Tuesday, September 27, 2011

BradP wants you to void the warranty of your iPhone!

Oh well, oh well! Technology isn't everybody's strong suit, and being forwarded an email with the title "How to Chick-Proof your Iphone" surely raised my suspicion. In it, BradP, or some marketing drone that works for him, actually recommends a procedure for "proofing" your iPhone that will void your warranty. Isn't that handy?

Monday, September 26, 2011

BradP loves him some money!

I'm currently preparing two articles on BradP, but as a warmup, here's something I don't know whether I should laugh or cry about: His latest offering called "Millionaire Makeover". The price is a modest $100k. Surely, that's not exactly chump change. The reader who sent me that info commented, "$100k...what a joke!!", and I am sure if you have a sane bone left in your body, you'll agree.

But, hey, for that amount of money you'll receive some great stuff, like:

Lifestyle Streamlining
Positivity training

Wow. Where do I sign up for that?

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Three interesting posts at The Seduction Community

The magic over at The Seduction Community is already happening, and some very good posts have already appeared.

My buddy Sixty has re-posted his classic "Anti-Manifesto", which you should definitely check out if you haven't already.

I consider this an anti-manifesto because most strategies usually focus on what you need to do or say. There is nothing to say. There is nothing to do.

Your whole life you have been doing things to lessen tension. You have always tried to make everybody else around you feel more comfortable at your own expense. You do this with your friends, your co-workers and especially the women you like. When things get tense or awkward you're the big clown making everyone laugh and feel comfortable. Even when girls reject you, you are more worried about their comfort level than your own. You don't want her to feel awkward. Aw!

This is bad because doing things to help women feel more comfortable with the sexual tension will be viewed by her as supplication. A woman is never going to be attracted to a man that can handle LESS sexual tension than she can.
But there is some new blood, too. Warped Mindless wrote an article on "The ESP Model of Escalation." The acronym stands for Eye Contact, Sexualization, Physical Touch.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Sleazy Stories finally in German!

You wouldn't read this if you weren't able to read German, so I'll switch to that language now:

Schmierige Geschichten: Bekenntnisse eines modernen Verführers

Schmierige Geschichten: Bekenntnisse eines modernen Verführers ist eine Sammlung von Aaron Sleazys erinnerungswürdigsten Begegnungen mit dem zarten Geschlecht. Er schildert seine unterhaltsamsten, verrücktesten und bizarrsten Abenteuer auf seiner Mission, im Nachtleben Londons und Berlins Frauen aufzureißen. Diese Memoiren zeichnen nach, wie Aaron Sleazy ein wahrer Meister der Verführung wurde. Obwohl dieses Buch die Erlebnisse von weniger als einem Jahr beinhaltet, enthält es mehr sexuelle Vielfalt und Kuriositäten als das gesamte Leben der meisten Männer.
Aaron Sleazy: Schmierige Geschichten
Obwohl Schmierige Geschichten kein Lehrbuch über die Verführung von Frauen sein will, sind die Geschichten, die es enthält, nicht nur höchst unterhaltsam, sondern auch mit faszinierenden Einblicken in die weibliche Psyche gespickt, die jedem, der an ihr interessiert ist, neue Erkenntnisse bringen wird. Egal, ob Du unterhalten, inspiriert oder über das wahre Wesen der Frauen aufgeklärt werden möchtest — dieses Buch wird Dich mehr als befriedigen!
Details und Bestellinformationen
Taschenbuch: 230 Seiten
Sprache: Deutsch
ISBN: 978-3-942017-02-2
Verlag: Black Swallowtail Publishing
Veröffentlichungstermin: 1. September 2011
Paperback: €8.95
Amazon.de (bald erhältlich) • Amazon.com • Amazon.co.uk
Ebook (Amazon Kindle): €3.99, $4.99, £3.49
Amazon.de • Amazon.com • Amazon.co.uk

Please note that I have no idea what's wrong with Amazon.de. The paperback is already available at Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk, but the catalogue entry at their German site hasn't been changed. I'll email them about it.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Join us at TheSeductionCommunity.com!

