Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Making Money Off the Anti-Community Bandwagon?

One of the more ridiculous accusations I've received after releasing "Debunking the Seduction Community" was that I'm trying to "cash in on the anti-community trend".

Here is a reminder: the anti-community trend started on mASF roughly two years ago, and it was guys like me, TVA_Oslo, 60YearsOfChallenge and some others that ridiculed the commercial people posting on there. We told them that their methods and beliefs are complete bullshit and showed them why this is the case. This fight was impossible to win in the end, because Formhandle, the guy running mASF, is obviously profiting from advertising, thus he can't endure too much criticism. If someone pays a few grand a month for banners, you can't watch him getting ridiculed. As a result, sometimes critical posts disappear or, in case of the reviews board, don't get approved in the first place. It would obviously be bad for business.

Eventually, we had to split and took virtually every respected and active poster with us. (Not all post publicly on; there is also a secret place where we gather.) However, the reason this could happen was simply because mASF is an incredibly badly moderated forum, completely cumbersome to navigate, and the people profiting from it have zero interest in putting some of the money they make back into it. Add censorship to it and you've got good reasons to leave for greener pastures.

Yet, the "anti-community wave" on mASF was not with out effect. People like LoveSystem's TenMagnet suddenly didn't feel like posting about their "number closes". One of Formhandle's friends, "BigWillie" if I recall correctly, made exactly one post on Masterminds. It was just a copy&paste of one of his newsletters, and he told us, the unwashed masses, that "having a fast car gets you laid". After I was done with him, he never showed up there again. Other victims were "Dream"/Anthony, who proudly wrote that he had two or three "lays" from thousands of approaches, Vin DiCarlo's coach "HeartWork", and recently BradP got a bashing when he was trying to flog his 50.000$ "PU Mansion program" (yes, that's just the fee for a year, you don't acquire any shares, as this price might suggest).

I could give many more examples, but the point would be the same: the commercial industry cannot deliver its promises and can't endure criticism. After all, why would you spend $3.000 on a "boot camp" --- if you knew that the guy teaching you was a virgin and the guy running the show hasn't gotten laid in a year? Incompetence is just one part of the problem. The other is that the boot camp model is flawed to begin with, even if you happened to work with somebody who actually gets laid. This is just one of the many aspects I discuss in "Debunking the Seduction Community".

Thus, the anti-community camp is growing for sound reasons. There are too many bullshitters around, offering overpriced and ineffective products or solutions. This is what I have pointed out in my post "Is the PU Industry a Sham Industry?" on mASF in 2008, and in much greater detail in "Debunking".

However, some now say that guys like me and 60 Years Of Challenge want to simply market to this niche. Sixty can speak for himself on his blog if he feels the need to, but all I can say about myself is that I am the only guy in this "industry" that tells you that you don't have to spend any money on "training". Strange way to cash in on something, isn't it? I have not the slightest interest in exploiting the desperate. The pickup industry, on the other hand, tries to get as much money from the desperate as possible. Case in point: BradP's $50k+ "Pickup Mansion". If I wanted to "sell out", I'd have released a $499 "get supermodels queuing in front of your house, no matter how you look and with zero work on your part --- even if you live in Antarctica" product years ago.

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