Thursday, June 14, 2012

Great Satire: Blog on Gaming Fatties

One of my readers (thanks, Andras!) sent me an email telling me about Nigel's Big Game Blog. If you are looking for a humorous take on the PUA subculture, look no further. The premise of the blog is that chubby chaser "Nigel" uses his superior understanding of "game" to go after, well, fat women. It should be obvious that it is a parody.

"Nigel" seems to be a very smart guy, and I can only applaud his imagination. He had me in stitches.

Just check this out:
In my last post I talked about how important it is to have the wherewithal to spear a fat mammoth hoe like the one above; however there is another bear necessity for chubby chasing I forgot to mention: physical fitness. You have got to be able to handle the intense weight of a big woman, otherwise you will be squashed like the pancakes she ate for breakfast, period. Just imagine having sex with a fattie, and all the sudden she wants to be on top. If you’re serious about chubby chasing, it’s important to train like an Olympic weight lifter. Fat girls love guys with big hard bodies for sure, but more importantly it is for the practicality, for being able to handle that big business. I train hard at the gym, and that’s why I’m like a forklift lifting heavy cargo.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Guest Post: So, you think you've got Game? (by Johnny)

This guest post is by Johnny whom you know from his Anti-PUA blog. He shows how little "game" accounts for in the real world by example of a comment brought up by Mark Manson. Mark Manson claims to have a friend who cuts a swathe anywhere he goes. Yet, during an extended vacation in India (4 to 5 months!) he couldn't get laid once.

Johnny is Indian and lives in India. Thus, he has some interesting insights to share.

So Mark Manson mentioned this somewhere in his forum which Sleazy talked about here. I am posting this once again because I came across some thread titled "chance of getting laid in India" on rooshvforum while random googling. (I am an Indian guy who lives in India). The thread is here.

There Mark Manson posted a comment where he said he knows a "friend" who has amazing game and cleans up everywhere he goes but he spent 4-5 months in India and couldn't get laid even once. Put this together with the comment he made on how he approaches based on his interest, people try to make pick-up easy by joining yoga and dance classes etc. and you see how stupid the whole thing sounds. 

Monday, June 4, 2012

A PUA Instructor Tells What he Thinks of his Clients

There were some interesting responses to my re-post of XXX's review of a bootcamp he's taken with BradP. To my great surprise, a commercial PUA instructor chimed in and had this to say about his clients. I was not the only one who couldn't believe it:

That being said... most of the guys in the community are so zeroed down in terms of life skills, social skills and general ability to stand up for themselves that at the end of the day, when we started getting more serious about this & contemplated going pro, we were raised with the following dilemma:
1) Should we help needy idiots who will bug the fuck out of us on questions that they should be able to figure out themselves?

Friday, June 1, 2012

Recent Forum Highlights

There have been a lot of great posts on my forum recently, and in this post I'll highlight a few of them. All of them are worth reading as they cover typical issues in the "community" and give great advice. The excerpts are just teasers, and if any of them catches your interest, then check out the corresponding thread.

Assanova: "Beating The Numbers Game"

 I've noticed that the biggest complaint in the seduction community, is the flakey women. However, what most guys don't realize, is that when a woman gives you her phone number, and she really did seem like she was into you, chances are, she really is interested in seeing you again. 
So what is the problem then? There is almost no legit information about what to do with phone numbers, outside of playing a huge numbers game. Well, I have some pretty legit advice; field tested and approved.

Scandinavian: "Short guy, huge reality check/rude awakening"

TL;DR version: Short guy realizes he's way below average height and how that might severely limit dating options previously thought to be average. Disillusioned, depressed, needs advice on how to cope with that realization in relation to general confidence and the way forward.