Together with friends and colleagues, we have begun setting up a general-purpose forum on seduction which is open to everyone. We have aptly named it TheSeductionCommunity! Please join us over there.

Note: If you have an account at TheSeducers, then please register under your old username. TheSeductionCommunity is a separate forum, but we may be able to import the old forum posts. Consequently, the forum at TheSeducers will be frozen. But enough with the preliminary remarks, here is the announcement:

Our forum "The Seduction Community" is the result of our discontent with the general forum landscape on the Internet. There is literally no independent forum seduction left. Instead, sites such as mASF, MPUA Forum, RSD Nation, or the Attraction Forums are primarily used as a funnel for making people spend money on oftentimes questionable products.

Despite the rampant commercialism of mASF, it used to be the last remaining forum on which you could openly exchange your views. Well, this was at least the case until people like Aaron Sleazy, TVA_Oslo, TheCostOfSuccess, and SixtyYearsOfChallenge gained prominence and not only gathered a massive crowd of followers. They also questioned the efficiency of the mainstream teachings, which was still largely based on "routines" and baseless promises of "quick-fixes". Obviously, the stakeholders of mASF weren't too pleased about this development.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Review: The End of Social Anxiety by Edward Cottrill (Illuminatus)

I am not the biggest fan of classical self-help books, and I only have to refer to a well-known title such as Tony Robbins’s Awaken the Giant Within to demonstrate why. First of all, a lot of those books are tomes. You could probably substitute your dumbbells with them. But filling hundreds of pages is not so easy, which is why you will find page after page full of jargon, hackneyed phrases with a kernel of truth and lengthy attempts to sell you seminars, often with greatly exaggerated claims. Reading those books almost makes you think that used car salesmen are pleasant to be around in comparison.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Upcoming: Review of Illuminatus's "The End of Social Anxiety"

I just finished reading Illuminatus's "The End of Social Anxiety". I'll re-read some parts of it tomorrow, and will write a review shortly afterwards. The book has made a very good impression on me, and even if you don't suffer from social anxiety, you will benefit from reading it. But this short statement has to suffice for now. Look forward to the review!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Upcoming Interview in German

The interview by Illuminatus I recently mentioned isn't the only one I recently finished. Those of you who understand German will soon have the chance to read even more from me. Instead of talking about seduction in detail, I will reveal more about my development as a seducer and what role my environment has played, before I eventually drift off to discussing the nightlife in London and Berlin. Finally, I will speak up on various gender issues. Feminists surely won't enjoy the reading, but if you've got a pair of balls in your pants, you will.

The interview will appear in the next issue of Anti-Everything, which will be released in early October. It will be available in various stores and from a number of mailorders. More news will follow in due time.

Re: Chat log with DutchAttraction.nl

You may remember that I have had a chat session with DutchAttraction last year. In my current drive to make my website and my writings more easily accessible, I have thus also re-edited the chat log, which is now much easier to read.

It went from somewhat unsightly formatting and the cumbersome fact that you had to read the log from bottom to top, as in:

Aaron Sleazy - do mei 20, 2010 8:28 pm
Trust me, if she doesn't like you, she will remove that arm
Aaron Sleazy - do mei 20, 2010 8:28 pm
She might stand at the bar and I put my arm around her waist casually
Aaron Sleazy - do mei 20, 2010 8:27 pm
Screening: Once I approach, it's how she reacts to my touch
Aaron Sleazy - do mei 20, 2010 8:27 pm
before deciding whether you should move on or not
Aaron Sleazy - do mei 20, 2010 8:27 pm
Think about it -- some basic maths -- would you rather approach four girls a night and spend 20 to 30 minutes with each, or approach

...to this much more pleasant formatting:

Aaron Sleazy: Think about it -- some basic maths -- would you rather approach four girls a night and spend 20 to 30 minutes with each, or approach 30 girls and invest 5 minutes
Aaron Sleazy: before deciding whether you should move on or not
Aaron Sleazy: Screening: Once I approach, it's how she reacts to my touch
Aaron Sleazy: She might stand at the bar and I put my arm around her waist casually
Aaron Sleazy: Trust me, if she doesn't like you, she will remove that arm

So, go ahead and have a look!

