Saturday, June 12, 2010

Ripped Abs Fast!

Most of the Internet seems to consist of scams, primarily in the areas of:

  • Making Money
  • Getting in Shape
  • Pulling Girls

...with (virtually) zero effort on your part. This triad is also known as "health-wealth-relationships" to people who have ever listened to any of Tony Robbin's recordings.

Of course, there are ways to get more attractive, to make money and to get in shape. Unfortunately, it often takes a long time to find the credible resources. Often, they come with little or no cost, quite unlike the more visible and scammy options.

I've done my fair share of Debunking the Seduction Community, Salty Droid is on to the self-proclaimed marketing gurus like Frank Kern and "Eben Pagan", whom we all know from the "community" as well, and very recently, since I have decided to get into really good shape again, I came across Scooby's Home Body Building Workouts. Incidentally, he entertains a free website that will teach you everything you need to know if you want improve your physique.

Further, Scooby doesn't like the scammers in the weight-loss industry. Cf. the following video, which nicely concludes this post:


  1. Haha, sorry a lot of what he talk about is useless or overcomplicated (like six meals a day etc.) and already debunked. If you'd like to have some insight in smart training and nutrition backed by science and experience:

    Have a look at:

    Lyle Mcdonald:
    Alan Aragon: /
    Martin Berkhan:

    Contact me if you wish for an easier introduction (in the beginning the amount of information might be a bit overhelming).

  2. Hey Dominik,

    thanks for the comment. Sure, please send me materials about an easier introduction to fitness.

    I am not an expert when it comes to working out, but Scooby's materials didn't sound overcomplicated to me, especially not if I compare them to the other books and websites I've seen, which seemed representative of that industry.

  3. Scooby is good on excercise, but on nutrition he's the equivalent of mystery method.

    It's just calories in and calories out my friend. The protein myth has long ago been debunked. Unless you're anorexic, you're eating enough protein and it doesn't matter in what form your calorIes come in.

    Check out, they are the "Aaron sleazy of the fitness industry" if you will.


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