Friday, June 25, 2010

Upcoming Interview

I've just finished an interview with a Norwegian Pickup blog. It should appear online shortly, and I'll let you know. Hold your breath. :)

In the meantime, if you haven't read them yet, feel free to check my two previous interviews, which have appeared on the following websites:

Special Edition: Sleazy Interview (
Interview with Aaron Sleazy (


Sunday, June 20, 2010

Debunking "Debunking the Seduction Community"

This is just a quick post.

I recently received an email from a guy who stumbled on my free ebook and liked it a lot. He also pointed me towards a discussion in some forum. Apparently, one guy on there felt rather offended by my arguments and lashed out at me. However, he shut up quickly after:
Do you get laid more than Sleazy?
Apparently he doesn't.

I found this rather amusing, and it's symptomatic for the feedback I have received because the very few negative responses were seemingly from people that only pick up women in their head (aka. mental masturbators).

Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Industry further degrades

I consider the websites in the pickup/seduction industry to be on the same level as the oh-so-renowned business men trying to sell you techniques that make your cock grow, last longer, cure hair loss, or get you abs within days with zero work at all. This has been mocked by me to some extent already, but the Industry is not sleeping. Quite the contrary, it seems to be a on a roll.

Read on for what I recently got via "Formhandle", the guy running, home of mASF. The following advert was included in a newsletter and it shows in what a sad state the "community" is. Sure, after tricking people of IQs at borderline-retardation levels into taking bootcamps, you might just sell them some other crap as well as long as they have their wallet open.


Oh, yeah, and a reminder about that thing I'm NOT recommending...

It's called Superman Stamina, I've not actually got my hands on it
so I can't really review it, so for all I know it's a total turd
of a product.  Still, since you're probably hearing about it from
other places, I've got to point you to it:

Get the freebies they'll be emailing.  I think there's an article
behind the page that link leads to, I don't actually remember.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Interesting Find: Ratisse's Collection of "Field Reports"

Some of you might know Ratisse. He used to post on RSD Nation until they banned him because he had over 100 "lays", or something like that. Recently I learned about his collection of "field reports" called "Confessions of a Pick-up Artist", which I've been skimming the last few days.

While I don't like the jargon like neg, LMR, AFC and the like, I do appreciate the occasional humor in the stories. Some I've found rather hilarious, for instance this part:

End of the night hbdrunk runs away and we can't find her. So I'm acting like a shining knight helping her, really tied into who I portaited myself as. Find HB drunk and literally have to prop her up on our shoulders. Next thing I know HB drunk is making out with my neck. I act unaffected. She complains about her feet hurting so I pick her up in my arms and carry her like a baby. Get to the cousins and theres more drama. I guess cousin had brougt someone home. We walk over to their car and HB drunk makes another pass at me. Im trying to help her in the car and she starts grinding her ass into my crotch.
I get her in the car. They start to drive me to my car. HBdrunk tries another one. Drops her phone in the back seat and makes a big deal about it. She gives me that look like put your digits in it. Fuck that I'm not screwing myself by switching. I might blow myself out completely. Get to my car. HbsexyPRican gets out and as she does HB drunk blows a kiss at me. Make out with hbsexyPRican again and go home.
The PDF could use some editing, but I won't complain since Ratisse has released the file free of charge. Download or read it on Scribd

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

"First time with a prostitute, thoughts?"

RSD Nation cracks me up. On PUAHate, I found a link to a post where a guy asks, "first time with a prostitute, thoughts?" (original spelling intact).

I'm a year 19 old virgin only experience kissing 1 girl, in 6 weeks I'll be leaving my town for a year of backpacking in thailand and australia.. now i don't really see any option to get laid soon.. now the big romantic first time won't happen coz i'm backpacking for a year and have no intentions to not try and have sex with random fellowtravelers :-) But I'm going to bangkok and actually i've kinda have been fantasizing about ladyboys, and i'm planning to sure have sex there.
So I'm wondering, would it be bad to have my first time with a prostitute? on the one hand it's a special experience and memory.. and when I'm old and married i have to keep it a secret to my wife which i have to keep the rest of my least i think it would be an instant turn-off. on the other hand it's just some sex..
whats ur opinion about this, and anyone done it?

I feel sorry for guys like this. However, this post reveals what is wrong with so many guys.  For instance, take this sentence:

now i don't really see any option to get laid soon.. now the big romantic first time won't happen coz i'm backpacking for a year and have no intentions to not try and have sex with random fellowtravelers :-)
From what I hear, backpacking is one of the easiest ways to get laid. Romantic first time --- I don't know, I haven't met anyone who had a truly romantic first time. After all, a vagina feels much different than one's hand, so it takes some time getting used to it, and some more to really enjoy it. I wish people would take what they see in movies less seriously.

The "ladyboy fantasy" is just odd. To each his own fantasies, but how is it possible to completely rule out random hook-ups, which are the most normal thing on earth, while at the same time entertaining what most would consider a slight aberration. (Not that I am judgmental.)

