Monday, March 26, 2012

Test Your Imagination and Identify This PUA!

I'm currently preparing a very special piece as a testimony of the boundless admiration I have for some very, very special PUA out there, but today I'll just give you a little teaser. Before said guy over-night transformed into a "pickup coach" he had other ambitions, like teaching kids how to play drums, and playing with dildo-sized drumsticks. Some years later, he produced videos of him hitting on fatties. Funny how life goes.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Boundaries, or: If you let them, they'll walk all over you

A member of my forum, Cani, recently made two excellent posts on personal boundaries (part one, part two). This inspired me to not only think about personal boundaries in relation to picking up women, about which I'll have more to say further down, but also about one source for the often fairly inappropriate behavior you witness from girls, and the sad fact that guys willingly tolerate it, or even think it's "normal".

One of the most striking observations to make in the Western world is indeed that far too many men are willing to let women walk all over them. Part of it is surely due to the mainstream media not only bashing men and spreading lies like the gender pay gap myth. Even worse is that it is nowadays the rule rather than the exception to depict men as fumbling idiots in TV shows, movies, and commercials.

However, if you have ever worked with women in a field that required a modicum of logic, you will have made the conclusion that it is women who often seem severely challenged when it comes to tasks that requires some degree of abstract thinking. No, I am not saying that they are all stupid, and we men without exceptions reincarnations of Isaac Newton. However, you will normally find that women argue in a more irrational manner, which does make them much less suited for some jobs (and of course better suited for others).

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Need some Help: US Criminal Background Check?

I recently received a hint that a moderately well-known PUA has a rather long pre-PUA criminal record. I was given that PUAs name of birth as well, and was also told that in the USA someone's criminal record is public information.

I did try to look up said PUA's crime record, but unfortunately Google returns pages upon pages full of commercial providers, who all seem to tap into the same pool of government information. But how do I access this information directly, without going through a middle man?

Some of those commercial websites give you a "preview", and if they are true, then said PUA (no, not Gunwitch) does indeed have attempted and/or committed some serious crimes. I would like to access those files, and I would of course share anything I find with all of you.

Any help is much appreciated! Feel free to comment below, or send me an email via this contact form.

Thank you very much!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Minimal Game Reviews: Chase Amante and Tao of Dirt

I've been incredibly busy these days, which is why it took me some time to tell you about two excellent reviews of Minimal Game in the blogosphere. The first is by Chase Amante, whom you might now as "Regal" on mASF, and the other by a blogger who goes by the name of Dirt Man. His site is called Tao of Dirt, and worth a visit.

What I find interesting about these reviews is that Dirt Man thinks the book is great for a beginner:
Overall I think this is a solid book, especially for guys getting into the game of meeting and seducing women. As the title suggests, the focus is on principles and attitude, rather than specific routines and what not. In that sense it may seem a bit esoteric to some, but I think in general guys will get it. If you’re advanced, you probably don’t even think about things so much, trust your instincts, and do very little in terms of meeting women. But if you’re not there yet, this is a great place to start.

On the other hand, Chase views it as more suited for people who have gained some experience already:
Much of Minimal Game is aimed at fixing your worldview: how do you see things? Sleazy works at correcting your view of attire, age, looks, women's sexuality, the role women play in a seduction, roadblocks you'll encounter, and a variety of other topics.
While Sleazy does at times give more specific examples, including some openers he uses and some tips on eye contact, this is not a manual for the pure beginner who is at a loss about what to do or what to say. Rather, this is a book suited to the man who has some experience meeting women and is around an intermediate or higher degree of skill and is looking for some higher level direction to apply and refine the mechanics he's already gotten down.

Of course, I believe that Minimal Game is great for you, no matter at which level you are, since it covers the timeless principles of seduction. Therefore, it should be all you'll ever need. Check it out if you haven't already!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A Note on Confidence and Being Cool

