywhere.

      You'll be next no matter what. Like Germany and Germans.

    3. He is developing publicity for himself, free at that. It makes ppl go to his site. I mean, there are ridiculous headlines/articles there which scream "click bait!". In this PC/left-wing thought-ism, it's sadly refreshing to have a Roosh site to rep the opposite side.


  10. http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/europe/cologne-only-three-out-of-58-men-arrested-in-connection-with-mass-sex-attack-on-new-years-eve-are-a6874201.html



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