A hilarious response was:

a ladyboy?? Losing your virginity to a prostitute is one thing, losing it to a ladyboy is an entirely different thing (and not even possible). If you want dick, then by all means - but there are plenty of Thai bargirls, freelancers, hookers, "country good girls" etc etc that you will have an endless opportunity to fuck all night long for 1000 baht.... Whatever you choose, make sure to wrap it up. DONT BE STUPID. 
Virginity is a bizarre concept anyway. There are girls out there that jump on every opportunity to blow guys or take it from behind but, oh no no no, of course they want to preserve their virginity for marriage.

Just relax. And if you want to fuck ladyboys, then by all means do it.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Ripped Abs Fast!

Most of the Internet seems to consist of scams, primarily in the areas of:

  • Making Money
  • Getting in Shape
  • Pulling Girls

...with (virtually) zero effort on your part. This triad is also known as "health-wealth-relationships" to people who have ever listened to any of Tony Robbin's recordings.

Of course, there are ways to get more attractive, to make money and to get in shape. Unfortunately, it often takes a long time to find the credible resources. Often, they come with little or no cost, quite unlike the more visible and scammy options.

I've done my fair share of Debunking the Seduction Community, Salty Droid is on to the self-proclaimed marketing gurus like Frank Kern and "Eben Pagan", whom we all know from the "community" as well, and very recently, since I have decided to get into really good shape again, I came across Scooby's Home Body Building Workouts. Incidentally, he entertains a free website that will teach you everything you need to know if you want improve your physique.

Further, Scooby doesn't like the scammers in the weight-loss industry. Cf. the following video, which nicely concludes this post:

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

RSD Strikes again: The RSD Hot Seat

RSD has a new programme called "RSD Hot Seat". Apparently, you'll get to see a couple of videos, most of which are available free of charge on YouTube plus some "commentary". It just sets you back $300.

In Tyler's words:
The Hot Seat was built over a year to be a mind-blowing event that’s thrilling and entertaining, as well as the most educational one day experience (on this topic…) physically possible.

Next time surely God will descend and give Tyler his long-overdue blessing.

Here's a review:

The RSD-Hotseat event seemed like a great way to see the top dogs
in action and get an idea of what I have to work on to get my game to
the next level. I did find the answers I was looking for and in that sense
I am another satisfied customer but the event itself was rather disappointing.

Only a 3rd of the videos had any real value for me, the rest was filler or wasn't
put in proper context by the narrator.
One video that springs to mind is the one
where Jeffy puts the moves on a rather unattractive British girl, with upper arms
as big as my thighs. I don't think anybody who has abundance with women
would bother with her. So I wasn't sure what I was watching. Was this Jeffy
living it up at his peak or was there a specific point to showing this video?
I guess I will never know.

Brad was also rather disappointing. He was introduced as the 'fluff-talk-master'
and a video of him randomly talking to the camera for 3 minutes straight was
supposed to showcase this talent. Turns out he was just reciting the lyrics to
an ice cube song from the early 90's.
So much for that, The other video of Brad
where he kisses a girl after a minute might blow a newbie away but anyone
who's gone out for a bit knows that often shit just drops in your lap, if you make
a move... boom! There really wasn't much to learn there when it comes to skill.
Again, the context is important. If this is just a cool anecdote or a showcase of
'what's possible', fine! But then narrate that shit properly.

And then there were the filler videos. For example, 10 minutes of Alexander's
travel snapshots cut to tacky music. I didn't fly 500 miles to sit through that shit.

So what about the good stuff? Well, both Tyler and Ryan had an amazing vibe
going on, with girls pretty much melting seconds into each interaction. Lots of
physical contact, lots of nonsense, lots of intent and the girls were clearly
digging it. Luckily there were also some bits where the girls put up a little
resistance, that's where the good stuff is if you ask me. In one video Tyler has
to deal with an obstacle in a two set. He wins her over but then loses her again.
We get to see all the gritty details, the good and the bad. I would love to have
heard the man himself narrate that one. Then there was Ryan who ends up
pulling a girl who actually discovers that she is being filmed. Ryan managed
to spin that shit into social proof and boom. Awesomage!

If this event comes to a town near you and you'd really love to take a look at
the RSD Dudes in action, by all means... go! But in my opinion this Euro version
of the hotseat needs a lot of work.

Props to RSD, though, for keeping this review online, and if it ever gets deleted, here's a backup:


Oh, and as a side note, Tyler/Papa please refrain from sending me some lame emails through your unpaid interns. My actions are perfectly covered by the Fair Use doctrine. But feel free to waste your time and money.

Monday, June 7, 2010

PUA "re-framing"

Recently I was pointed towards a thread on RSD Nation with the title "i was fired today" (original spelling kept intact).

The original post was from a guy who told that he got fired as a bank teller. Nothing overly exciting about that, even though the last line made me smile due to its deprecating humour:

how wil this effect my game? well i guess im going to find out. but i havent gotten laid since 2008, so i guess it cant get much worse :p

In my opinion, the reply by "subx" stood out:

Your game should be go through the roof now that you have all this free time.


Can you spell "re-frame"?

