Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Minimal Game Reviews: Chase Amante and Tao of Dirt

I've been incredibly busy these days, which is why it took me some time to tell you about two excellent reviews of Minimal Game in the blogosphere. The first is by Chase Amante, whom you might now as "Regal" on mASF, and the other by a blogger who goes by the name of Dirt Man. His site is called Tao of Dirt, and worth a visit.

What I find interesting about these reviews is that Dirt Man thinks the book is great for a beginner:
Overall I think this is a solid book, especially for guys getting into the game of meeting and seducing women. As the title suggests, the focus is on principles and attitude, rather than specific routines and what not. In that sense it may seem a bit esoteric to some, but I think in general guys will get it. If you’re advanced, you probably don’t even think about things so much, trust your instincts, and do very little in terms of meeting women. But if you’re not there yet, this is a great place to start.

On the other hand, Chase views it as more suited for people who have gained some experience already:
Much of Minimal Game is aimed at fixing your worldview: how do you see things? Sleazy works at correcting your view of attire, age, looks, women's sexuality, the role women play in a seduction, roadblocks you'll encounter, and a variety of other topics.
While Sleazy does at times give more specific examples, including some openers he uses and some tips on eye contact, this is not a manual for the pure beginner who is at a loss about what to do or what to say. Rather, this is a book suited to the man who has some experience meeting women and is around an intermediate or higher degree of skill and is looking for some higher level direction to apply and refine the mechanics he's already gotten down.

Of course, I believe that Minimal Game is great for you, no matter at which level you are, since it covers the timeless principles of seduction. Therefore, it should be all you'll ever need. Check it out if you haven't already!

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