Thursday, June 17, 2010

Interesting Find: Ratisse's Collection of "Field Reports"

Some of you might know Ratisse. He used to post on RSD Nation until they banned him because he had over 100 "lays", or something like that. Recently I learned about his collection of "field reports" called "Confessions of a Pick-up Artist", which I've been skimming the last few days.

While I don't like the jargon like neg, LMR, AFC and the like, I do appreciate the occasional humor in the stories. Some I've found rather hilarious, for instance this part:

End of the night hbdrunk runs away and we can't find her. So I'm acting like a shining knight helping her, really tied into who I portaited myself as. Find HB drunk and literally have to prop her up on our shoulders. Next thing I know HB drunk is making out with my neck. I act unaffected. She complains about her feet hurting so I pick her up in my arms and carry her like a baby. Get to the cousins and theres more drama. I guess cousin had brougt someone home. We walk over to their car and HB drunk makes another pass at me. Im trying to help her in the car and she starts grinding her ass into my crotch.
I get her in the car. They start to drive me to my car. HBdrunk tries another one. Drops her phone in the back seat and makes a big deal about it. She gives me that look like put your digits in it. Fuck that I'm not screwing myself by switching. I might blow myself out completely. Get to my car. HbsexyPRican gets out and as she does HB drunk blows a kiss at me. Make out with hbsexyPRican again and go home.
The PDF could use some editing, but I won't complain since Ratisse has released the file free of charge. Download or read it on Scribd

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