However, the user CamTron took home the prize for "most ridiculous post this week":

I got fired from my summer camp job for my PUA tendencies... I was too upsetting to the AMOGs at camp and my partying lifestyle was too intimidating for the company as a liability. One night i missed a curfew and i got fired.

It sounds funny now... and it really IS funny... but back then, when i was separated from friends and my kids who were very much attached to me as their role model...

It was really tough dude. but I laugh back at it now because I now that it really helped me grow in the long run.

I wonder when students will begin to challenge their teachers for flunking them. "No, I only got an F because you are too stuck in your own reality, bro. In mine this shit doesn't even register." :D

Friday, June 4, 2010

Upcoming: Sleazy Stories in German

This year has been rather productive so far. Some weeks ago I've released "Debunking the Seduction Community", and currently I am finalizing the draft of the German translation of "Sleazy Stories". If everything goes according to plan, it'll be available this autumn or winter.

I won't stop there, though. Some days ago I've outlined my next book --- no, not the sequel to Sleazy Stories ---, and I will reveal more once I've got a substantial amount of work done.

Stay tuned!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Making Money Off the Anti-Community Bandwagon?

One of the more ridiculous accusations I've received after releasing "Debunking the Seduction Community" was that I'm trying to "cash in on the anti-community trend".

Here is a reminder: the anti-community trend started on mASF roughly two years ago, and it was guys like me, TVA_Oslo, 60YearsOfChallenge and some others that ridiculed the commercial people posting on there. We told them that their methods and beliefs are complete bullshit and showed them why this is the case. This fight was impossible to win in the end, because Formhandle, the guy running mASF, is obviously profiting from advertising, thus he can't endure too much criticism. If someone pays a few grand a month for banners, you can't watch him getting ridiculed. As a result, sometimes critical posts disappear or, in case of the reviews board, don't get approved in the first place. It would obviously be bad for business.

Eventually, we had to split and took virtually every respected and active poster with us. (Not all post publicly on; there is also a secret place where we gather.) However, the reason this could happen was simply because mASF is an incredibly badly moderated forum, completely cumbersome to navigate, and the people profiting from it have zero interest in putting some of the money they make back into it. Add censorship to it and you've got good reasons to leave for greener pastures.

Yet, the "anti-community wave" on mASF was not with out effect. People like LoveSystem's TenMagnet suddenly didn't feel like posting about their "number closes". One of Formhandle's friends, "BigWillie" if I recall correctly, made exactly one post on Masterminds. It was just a copy&paste of one of his newsletters, and he told us, the unwashed masses, that "having a fast car gets you laid". After I was done with him, he never showed up there again. Other victims were "Dream"/Anthony, who proudly wrote that he had two or three "lays" from thousands of approaches, Vin DiCarlo's coach "HeartWork", and recently BradP got a bashing when he was trying to flog his 50.000$ "PU Mansion program" (yes, that's just the fee for a year, you don't acquire any shares, as this price might suggest).

I could give many more examples, but the point would be the same: the commercial industry cannot deliver its promises and can't endure criticism. After all, why would you spend $3.000 on a "boot camp" --- if you knew that the guy teaching you was a virgin and the guy running the show hasn't gotten laid in a year? Incompetence is just one part of the problem. The other is that the boot camp model is flawed to begin with, even if you happened to work with somebody who actually gets laid. This is just one of the many aspects I discuss in "Debunking the Seduction Community".

Thus, the anti-community camp is growing for sound reasons. There are too many bullshitters around, offering overpriced and ineffective products or solutions. This is what I have pointed out in my post "Is the PU Industry a Sham Industry?" on mASF in 2008, and in much greater detail in "Debunking".

However, some now say that guys like me and 60 Years Of Challenge want to simply market to this niche. Sixty can speak for himself on his blog if he feels the need to, but all I can say about myself is that I am the only guy in this "industry" that tells you that you don't have to spend any money on "training". Strange way to cash in on something, isn't it? I have not the slightest interest in exploiting the desperate. The pickup industry, on the other hand, tries to get as much money from the desperate as possible. Case in point: BradP's $50k+ "Pickup Mansion". If I wanted to "sell out", I'd have released a $499 "get supermodels queuing in front of your house, no matter how you look and with zero work on your part --- even if you live in Antarctica" product years ago.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Sleazy Stories: New Sample available

I have recently uploaded a new and expanded sample of Sleazy Stories, which is now 64 pages long. If you haven’t bought the book yet, check it out. You can download it on my website or read it online on Scribd.

So far, Sleazy Stories has been very rewarding. The vast majority of feedback has been extremely positive. My favourite reader comment is the following:
Frankly, I found the book to be immensely entertaining and about as fascinating as a neon colored high speed euro-rail train wreck
(read the full review on

Apart from the entertainment factor, some people said it changed their lives (at least their love life), others found it hugely inspiring and motivating, and quite a few people lauded the dry humour and fine irony.

On a side note, a rough draft for the sequel to Sleazy Stories already exists. I have something else to finish first, though, so don’t hold your breath (yet).