Friday, September 9, 2011

People's Search Phrases

I almost fell off my chair when I went through my search log recently, because I came across this:

So, no, it is not "cool" to date rape someone, and it never was, even though the brainless minions on RSD Nation think otherwise. Jesus!

Some recent Forum Highlights

I'm still busy adding some of my best articles to my forum, but there is plenty of great stuff going on there already:

Illuminatus wrote an excellent introduction on meditation:
The Purpose of Meditation (For people who don't meditate)

To my great surprise, Krauser PUA himself joined the discussion. Unfortunately, he didn't stand much of a chance against my critical readers, and my questioning response whether it wasn't uneconomical to court a girl for half a year only to fuck her once seemingly drove him off for good.

Furthermore, the classic question how important money is for getting girls got settled once and for all (hopefully). But there is much more, so read on!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

"A Week with Sleazy" by Illuminatus

In late August I spent one week at Illuminatus's place in England. He has recorded his impressions in a post called "A Week with Sleazy" on his forum, and he covers a whole range of issues: meditation, breathing techniques, my world view,  but of course he also gives an outside view of seeing me in the club interacting with women.

Check it out!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Update on Interview by Illuminatus

Some time ago I mentioned an upcoming interview Illuminatus from Personal Power Meditation has conducted with me. I can already tell you that the interview is done now. The word count is close to 7,000. This means that there will be a lot of content in it. The focus is not on seduction, though, but more on my worldview.

Now you may ask why the interview hasn't been released if it's done. Well, the reason is simple: it got picked up by Interesting Times magazine, a PDF publication that describes itself as a "self-help magazine for extreme people".

The next issue should be released in September. I will keep you posted.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Classic Posts from 2009 are up now!

Following up on the previous post, I have now updated the Classic Posts section of my forum with a high-quality selection of posts from 2009. It includes masterpieces such as:

Really Smooth Escalations 
Three Techniques for indirect sexual Stimulation 
How to get away with utterly inappropriate Behavior in field
Practicing Push/Pull with Cats and Chicks
How the looks scale can keep you from progressing 

So, you think entering and maintaining a (monogamous) relationship is difficult!?
“All I want is a girlfriend!"
Lick her nipples like you lick her clit
Don’t expect anything and be grateful for everything 

Basic Club Dynamics: The Rhythm of Venues and People 

If you know of any other "guru" who not only is as experienced and knowledgeable as me, but also willing to share the majority of his work with the world free of charge so that others can improve their love life, then please let me know. (Yes, this remark is aimed at some of the trolls over at PUAHate.com)

Classic posts by Sleazy!

Today I have begun making some of my classic posts available again on my forum. Those are articles that have originally appeared on various forums or on my old blog. So far, I have gone through my posts from 2008, and have selected 26 great pieces, with all-time favourites such as:

The Power of Sexual Stereotyping

Don’t just be non-reactive. Be a bit of a dick!

The Asshole Rockstar gets away with everything

Is the PU industry a sham industry? Some observations.

Downsides of Being Alpha

Target selection for frustrated and constantly horny guys

Please check out the Classic Posts section on my forum!

I will add articles from 2009 later today. Posts from 2010 onwards will probably be cross-posted in relevant sections of my forum.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Russian guy grabs 1.000 (!) pairs of boobs

This is one of the most ridiculous videos I've seen in quite a while:

I don't quite get the Putin reference in the beginning, but I raise my hat for a guy who managed to convince 1.000 girls to get their boobs squeezed in front of the camera. If anything, it proves that there can be quite a healthy side to obsessive-compulsive disorders.