I was just going through some recent comments, and came across an excellent one of Skeptic. In response to my Paleo, Freedom Porn, and Tim Ferriss piece, he wrote:
Aaron, I am with you. I can't stand these human exploiters like Timothy Ferriss, Neil Strauss, Robb Wolf, Mark Sisson, PUA community, crapaleo/crossfit community, Fight Club quoting, pseudo-rebel, pseudo-intellectual idiots. A bunch of blind morons who desperately want to belong to some "modern man's man" cult. It's weak and pathetic and I'm tired of it. 
It's also ironic that being "cool" and "charismatic" usually means exactly the opposite of what most people are already doing when they are looking for answers on forums or reading too many self-help books. To be cool/charismatic (which are both kind of stupid concepts anyway when you understand the deeper meaning they point towards) means not really giving a fuck whether you are defined cool or charismatic. Not even giving a fuck whether you give a fuck or not. It also means not needing to be either a leader or a follower of any kind. It's a huge thing to grasp. And to let go of all the bullshit and go one's own path alone seems to be an impenetrable obstacle for most men. 
It's probably always been this way. And always will be. Maybe not. Maybe we could have a society of geniuses one day given the right environment. 
Nevertheless, it seems that most great artists, scientists, philosphers we're iconoclasts. At least in their given field. They were also beyond movements or dogmas. Most of them died unknown and mad. The legends and icons became only after death e.g. Einstein pins.
The part in bold is something everyone who looks towards other people for advice and guidance should think about for a moment or two. No matter what you do, if you only follow someone else, the upside is fairly limited. Sure, it is a fairly risk-free strategy in pretty much any area of life, but it is also one that is limiting.

Speaking of "being cool", I find it ironic that the fashion and advertising industry presents us over and over with new images we should aspire too. However, if we are all "cool", then no one is. This is because then there'll be too many similar people around. Instead, find your own style, figure out your own taste, and don't try to please other people. It's worse enough if you have to do so during work, but in your spare time, you should listen to yourself instead.

In my opinion, the wish to conform often just results from a need to get approval. Of course, if you look like everything else, act like everybody else, listen to the same music as everyone else, and buy what everyone else does, you know that you'll fit in. You'll at least fit in until the next iPhone is released, or the fashion industry tells you that it's now time buy jeans again. It's a never-ending circle. But what if you had developed enough confidence to do what you like?

Sunday, March 11, 2012

"Maybe Game made me Weird?" — Johnny's Story

A frequent commenter on my blog, Johnny, recently wrote down his experience with pickup in a number of blog posts. He goes into detail about his background and motivation, describes various encounters with "professional" PUAs, the post bootcamp high, and his eventual disillusionment. Some nay-sayers (aka. shills) will now say that Johnny should have kept approaching, and pony up more cash for some more bootcamps, but as it turned out, he figured out how to picking up girls like normal people do it.

It is not a virgin-to-heaven of pussy story, but a blatantly honest description of a guy who found great success in school and at work, but lacked social skills. (No, "pickup" does not provide you with them.) He ends up in New York, finds the community, and thinks this is the key to success. In a series of posts he details the time he spent trying to learn pick up.

Monday, March 5, 2012

The Telegraph on the "Community"

A member of my forum pointed out an excellent article on The Telegraph: Pick-up artists, online seduction and dating tips. For my followers, none of it will be news, but the content is presented in a somewhat mocking tone. Yet, it does point towards some deeper truths which are obvious to critical people, as well as outsiders. Only guys caught up in the community will disagree.

Here are some excerpts:

The dubious ethics
If you didn't think deliberately targeting women with low self-esteem was bad enough, a lot of PUAs base their techniques on something called “neuro-linguistic programming” or NLP. It's purportedly a form of hypnosis, similar to what Paul McKenna might use on you if you wanted to think yourself thin. In other words, if this actually worked, PUAs would be hypnotising women into sex. How this would be ethically distinguishable from drugging them is not obvious. Luckily for everyone, research into NLP suggests that it is nonsense anyway; see below.

The pseudoscience
NLP seems to be claptrap (one psychiatrist, Dr Roderique Davis, describes it as “cargo-cult psychology”, meaning that it was designed to look like science without doing any of the work). But a misunderstanding of complex ideas seems to be at the heart of a lot of pick-up artistry. One PUA, a fat man called Gem, once told The Times that Richard Dawkins' The Selfish Gene taught him “everything I know about pick-up”. One of the figureheads of the movement, David DeAngelo (or “Eben Pagan”) claims to be an aficionado of Ayn Rand. There is a lot of talk of “alpha males” and “beta males” and “psychological anchoring”. It is not clear that any of the people involved know what they are talking about. Dr Petra Boynton, the sex educator and blogger, says that there is “no evidence of effectiveness” for any of the PUA claims.
The men
People who have had dealings with PUAs often use the same term to describe them: “trainspotters”. Like trainspotters, they are obsessed with collecting numbers and statistics; many keep detailed records of every “Close”. The terminology often has a militaristic fantasy feel: even aside from the endless US Army-style acronyms, messages in chatrooms detailing pick-up attempts are called “field reports”, and PUAs discuss “field testing” new techniques, as though they were howitzers rather than glorified chat-up lines. Dr Boynton describes users as “the most vulnerable of men”, and says that the PUA industry is a means of making money from vulnerable people.