Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Guest Post: So, you think you've got Game? (by Johnny)

This guest post is by Johnny whom you know from his Anti-PUA blog. He shows how little "game" accounts for in the real world by example of a comment brought up by Mark Manson. Mark Manson claims to have a friend who cuts a swathe anywhere he goes. Yet, during an extended vacation in India (4 to 5 months!) he couldn't get laid once.

Johnny is Indian and lives in India. Thus, he has some interesting insights to share.

So Mark Manson mentioned this somewhere in his forum which Sleazy talked about here. I am posting this once again because I came across some thread titled "chance of getting laid in India" on rooshvforum while random googling. (I am an Indian guy who lives in India). The thread is here.

There Mark Manson posted a comment where he said he knows a "friend" who has amazing game and cleans up everywhere he goes but he spent 4-5 months in India and couldn't get laid even once. Put this together with the comment he made on how he approaches based on his interest, people try to make pick-up easy by joining yoga and dance classes etc. and you see how stupid the whole thing sounds. 

So basically, he talks about doing all this shit, don't approach based on her interests blah blah blah but his "friend" with amazing game (and everyone else seemingly on that thread) can't get laid in India. They also talk about how they are able to get Indian women outside India but never in India. So basically, in a difficult environment, all the shit everyone teaches becomes irrelevant? Does that mean you can only ever get "easy" women in the first place?

Another interesting point to note in that thread - someone said how in India you see Indian guys with white girls but never the other way around, i.e. white guys with Indian girls. Once again, you can only get women who are "easy" or who make it "easy" for you. No matter how much game you have, you will never get "hard" women. Guys like Mark Manson who have spent years doing nothing other than optimizing themselves to pick up chicks are still not able to get difficult women! 

The thing about India is that it is indeed an extreme environment. The other weird thing about India is that being blonde and blue-eyed is definitely not an advantage (unless you place yourself in very specific environments) and in most cases, it is a big disadvantage (not very different from what Asians, Indians face in other countries). I am willing to bet his "friend" is very close to a standard blonde blue eyed guy. 

Now it is certainly not impossible to get laid in India. I get laid with reasonable regularity, I know plenty of friends now who get laid with reasonable regularity. You basically need to know where to find "easy" women, how to spot "easy" women and just take things a little slower than you normally would in other cities around the world. 

Going back to the original point, you can only get easy women. You can do whatever shit you want, approach girls indiscriminately, approach based on "your" interest nor hers, not join yoga classes to make it easy on yourself and the like - you will only ever get easy women who show interest in you. 

If that was not the case, well, please tell me how none of these guys can get laid in an environment where all their natural advantages are stripped off? Another point, next time someone says race etc. doesn't matter, or that being from a minority race is not a disadvantage and that dressing up, hitting the gym is enough - please ask him to explain this "awesome game guy" phenomenon who can't get laid in India.


  1. Sleazy - Glad you took the liberty of posting this here. I couldn't reply to your forum comment because I have been almost inactive on anything PUA related. I started my own company recently which is taking up most of my time.

    1. No worries. It all worked out well in the end. Of course, I would have taken down the post if you had wanted me to. I wish you good luck with your company!

  2. It all boils down to one thing: you can't get someone to do what he or she doesn't want to do.

    "Seduction" is the term idiots use to describe an already interested girl going all the way with her desires.

    1. Your first sentence is very close to one particular sentence in Minimal Game. :)

  3. Now when it comes to pulling ass in tough environment:it comes down to calibration most times.

    And you hinted on this when you said a guy may have to slow down a bit in Indian when tryna game.

    But don't make it seem impossible to pull ass in India.

    1. Kenny, how does anything you write contradict the last sentence in bold in the post, which is: "If that was not the case, well, please tell me how none of these guys can get laid in an environment where all their natural advantages are stripped off? "

      Johnny's post illustrates that there are great limitations for the use of "game", and that they are even bigger than people previously though.


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